Monday, May 02, 2005

Translated speech of aide to Zarqawi - Abd Al-Rahman


Word dictated ((deputy prince of Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn fathers of Iraqi Abd Al-Rahman))

The informational department for organization of Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn

Word for Sheikh the militant
((fathers of Iraqi AbdulRahman))
[kept him Allah]

Deputy prince of Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn

She entitled

((your pulps your of pulps ..... [yaa] father [mSe'b]))

[aalHmdllh] who the swords keys of the jinns made, shells of worship insured to the commerce [aalmnjyyt] from the fires, praise be to God who the Islam in the CIF and the Quran bundle, and in yen that the boldness perceptive of family of the faith, who exerted [aalmhj] for victory Al-Rahman, mouth damage them [lwmt] family opposite and the letting down, and the prayer and the peace on from turning feel reassured his day [aalfrqaan], day met [aaljme'aan], instigated on the testimony and the Ridwane, who martyrs of the row double on first of soldiers of the faith saying:

((generous the martyrs who the row fight in first, so not their faces turn until kill, those [ytlbTwn] in the rooms [aale'lY] from Heaven laughs to them suggest doubt you so if laughter suggest doubt you to Abd in home so not account on him))

So Allah prayed on him and on his first family and his befriends of the Noha and the knowledge, who opened [aal'amSaar] and the countries, [f'asme'waa] the world Izzat the Islam, and echo me the call to prayer in the proof and the statement, and in the CIF and the ages, [fdhllt] to necks of the hamlet and slave of the crucifixes love, and on following to charity love in, in all time and place, as for after:

[fyaa] any her the militants in way Allah…
[yaa] lions of the unification, paradise straightened to demonstrated her the skies and the land returned [llmtqyn], and King of the monarchs trade with, and tell the truth what attic promised Allah and lead promised you suggest doubt you in paradises and days in seat of truthfulness at finance you capable, with the prophets and the friends and the martyrs and good and feel those companion, so said be exalted in rose him:

((indeed Allah bought from [aalmuu'miniyna] themselves and moneys their that for them Heaven fight in way Allah so kill and kill and antagonize on him enclose in the Torah and the evangel and the Quran and [mn] carried out in pledge his from Allah [faaastabshiruwaa] in sale your who [baaayae'tum] in him and that he the winning great))

Not to and that market Heaven between support you, and from behind you and about your rights and about [shmaay'lkm], so doors of the jinns in your forge skulls, and the Islam in your christianize blood, and the Quran of head raise in, [w'adhyqwaa] American courage, and raise you in the boldness on [aalmnaayaa], so indeed the steadiness the triumphs makes, and the glory and the openings comes in, and statement remember suggest doubt you many the land and the skies:

((Ali enter their the door so if [daxaltumuwhu] so indeed you [Gaaalibuwna] and on Allah so entrust indeed were [mmuu'miniyna]))

So formed any her the heroes [kraar] in way Allah, and American tanks refine on and armored worshipers of the crucifixes, and Allah hope to grants you their shoulders [ftnHrwaa] their necks.

So did not day as the progress of night see *** and did not see the progress lived as [haanyaa]
On peak of the unification banners beats *** and under her barrows pours [dmaay'yaa]

Wore and Allah…
Wore and Allah…
[yaa] his sisters already connection your cries our of hearings, and knocked [e'braatk] our ears, and you behind the sticks in interior jails Iraqi, and arrested American cruciferous, grate me his sisters her she armies Al-Qaeda nation of the war wore for [wtkfnt] in the living [aalrGyd], and the swords from her amused vaginas, to attacks on disbelieving and roadsign echo in hears him the world gather

Your pulps… Your pulps… [yaa] his sisters

Allah [yaa] his sisters if killed the one twist last, even though our group annihilated all her about pulley her of fathers, lacs easy on us from to extends to you disbelieving hand in evil, [f'innaa] and Allah to the calamity and truthfulness at the meeting was patient at, [wlne'ydn] the ball on grandsons of the monkeys and the pigs, [wlnGzwnhm] in injuring their of nests you peace be upon him and his invaded messenger Allah befriends my son [qynqaae'] to conceded rescue [EEdhwhaa], [f'anTlqt] to them legions of the unification, [fwaallh] [yaa] his sisters not make good be soft lived what lasted [sbyt] nor calm down free decision except formations be soft ['abyt]…

['atsbY] conceded in all land *** and lived Muslim if make good
As for [llh] and the Islam of truth *** defends him youths and became gray-haired
So decreased to decay of the foresights where were *** Allah answered and governs answered

[fyaa] lions of the unification…
[yaa] mother-in-law of the Islam…
[yaa] guards of the belief…

Answered suggest doubt you lost alerted you his greens:

((grab [xifaaafaaAA] [wathiqaaalaaAA]…))

Obeyed represent you lost put you his greens of peace be upon him:

((judgment day in the row for combat in way Allah welfare from standing of six year))

Therefore son be true about Allah built bruises about them that he said:

((for to situation in the row stand not sword striked in nor spear stab in nor arrow of welfare throw in for me from that six year worship Allah [laa'ae'Syh]))

Indeed her and Allah the commerce which [laatbwr].

To guardian our to the brave hero and the lion [aalDrGaam] our Sheikh of the militant

((fathers [mSe'b] [aalzrqaawy]))

- kept him Allah - prince of Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn.

So indeed us say

((your pulps your of pulps [yaa] father [mSe'b]))

Losing our matter resolved and Allah be authorized on in [mnaajzt] disbelieving, [wmnaazlt] family of the defection from hypocritical and dissolute, [fwaallh] [lnqaatln] about your right and about north of you, and among between your hands and blessing behind you, [fwaaldhy] not god except he, if navel of coffee to the White House and blockhouse Vatican [ljaaldnaa] with you from echo him until your purposes reachs [laaytxlf] blessing of one.

Allah divide on financed us to grants us deserted abutments cruciferous and their aids from the rejector and banner the punishment of she remained high in the scientists.

Our banner the punishment of habituation of day *** gurgles for him the emblems kneeling our
Our sword [aalmslwl] in to for San his *** so to rejoices [aalmHswr] blessing and sad

So not and Allah…
So not and Allah…

[yaa] father [mSe'b] will not our road retreat about and indeed ['ahryqt] our blood and souls from our bodies until formation of word of high Allah she amused our and as wig of the hamlet [waalTaaGwt] she [aalsflY]


So indeed lac of soldier America and her said for aids if the cloud were in to Allah loaded to you or lower you to us.

Said you Saad said [lGTfaan] day the parties of day [zaaGt] the visions and reached the hearts of the throats

((not between us and between you other than the sword))

Grate [yaa] father [mSe'b]

So indeed Allah rose lac army his of good salary and his incentives in the jinns of degrees promise. [fhyhaat] then [hyhaat] to calm down America and her pay attention for aids [hyhaat]

Grate [yaa] father [mSe'b]

So indeed soldier Al-Qaeda infecting Allah in Iraq of all observatory sat for.

So as for for Allawi the pig [waalyaawr] despicable and the rivulets refusing the clarities and AbdulAziz Al-Hakim [aalmjwsy] and magnificence [aalTlbaany] Jewish and their followers that the unification stand on their antiquities in streets Baghdad the Islam Baghdad so wail behind them [maaHyynaa] either victory and he of happiness (([wayawmay'idhII] rejoices [aalmuu'minuwna] in victory Allah))

Either testimony and she of happiness also.

((nor calculate who [qutiluwaa] in way Allah ['aamwaaataaAA] yet live at raise them bestow [fariHiyna] in what [EEtaaahumu] Allah from prefer him))

As for you [yaa] guilt cruciferous, from the guard deserted, and the policemen [aalxaasy'yn], grandsons my son [qryDHt], so war from Allah and his indicate in messenger, [l'inkm] the Islam stabbed, and the agreement and the Quran revoked, and slave for crucifixes became, so not way of punching stubborn our except the killing of the Madras, nor your necks befitted in except strict [aalbttaar], [l'inkm] claw American and refusing the malefactors, and our order lead suggest doubt to thicken on you the spite and the slaughtering [waalnHr], nor takes us dumb mercy in debt of Allah so Allah he saying rose:

(([yaaa] any her who believed [qaaatiluwaa] who colors you from disbelieving and to be new in you [GilDHatAA]))

O God our souls take from until please.
O God indeed her for self one so make her in your way [yaarb] the scientists.
[yaa] from unity for him the beings. [yaa] from knelt for him the land [waalsmwaat].
[yaa] from force of the faces for bone [mlkwth] [wxshe't] the roadsigns for magnificence his of power
Ask you O God in your great name
Ask you O God in your great name
Who if what asked in him gave, and who if what called in him answered, and who if what [aastnSrt] in him christianized and delicious my if what ['astGtht] in him ['aGtht]…
To debt and your book and year grant victory your represent you and your slave the monotheist of the militants.
O God soldier of the militants christianize your unified in [mshaarq] the land [wmGaarbhaa].
Christianize them in Afghanistan the skewers fulfilled.
Palestine fulfilled Phillipines fulfilled.
Land fulfilled Al-Hijaz Iraq fulfilled.
All place fulfilled reminds in him brand you [yaarb] the worlds
O God you for militants nor harbors on them grant victory them nor christianizes on them splint as their umbilical cord
Their multiple have mercy have mercy their weakness

Seats threw them seal in remaining good our works and their works make us their blessing [yaarb] the worlds other of work make be soft and to the life of testimony in your next way love from other than arranged. Patient calculated in other than harmful hound nor misleading seduction [yaa] many the worlds
[yaa] befriend of the owners [waalmlkwt] [wyaa] befriend of the glory and the power
Nation the Islam of matter twist for guided becomes strong in him your obedience qualified, and degrades in him your sin qualified, and orders in him in the favor and ends in him about repudiated and raises in him your word in your land [yaa] many the worlds.
Elements prepared for benevolent to reigns and prepared for generous the nations to leads
Youths the Islam of youths come out from likes them and like you ['adhlt] on insured ['ae'zt] on disbelieving your way strive in nor fear [lwmt] fit.
O God house of the book and passage of the cloud [whaazm] the parties
O God this America [jaay'tnaa] her miser [wxylaa'haa] and boiled her and her spy [we'mlaay'haa]
Book in your land of breakdown wants for your, and for right path represent you [tbTylaa], and for your unified worshipers of expulsion [wtqtylaa], O God solving between them and in yen what want
O God destroy them the morning [yaa] many the scientists
Not they in land the Islam of banner raises for and make them for who their successor of paradigm and killing make their for each monotheist of purpose [yaarb] the scientists.

O God keep our commanders and rulers our of order
((Sheikh Osama bin Laden and the Sheikh of father [mSe'b] [aalzrqaawy]))
Christianize them in the Islam and the Islam in they christianize and bestow them testimony in your way after length built and goodness worked.

O God acceptance our of martyrs and healing our wound and satisfactory our and disassembly captured us
You followed and financed us yes [aalmwlY] and yes the helper
Arrived O God on represent us Mohammed and on his family and accompanied him ['ajme'yn]
Last put us that praise be to God of many the worlds
[w'astwde'km] Allah who [laatDye'] his deposits
Al-Salam on you and mercy Allah rose and Barakat his


Rose in chaste emptying of the word our valuable sister generous
Rose in her chaste revelation and her coordination and her valuable revision our sister generous
Rose in reinstating of the investigation and the coordination and the revision
Error correction the [aal'imlaay'yt] and opposite
The needy to Allah of sword of the Islam