Thursday, May 19, 2005

Zarqawi audio transcript translation

I realize this is tough to grep through, but read it twice if you need to, I think you can pick up the general ideas and tone even if you can't understand what they're trying to say at times.


[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

{will so mention what punching say and order to Allah indeed Allah of foresight in the worshipers empower my}

The informational department for organization of Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn


Word for Sheikh the militant:

Refused [mSe'b] [aalzrqaawy] - kept him Allah -

The word entitled:

Grandsons of son returned [aale'alqmy] (this is where the tape begins)

Praise be to God goats of the Islam in his victory, and degrader of the polytheism in his subjugation, and bank of the matters in his matter [wmstdrj] disbelieving in his visciousness, who the days of states in his afforded justice, and making of the consequence [llmtqyn] in his casual dress

The prayer and Al-Salam on from superior Allah landmark of the Islam in his sword

As for after

Losing glory passed year Allah his and rose to the struggle between the truth falls and invalid since that the character acquitted Allah and to to the land inherits Allah and from on her, and the date of photos passed during from this struggle.

[whaahw] class from his chapters land AlRafidayn on hand of worshipers of the crucifix be renewed on after ['ae'lnwhaa] in full their of mouths that she:

War cruciferous

So lowered [baale'thr] from the cities, the hamlet between the worshipers widened in, [w'akthrwaa] from the oppression and the decaying, so the widths violate, [waastbaaHwaa] the wives, and soil holy; Assists them at that their brothers from Shiah of the rejectors who [maa] war on the Islam and the muslims were except head of bayonet were in her.

All that in situation of defection from rulers this nation, and weakening from worlds of the abusing; Who debt in accident from the little life sold their solver fulfilled blank from family of the truth about truth this battle and her distances

So truthful moving the militants for defense about [HyaaD] this debt and propellent about accidents Muslim on fewness of them in the equipments, and weakness in the several, and scarcity in [aalnaaSryn] and abundance in [aalmxdhlyn] started and for San prevented them says:

[yaa] raising flag of the jihad present *** rows of the cupping glass say good-bye to behind
[xwDwaa] unpleasant bare so indeed be oppressive *** [ljj] the slaughterhouses so ride the limbs

So if in they face ['ae'tY] military strength introduced her the date of the juicers [bkbryaay'haa] and her power, and as hope her of number promised her, and this year Allah glory his and rise that is invalid in this tours of more number and great several [aabtlaa'AA] from Allah for his worshipers, [wtmHySaaAA] [l'awlyaay'h], and to teach that the victory their hands not in; He pure favor from Allah grow rose on them so desire in [de'aa'y'hm] to him, and their jihad be authorized in on him.

For what the militants viewed this huge difference in the several and the equipment in their yen and between their jog saw imperatively on them the standing in what forces this [nqS] and obstructs this void; Until not ember of the jihad be extinguished [wtxbw] his fire; So martyr battalions rushed [yrwmwn] Al-Rahman accepted, and the jinns race to, so blockhouses of the hamlet tear down, and as cypresses of legions yellow, [w'ae'DHmwaa] in the jog of the spite, [w'athxnwaa] in him the wounds, and break feared him, and as cypresses pronged him, and encouraged on him sons this nation, and the selves of the hope sent in once again, [fllh] the Hamad [waalmnt]

To are refuses [aalmnhzmwn] from sons patient our except sitting accumulate to their and falling behind their about victory this religion of the defamation in the militants truthful, and to aids are for cruciferous from where [ydrwn] or not [ydrwn]; So arrows their corrected of cash to [nHwr] the militants, and their tongues empower on them, and pencils for Neil mocked their from them, [wrmwhm] in great the orders in proof:

That he occurs in some this operations of killing for who describe in the civilians and the innocents

For my flag that the militants calculate them nor ['azkyhm] on Allah not present on like this operations except and officers of the bills and his matters their of control - how not? They grow arenas the jihad of wanting estranged to [mrDaat] many the worshipers, and victory for his debt, [w'ie'laa'AA] for his word - ['aHbbt] that governing of the bills remind in like this incidents which kills in her conceded followed not intention, lit in statements of the Imam and worlds of the nation, and purposes statement of martyr governing the operations not so this decided other than one from [e'lmaay'naa] her legality preferred about [aastHbaabhaa]

Asset this extracted word from research for our Sheikh of the militant:

Emigrant Abdullah refused - kept him godly Allah his -

With easy behavior of semen, and dropping for this rules on and sign us the jihads in Iraq

So say and in Allah the reconciliation:

Of which not doubtfulness in him that Allah blesses and rose matter our twisted me the disbeliever, and killed them and combat their in all method actualization intentional, so legalizes for slave Allah the militants in way ['ie'laa'] spoke him throw disbelieving war and killing their and deadly their in all method [tqTf] breaths their and removes souls their from bodies their purification for land from [rjshm], and promote for seduction their about the worshipers ['ayaaAA] Kent this method, and indeed Kent this method [te'm] intentional from disbelieving war and other than intentional from the women and the boys, and blessing in governing their from disbelieving whereof not be possible intended them in the killing.

He what the jurists on their make up naming in (the killing in what [ye'm])

Indeed this legitimacy decided also and indeed led to that to killing of number of the muslims whereof affords and their deadly downpour solver to caused or for their other necessity lack of possibility of avoiding and the discrimination in their yen and between intentional from the war disbeliever.

With the delivery that impeccable killing number of the muslims of the big blood spoiler with no doubtfulness; Except the fall in this allowable spoiler, yet appointed spoiler of bones and she enforce payment for:

Spoiler breakdown of the jihad

Then the statement in lack of the legality here especially in the contemporary photo for combat not means other than his breakdown of the jihad and stopping, yet and the jihad and dam in his father in the kidney afflicted of which means necessarily:

Islam the countries and the worshipers for disbeliever spiteful on the Islam and qualified him as bones what is the spite to do [maashaa'waa] from beating the lowness and small on the Islam and family his, and whip conceded, and lead [Gdwaa] to love slave [mTaawye'] markets collective towards the slaughtering once, and manner the hamlet and the clarifier from the religion [taaraat] with distortion the Islam and replacement his in photo complete and heart truths his and change arbitrators his, and reformulation formulation his new to leaves religion other other than what came in him sent in the CIF peace be upon him

This he their goal [aal'asmY] who seek to him and be new on him aids from [xbaalt] associated for Islam associated from scientists [aalsHt] and change them, so any corruptive bones in Islamic law of Allah and his religion??

Before male of the proofs special in the statement in the legitimacy to report of assets show from important so say:

The asset first – preservation conceded and great wife [dmaay'hm]

From the muslim in him the statement that impeccable blood Muslim in Essam of the Islam except in his truth.
The Bukhari and muslim about son narrated Allah built bruises about them said peace be upon him said messenger Allah:
“ordered to the people fight until witness that not god except Allah and that [mHmdaaAA] messenger Allah, and the prayer evaluate [wyu'twaa] the charity, so if did that [e'Smwaa] semen [dmaay'hm] and their moneys except in her truth and their account on Allah”
If Muslim killing was unjustly from prohibited bones which forbad her glory his and rose and the proofs thereon many information, said rose:
{and from deliberate insurers kills [fjzaau'h] [jhnm] immortal in her and anger Allah on him arouse him and return for him great sufferances [AA]}
Sheikh of the Saadi said have mercy him Allah: So did not kinds returns in [aalkbaay'r] bones from this [aalwe'yd] yet nor his replicates. Ended his wounds

Narrated feminine about Abdullah Bin Amr Bin disobedient said:
“insured killing of bones [e'ndaallh] from disappearance of the life”
Narrated elevated to the prophet of peace be upon him, and the his Imam of stopping on Abdullah corrected Bin Amr Bin disobedient.
Son narrated [maajt] in predication in him Abdullah weakened about Bin Amr bruises Allah about them said:
“peace be upon him saw messenger Allah circulates [baalke'bt] and says: What good your and good your wind, what glorify you and bones deprived you and who myself in his insured hand for wife of bones of wife [e'ndaallh] from you financed him and last him, and to think in him except welfare”

The asset second – offered conserving the debt on conserving of the self

Decided the law that the religion bones from the breath and the width and the money, so he bones necessary the five and basis her, and kept him offered on kept her agreement with summons that this necessary to keep have fun except in erecting the debt, and the texts many from the paradigms and the narratives mentioned in the order in the jihad and the incitement on him and the awakening of a desire in him, and the prohibiting about the sitting and the terrorism from him all her familiarity on report this asset and he formed conserving the religion offered, said rose:
{[w'aqtlwhm] where [thqftmwhm] [w'axrjwhm] from where ['axrjwkm] and the seduction tough than the killing}
Militant said - have mercy him Allah - in interpretation say him rose (and the seduction tough than the killing) insured retraction said to [aalwthn] tough on him from the killing.

Said [qtaadt] and the spring Bin ['ans] [waalDHaak]: The tough polytheism than the killing.

Son said intentional statement the seduction increased in here: Seduction of the hamlet.

Text rose on that the tough hamlet and the polytheism in legalized him and his debt from [aaaalqtl], and this text in presentation of conserving of the debt on change him from necessary the four and on headed her the self; So conserving this necessary in opposite loss of the religion in disagreement of order Allah and began him he the seduction real which warns from her [aalmwlY] glory his.
Son said [jryr] [aalTbry]: Means rose reminded him his greens (and the seduction tough than the killing): The tough polytheism in Allah than the killing.

Already between in the past that asset of the seduction [aalaabtlaa'] and the test, so interpretation of the wounds:
[waabtlaa'] the one in his debt until returns about him so socialization in Allah after his tough Islam becomes on him and harmful than to evaluator on his kills debt [mstmskaaAA] on him right in him.

The Cordoban said have mercy him Allah: Say him rose and the seduction tough than the hamlet of any the seduction which [Hmlwkm] on her [wraamwaa] returning your in her to [aaaalkfr] tough than the killing. His wounds ended have mercy him Allah.

The indicative meanings headed of backs of guidance on what we in him, so seduction of the hamlet and the polytheism of bones from spoiler what insured selves destroys from followed not intention in way of the judiciary on her and purification of the universe from her, said rose:
{ask you about the ill-got month of combat in him combat decreased in him big thresholds about way of Allah and hamlet in him and the ill-got mosque and taking out his of family from him big at Allah}

Sheikh the Islam of son said [tymyt] – have mercy him Allah -:Completeness godly to introduces the human welfare the welfares, and bad the arteriole, and knows that the law [mbnaahaa] on collection the services and completion her, and breakdown the corruptions and reduction her otherwise so blessing did not equates what in the verb and the Turks from the repairer legitimate and corruptive legitimate losing rebuffs duties and does prohibited and sees that from godly or rebuffs well known and the Noha about repudiated and the jihad in way Allah blame in verb that from harm some some the people and the revenge from them until seizes disbelieving and dissolute on good [aal'abraar] so not observes the repairer preferable at that, and lead said Allah rose: {ask you about the ill-got month…} the paradigm glory says his and indeed killing of the breaths was in him great evil so the seduction of the occurring in the hamlet and appearance his of family thereof so bones pays [aalfsaadyn] in observance condemn them. His wounds ended have mercy him Allah.

Said also: That that Allah rose killing for breaths allowed from what [yuHtaaj] to him in Salah the your character said rose: {and the seduction big than the killing} and indeed was in him bad and decaying so in seduction disbelieving from the big evil and the decaying what he. Ended his wounds

Said [aalshaaTby] – have mercy him Allah -: Offered considering the debt on considering of the self and changed her in sight of the Islamic law.

Said also: Indeed the preserved breaths respectful and requested the animation in such a manner that if house of the order between ['iHyaay'haa] and waste of the money on her, or her waste and animation of the money was ['iHyaay'haa] first; So indeed exhibitor ['iHyaay'haa] killing of the debt animation of the debt was first, and indeed killing performed to her you jihad came in disbelieving and deserted killing and other than that. His wounds ended have mercy him Allah

If so conserving of the debt in the judiciary on governing [aalTaaGwt] who the people worships for him without many the scientists and markets them marketed all towards the hamlet and the defection of favor about what spreads him in the cities and in offered yen the worshipers from the injustice and the spoilage of unanimity on conserving change him from necessary other ['ayaaAA] Kent that necessary

Already text [aalshaaTby] - have mercy him Allah - on that the matters in the law not occur in the confirmation passage one and that she not intervention under intention one, so indeed the matters related in the important matters not as the matters related in the orders [aalHaajyt] nor ameliorative, nor the orders integral for necessary as necessary valuable her, yet between them difference known, yet the important matters not in the request on weigher one as the request related in asset the religion, not as the confirmation in the self, nor the self as the rational persons to walking categories necessary .[aanthY] wounds his have mercy him Allah

Uterus of sound Allah Sheikh Bin [sHmaan] when the order became clear accurately so said: To are for what the Islam returned strange your you mast started [aaljaahlwn] in him believe what he the mercy reason of the sufferance caused, and what he the close friend and the group of reason of the team and the disagreement caused, and what the blood of reason injects [lsfkhaa] as who Allah said in them: {and indeed pours them sin Moussa fly in and from with him} and as who followers of the messengers said for: {['inaa] flies us dumb} so blessing believed that arbitration law of the Islam leads to to deadly and opposite and that he not the meeting or the close friend occurs except on ruler [aalTaaGwt] so he disbeliever jog [llh] and for all the messengers; So indeed this truth what on him disbeliever Quraish who believe that the correctness what on him [EEbaau'hm] without [maa] Allah sent in him his messenger of peace be upon him.

Said: The denominator second if Arafa that [aaltHaakm] to [aalTaaGwt] hamlet and big male of Allah in his book that the hamlet than the killing lead so said: {and the seduction big than the killing} and said: {and the seduction tough than the killing} and the seduction she of the hamlet, yearling [aaqttlt] [aalbaadyt] and present until lacs go easy than that the land raise in [TaaGwtaaAA] masters [bGyr] law of the Islam which Allah sent in her his messenger of peace be upon him. His wounds ended have mercy him Allah.

So bones of seduction [trz'a] in her the land she of the hamlet and the traps in expression of the worshipers to the worshipped change followed

Uterus Allah the Imam [aalshwkaany] then says [mSaarxaa]:
[fyaa] knowledgeable the Islam, [wyaa] monarchs Muslim any [rzy'] for Islam tough than the hamlet, and any calamity hereby the religion of hound on him from worship other than Allah, and any misfortune hits in her conceded modifies this right, and any repudiated his denial be necessary indeed did not denial harbors this traps from evident clear. His wounds ended have mercy him Allah

The special assets that the harm be decided in sustains to general pushing the harm, and that [aalDrraal'ashd] the harm ends in light, and that he if conflict corruptive observed glorify them harmed, and that he chooses easy the evils.

Clarity already for each reasonable that harm the great jihad and his breakdown left in what not extra for him in the religion and the life of which the jihad from harm become organized on follows the some in self or money or towards that, with universe this harm of he from the special harm comparator in the disasters [waalTwaam] which the nation hits all her in her religion and approached her.

After report of the assets previous say:

Indeed legitimacy of throw disbelieving the warriors in all what the weapon be possible from and indeed they mixed in from not be possible killed him from the muslims be decided in (special proofs, in the addition for rules general which her report preceded) and this proofs of she:
Firstly: What decided him disbelieving audiences the jurists from throw of the warriors of solver [ttrshm] in conceded
He what introduces in (question of the gear) and the intention [baalttrs] here to the wandering enemy takes from Muslim similar to the gear – and he the armor – enforce payment in him about himself targetting of the militants for him in the killing, and gold audiences the worlds to legitimacy throw lead disbelieving the warriors in this solver and indeed become organized thereon killing [aalmuttrs] in worry from Muslim certitude for necessity pushing normal disbelieving on conceded and lack the receipt to killing hides disbelieving the warriors except thereby, you went [aal'aHnaaf] [waalmaalkyt] in legality that and indeed did not necessity rebuffs to him.

From doctrine [aal'aHnaaf]: Toughening of the beginning came in - months [mtwn] [aal'aHnaaf] - (and indeed [ttrswaa] in boys conceded or [aal'asaarY] did not refrain about threw them, and the throw intend in disbelieving)
Explaining of the beginning said: Nor courage in their throw and indeed was in them muslim of prisoner of war or tradesman; For that in the throw pushing of the general harm [baaldhdhb] about egg of the Islam and killing of the prisoner of war and the special tradesman harm, and to end decreased what [yxlw] fortress from muslim of yearling his consideration refrained in [laansd] in his father, and indeed [ttrswaa] in boys Muslim or [aal'asaarY] did not refrain about threw them blame showed and the throw intend in disbelieving; For that he indeed the discrimination of verb be impossible so to intention and the obedience be possible, only the energy. His wounds ended have mercy him Allah

Said [aaaalkaasaany] in [bdaay'e'] the deeds: Nor courage in their throw in the arrows and indeed taught that in them muslims from [aal'asaarY] or the tradesmen blame in him from the necessity then fortresses [aalkfrt] pencil [txlw] from muslim of prisoner of war or tradesman so his consideration blockage of the jihad performs to and to are intend thereby [aalkfrt] without conceded; For that he not necessity in the intention to Muslim killing unjustly, and as that if [ttrswaa] in infancies conceded, so not courage in the throw to them for necessity erecting of the member hit them [bqSdwn] disbelieving without the infancies. His wounds ended have mercy him Allah

From doctrine [aalmaalkyt] Khalil came in brief toughening: Indeed [ttrswaa] seeded [turkwaa] except to fear, and for conceded did not the gear intends indeed did not yacht on more conceded.

The big explanation said in: Indeed [ttrswaa] in Muslim [qwtwlwaa] and blame the gear in the throw intends and indeed feared on ourselves because Muslim blood not the fear on the self allows in indeed did not yacht on more conceded, so indeed tumble wife of the gear and Jazz feared threw them. His wounds ended have mercy him Allah

The Cordoban said have mercy him Allah in his interpretation: Killing of the gear be possible nor is in him disagreement indeed Allah wanted and that if necessary Kent the repairer of decisive kidney so meaning formed her necessary that she not the arrival to the disbeliever collects except in killing of the shield, and meaning that she kidney that she cutting for each the nation until killing the shield repairer of all the muslims occurs from, so indeed did not disbelieving killing of the shield does and all the nation seized on, and meaning formed her decisiveness that that repairer occurring from killing of the shield of pieces
Said [e'lmaau'naa]: This repairer in this shackles not be necessary to considering differs in her for that the killed imposing that the shield of pieces, so either in hands of the enemy so the great spoiler collects which she seizing the jog on all the muslims, and either in conceded hands so the jog perishes and [ynjwaa] conceded ['ajme'wn].

Nor wise results for to says: Not [yuqtl] the shield in this photo in his calamus to end adheres from him going of the shield and the Islam and Muslim, but Kent blame this repairer other than empty from corruptive estranged from her vented from did not the sight go to extremes in her; So indeed that spoiler in the ratio on what collects from her lack or as the lack and Allah teach. His wounds ended have mercy him Allah

From doctrine [aalshaafe'yt], said nuclear have mercy him Allah in garden of the students: If [ttrs] disbelieving in Muslim from [aal'asaarY] and change them observed:Indeed did not rebuffs to threw them and be possible [aal'ie'raaD] about them did not cuts threw them, and indeed necessity rebuffed to threw them in to [ttrswaa] in worry in solver of deadly merger and were in such a manner that if refrained about them coffee grant victory and spite so faces increased their: Their one not the throw be possible if did not disbelieving beating be possible except in Muslim beating; For that his purpose to fear on ourselves, and Muslim blood not the fear in proof of photo of the coercion allows in. His wounds ended have mercy him Allah

[yaas] this situation on photo of the coercion other than headed [aalbtt] because the disliked on killing change him special pushing the harm aims to about himself, and not himself in first of self change him, as for here so the goal of he the general harm about the nation paid all in her debt before her life, and militant not for the throwers of luck special from himself from kin or far.

Said nuclear also: Second and he correct the provided for – and in him Iraqi cutting – legality the throw on deadly intention of the socializations, and the muslims intends only the possibility for that spoiler [aal'ie'raaD] more than spoiler of the boldness, nor wandering possibility in the pushing about egg of the Islam and consideration for orders distances complete. His wounds ended have mercy him Allah

From doctrine [aalHnaablt], son said [qdaamt] have mercy him Allah in enough: Indeed [ttrswaa] [b'asaarY] Muslim or family of the care did not cuts threw them except in solver merger of the war and the fear on Muslim for that them impeccable in valuable their film the exposure in their become hoarse waste from other than necessity, solver of the necessity fulfilled allows threw them because important conserving the army. His wounds ended have mercy him Allah

Son said [mflH] in innovative: Indeed [ttrswaa] in Muslim did not cuts threw them as to formation of the war other than pillar, or for possibility of the power on them without him or from security from their evil except [yuxaaf] on conceded like universe of the war upright or did not shortens on them except in the throw so throws them, text on him necessarily. His wounds ended have mercy him Allah.

Results be soft from that previous texts about jurists and Imam of the different ideologies:

Firstly: That the all agreed upon on legality of throw disbelieving the warriors of solver [ttrshm] in Muslim and indeed certainty killed [aalmuttrs] in worry at the fear on conceded to worry of harm lowers in from ['ae'daay'hm] from spite or defeat.

Secondly: That [aal'aHnaaf] [waalshaafe'yt] in correct stubborn their, [waalHnaablt] in one of the statements on legality of the throw in that situation if Kent of the war upright, or did not shortens on them except thereby and indeed did not [nxf] on conceded.

Sheikh the Islam of son said [tymyt] have mercy him Allah: The agreed upon Imam on that the disbeliever if [ttrswaa] in Muslim and feared on Muslim if did not [yuqaatlwaa] so indeed him be possible to throw them and intend disbelieving, even though did not [nxf] on conceded Jazz threw those conceded also in one the worlds say, and blessing of killing to the jihad postpone who Allah pass in him and his messenger and he in invalid [mDH]…. Martyr and expedition on his was intention and did not harbors killed him great so killing reigned from from [yuqtl] from insured the militants. His wounds ended have mercy him Allah

The speech benevolent from his apparent Sheikh the Islam of preponderance of the statement in legality of the throw even though did not [nxf] on conceded

If be decided you you the legality preceded in that old photo in the shield in her line; So indeed the legality door shortens from first in the contemporary photo for gear today - and he who baptizes in her the jog to status of places his of gatherings and his different origins in the middle of the muslims [w'aHyaay'hm] residential appeared me in worry – in faces several:
Firstly: That previous speech the jurists and the Imam of he in the weapons old the employee in the throw before discovery of the gunpowder, and from obvious that this old weapons close for possibility of the discrimination and Muslim avoiding injury from the weapons Haditha.

Secondly: That we claimants of Islamic law through the use of the weapons strengthen and tough her Allah destroyed in jogs indeed was that in appraized us and our capability; So how with the huge disparity between us and between our jog.

Thirdly: That we claimants of Islamic law before the victory and the empowering for word of Allah in the land [baal'ithxaan] in jogs Allah, [waalaathxaan] he the killing quick in enemies Allah and delicious my breaks with him pronged them nor is to reluctance love after him, said rose: {so if found who expiated so beating of the necks until if [aathxntmwhm] so the chain tighten} so not there chain tightened for before [aal'ithxaan].

So this premonitions the statement in the legality in the contemporary photo makes first with no doubtfulness for actualization of the necessity [aalmljy't] in superior her photos through the use of more the weapons of evolution, and praise her enemies of Allah for their terrorism and investigation bones of spite destroyed in in them and for occupied renewing of kind from the equilibrium in balance the strength, and known that possibility of the discrimination in this weapons between intentional and in yen change them from the shops.

Fourthly: Indeed speech the jurists previous grow he in jihad the request where indeed this question supposed situation invasion Muslim for disbeliever in houses their to opened this countries and subjugation her for rule conceded and from obvious the statement that the legality shortens from door first in jihad the pushing any to pushing disbelieving the warriors about the seizing for countries Muslim, so how with actualization this seizing verb, yet and with passage the ages [aalTwaal] hereunto the seizure in what establishes governing cruciferous and bills their above the cities and on heads the worshipers.

Fifth: Preceded with us Cordoban statement: (so indeed did not disbelieving killing of the gear does) as for in prevented us today so indeed did not disbelieving seductions the gear in seduction of the hamlet and the defection does until cruciferous governing in the land manages, and stabilizes and becomes for him the attack and the state and from then [ystbyH] religion conceded and their wives, then markets them marketed all towards the his withdrawal from the religion across governing and his opposite bills appear you Allah and his bills

Indicated to assigned this meaning Sheikh of the Islam so said: Agreed the scientists on that army disbelieving if [ttrswaa] in blessing stubborn their from prisoners of war Muslim and feared on Muslim the harm if did not fight so indeed them fight and indeed led to that to killing conceded who [ttrswaa] in worry, and indeed did not yacht on conceded so in legality deadly conducive to killing these conceded statements famous for worlds, and these conceded if killed were martyrs nor leaves the jihad essential to postpone from [yuqtl] martyr, so indeed conceded if fought disbelieving so blessing killing from conceded is martyr, and blessing killing and he in invalid not deserves the killing to postpone repairer the Islam was martyr. His wounds ended have mercy him Allah

Said also: Likewise question [aalttrs] which mentioned her the jurists so indeed the jihad of he seduction of the hamlet paid so collects in her from harmful what he echo her; Consequently the jurists agreed on that he when did not pushing of the harm about the muslims be possible except in what killing leads to to those [aalmuttrs] in worry Jazz that and indeed did not yacht of the harm, but did not the jihad be possible except in what leads to to killed them so in him statements, and blessing be allowed that says: Killing their to repairer of the jihad like fighter killing the muslims postponed martyrs are. His wounds ended have mercy him Allah

So text Sheikh of the Islam on that killing of the gear less harmful from currency of the hamlet and his appearance.

secondly: He what [yue'd] text in our question this in legitimacy of throw disbelieving the warriors in all what the weapon be possible from and indeed worry mixed in conceded what narrative of mother came from insured mother [slmt] – bruises Allah about her – said: Messenger said Allah god prayed on him and peace: “[ye'wdh] [e'aay'dh] in the house so his handcuffs sends sent so if were [bbydaa'] from the land of humiliation in worry” so said: [yaa] messenger Allah so how in blessing was reluctant? Said: “[yuxsf] in him with them and hit him [yube'th] Judgment Day on his intention”

About mother insured [HfSt] – bruises Allah about her – that she the prophet of peace be upon him heard says: “to guarantees this alpine army invade him until if were [bbydaa'] from the land [yuxsf] in intermediary their and call first their other their then [yuxsf] in worry so not stays except homeless who [yuxbr] about them”
About mother insured living – bruises Allah – said: Peace be upon him in his played messenger Allah sleep, so decreased [yaa] messenger Allah craft something in your sleep did not harbors does him, so said: “the wonder; Indeed people from nations [yu'mwn] in the house for man from Quraish the house resorted in until if [kaanw] [aa] [baalbydaa'] humiliation in worry” so say us [yaa] messenger of Allah indeed the road the people gathers! Said: “blessings in them the clairvoyant and the forced and son of the way perish annihilating one and various sources export sends them Allah on their intentions”

So this narrative in his novels of the multiplex - [wjmye'haa] in correct muslim - apparent text in inclusion of the sufferance for intentional in him essentially and to eat from mingle them at his fall and indeed did not harbors from them originally and indeed Judgment Day was from the survivors, though Allah rose able on to the sufferance of the pulverizers pertains in in him unify them.

Sheikh of the Islam said: So Allah rose [haalk] the army who explore to wives of the disliked violates his in them and other than the disliked with appraized him on the discrimination in their yen, with that he sends them on their intentions; So how the insurers of the militants be necessary on that the disliked distinguish between and changed him and they not know that; Yet if was in them people good from welfares of the people and did not their combat be possible except in killing these to killed also, and from killing to the jihad postponed who Allah pass in him and his messenger of he in invalid oppressed martyr and expedition on his was intention, and did not harbors killed him great so killing reigned from from [yuqtl] from insured the militants, and if the jihad was essential and indeed killing from conceded what Allah wanted; So killing from [yuqtl] in their row from Muslim for pilgrim of the jihad bones not from this. His wounds ended have mercy him Allah

So in this exhibition for proofs special in this question (question of throw disbelieving the warriors if they muslims mixed in) endorses clarity be soft in:

That the legitimacy decided from faces several and here to the stimulation on question of she purpose in the importance show from; [f'iDaaft] [f'iDaaft] ['ilY] [aalfaarq] [aalfaarq] [aalhaay'l] [bynnaa] [bynnaa] [wbyn] [wbyn] [e'dwnaa] [e'dwnaa] [fy] [aale'dt] [aale'dt] [waale'taad] [waale'taad] [waale'taad] [f'in] [f'in] [aalTbye't] [aalTbye't] [aaljGraafyt] [l'ard] [l'ard] [aale'raaq] [tDTr] [aalmjaahdyn] [aalmjaahdyn] [fy] [kthyr] [mn] [lljw'] [lljw'] [e'lY] [mthl] [hdhaa] [aalnwe'] [aalnwe'] [mn] [aalqtaal] [aalqtaal], [flaa] [flaa] [wjwd] [lGaabaat] [lGaabaat] [ykmnwn] [bhaa] [bhaa] [le'dwhm] [le'dwhm] [le'dwhm], [wlaa] [jbaal] [ytHSnwn] [bhaa] [bhaa] [wynTlqwn] [wynTlqwn] [mnhaa] [mnhaa] [ltnfydh] [ltnfydh] [e'mlyaathm] [e'mlyaathm] [waale'dw] [waale'dw] [waale'dw] [qd] [nzl] [baale'qr] [baale'qr] [baale'qr] [mn] [aaldyaar] [aaldyaar], [wnaaze'naa] [wnaaze'naa] [aal'ard] [aal'ard] [aalty] [nqf] [e'lyhaa] [e'lyhaa], [waatxdh] [waatxdh] [qwaae'dh] [qwaae'dh] [aalmHSnt] [fyhaa] [fyhaa], [w'aqaam] [w'aqaam] [Hwaajz] [aalsyTrt] [aalsyTrt] [wnqaaT] [wnqaaT] [aaltftysh] [aaltftysh] our the several and the equipment so indeed the in nature geographical to please Iraq be compelled the militants in plenty from to restoring to on like this kind from the combat, so not presence for forests hide in her for jog their, nor mountains become strengthened in her and rush from her for execution operations their and the jog already in the injuring from the houses, and disputed the land which stand on her, and took rules his chaste in her, and built partitions the dominance and checkpoints the in all place, helps him at that aids his from the army and the line, and lines the agents and the spy who [yrqbwn] all [GaadII] [wraay'H]; Of which increases in difficulty movement the militants, and clears up that became clear for each bisected compares prevented with brothers be soft in arenas last from arenas the jihad, so the mountains elevated and rough in Afghanistan, and the forests dense in the skewers, prepared the militants the place [aalnaasb] to plunging war tall material [yustnzf] in her the jog, and allowed to love undertaking rules rear safe machine their from the thought and the plan afar about jog their and the departure in operations attacking saved then the return hereunto the refuge safe, and this all him lost on land AlRafidayn

Therefore and the situation this the direct entering with the enemy in field facings from the difficulty in place nor expression in Baghdad was which she house of the jog wounded, and his density in her disconnected the counterpart; Disassemblies to condensation our operations of the martyr show from [lxlxt] equilibrium of the jog on this cities and his coercion on the exit from her to places hunting simplifies his in her, and this operations she our of lethal weapon who [yuthxn] in the jog of the wounds, [wtnxle'] in him hearts his of individuals, and ossification in him the spite; This with his ease on us and fewness of the losses in the ratio to us.

Yearling stand us this operations so to complain that ember of the jihad insult will weaken indeed did not trots in this stage, and in weakness of the jihad and was complete you the jog from carpets dominated him on Baghdad the spoiler occurs big; So the his manages jog from arrangement his of conspiracies and planned, [wystbyH] the nation in integral her

The scientist in his capture crimes of worshipers of the crucifix saw, [wshudhdhaadh] [aalnSaarY], and Roman oppressions in strange jail fathers [wbwkaa], and what his verb their aids of the rejectors in their jails in the sides in [aaaalkwt] and the absolution and the Najaf and Karbala and Basra and change her illusion did not the real ability be possible so how if carpets managed from dominated them on land Iraq??

So indeed the spiteful rejectors try in various the methods showing their of carefulness on the blood Iraqi for deformation photo of the militants, and their showing in front of the scientist that them [sfaakwaa] blood, and grandsons son of the colocynths forgot [Gdraathm] in sons this nation which hole in forehead of the date

Will mention their crimes divided from [le'lh] nation appears for the easy object from prevented them:

Firstly: In year 1981 any before towards quarter horned from now suicides from forces of legion of the betrayal rose – legion of full moon – in explosion himself in explosives-laden truck in building of the broadcast and the Iraqi television in [aalSaalHyt] went sacrificed him the ten.

Secondly: Streets of fathers witnessed [aalnwaas] and the Saidoune [waalkrraadt] [waalze'fraanyt] during the war Iranian ten the explosive operations in explosives-laden the car bombs in the streets went sacrificed her the ten.

Thirdly: In fourth of general April 1980 manual elements of legion full moon of bombs between the students sign in comprehensive Al-Mustansiriyya in Baghdad went sacrificed her the ten, and when funeral escorting of the victims take out in today [aaltaany] throwing of the bombs was complete from inside building of the teacher Iranian and many killing whereof the funeral was in.

Fourthly: The period fell in what between years 1991 to the American invasion more than eighty operation of explosion of car bomb in different areas Iraq on hand of forces legion of full moon.

Fifth: Forces legion of full moon released 65 local rockets of directed by means of cars moving from close areas from Baghdad like [aalmHmwdyt] [waallTyfyt] and rational aspect and the mothers during years 1999 – 2000 went sacrificed her the ten.

Sixth: Operations cutting of the fast processes between Amarah and Nasiriya and killing of the travellers across erecting [syTraat] counterfeit was straightens in her and boasts in worked her, and the generous statements in her ratio of party of the invitation to the devil and strength of legion of full moon and strength issues [maahwt] and lowness your during year 1991 and blame [tnth] except in incomes cruciferous to Baghdad, and other than that from their crimes which if went trace her to established coffee lengthened.

Allah our carefulness knows that not losses between the muslims sign, and how much from operation tight ['aulGyt], and big goals elapsed, to big expecting losses between conceded

We on flag that he speaking of some the errors already, and some the victims signs and this - and Allah - of which our hearts bleeds, and our livers wounds; To are what prevented us and the reality what intervention of the enemy reminded from Vienna

Even though the enemy distinguished [mtzyl] about areas Muslim blame allowed for valuable our in situation from the situations of the expansion in this operations; So the road the people accumulates, nor deadly solver of the disbeliever be possible in except in killing of some the muslims, and your one of our said of brothers:

Yearling of imposing on the militants of the discrimination between the disbeliever and the muslims for unemployment of the jihad in all place, losing the militants in replicates rose this operations in invasion [nyywrk] and Washington and as to there some conceded, [wfe'lwhaa] in Riyadh and worn my, and on paved Jewish in Tunisia, [wfe'lwhaa] in Nairobi [wfe'lwhaa] in Tanzanian and Mombasa, and Karachi and ironed and as wet, and Grozny and Moscow, so blessing distorting explore this operations in falling conceded in her followed not intention; His verbs to the jihad in all place prevents for that he not be possible to work of jihads from Muslim falling hand over, nor the one in money orders endures.

So we and Allah not please to conceded blood spill [bGyr] face of truth
[wwaallh] [ly'n] old so hits cervical loved to from killing intends [aamry'] muslim unjustly

Add to this deliberate deformation from the information the **** for this operations, and what cruciferous turning for volume the losses in rows and their aids from the apostates collects from.

Hear today – and for regret – many from hypocrites this nation from [yushnne'] on the militants, and protests on them in indeed the martyr operations which straightens in her the militants become organized on her swallow you for blood Muslim, with that them for sure the know in to the militants not [ytqSdwn] conceded killing, yet wanted their cruciferous killing and their aids from deserted, and to are these in truth their of order not worries them order conceded nor [dmaay'hm] and worry of gratification grow their ['awlyaay'hm] from deserted and cruciferous; Otherwise so these muslims [yuqttlwn] in [mshaarq] the land [wmGaarbhaa] and this [dmaau'hm] spill and she cheap the blood so Hill day about one heard from this trumpets of the agent established day of truth rose [llh] rose so talking about your hill of the crimes??

Is one so fathers about military crimes the legions dared their [aalraafDyt] as legion of the betrayal – legion of full moon – who leads him AbdulAziz Al-Hakim [aalTbTbaay'y] [aalmjwsy]??

So for learning my [yaa] nations in to this legions the **** [t] when interior to Iraq ['athxnt] whatever ['ithxaan] in family of the unification, and migration of the families dental from the sides, and said the hundred from family of Sunnis, and the mosques seized and tried her to blockhouses for pagan and the traps, all this according to studied program for liquidation of family of Sunnis; Losing seized (29) mosque in Baghdad was complete trick her to [Husynyaat] idolatry with that them did not church approach one, and blame shop lock one to the wines sold, and when gold some them to [haalk] Mohammed Baqer Al-Hakim begs him reinstating of the mosques to family of Sunnis travel them in the watercress the one: (how much mosque of taking from you? ) so for what [aaxbrwh] travel them in all [lu'm]: (nine and twenty mosque only this little, you Sunnis punching of four thousand mosque in Iraq qualified ['aftstkthrwn] on us this mosques? )

You and liquidation most of cadres and symbols of family of Sunnis rose in from [aalde'aat] and the physicians and the teachers and befriends of the experience and technological.

Yet and many abducting from the women rose in who not [yue'rf] their destiny until now.

Yet indeed forces the police of the rejectors violation of accidents participated in Muslim the silks with the crucifixes in strange jail fathers.

Yearling jail of the opening teach about who runs him the Iranian intelligence

Jail Hilla who runs him the rejectors of the named in

(the brigadier Qais)

Who was [yuqTTe'] members conceded in the electrical saw [ystbyH] conceded accidents there.

Nor the jail asks about in [Husynyt] [aalbraatt] in Baghdad blockhouse legion of full moon.

[fwaallh] did not start them in deadly, and blame correct to them the arrows

Classes fulfilled land AlRafidayn several [kaalSaaby't] [waalyzydyyn] slave of the devil, [waaaalkldaanyyn] and Assyrian what extended evil supported in to them nor our arrows corrected on them with that she classes not Islam were complete for onion and to are did not endorses be soft that she participated cruciferous in their combat for militants and blame the vile role plays who his refusing games.

To are report me [yaa] nations ['ayse'naa] and the solver this to our swords sheathe and refrain support us awe our of accusation in excitement sectarian!!

Hairy custodian about any sectarianism speak!! Nation from the people of men and women and boys spiteful Allah night of day from injustice of the rejectors bellow to who proud worshipers the crucifix enabled for.

Yet and swore in who living innocence descend in [aaaalktaab], and the friend enable from [msylmt] the liar, and fire be extinguished [aalmjws] on hand of age Bin the speech that what meet him and meets him Sunnis in Iraq qualified from these rejectors grandsons of son of the colocynths ['ashne'] [w'afDe'] by far of which [laaqwh] on American hand the jog

To are all this [muGyb] about nations to postpone [aaltktym] the knowledgeable informations and Scott and flattery of the evil.

Allah indeed hearts to drips notched us on what family of Sunnis in Baghdad and the south solves in, even though happened you about what meets him your brothers and your sisters in the south for what [tldhdhtm] in the living indeed was stubborn your envy on wives conceded.

[wsaadhkr] here story cut off from her the hearts and the bodies [wttqrH] for her hearing the livers and she on way of the male and the martyrdom not on way of the restriction and the digression [le'lhaa] chance from sons this nation of ears conscious, and live hearts:

So in city Hilla deserted forces the police house of one of our of brothers of the militants plunged, so for [maa] they felt in [laadh] from them in the escape so enemy of refusing Allah came claiming in (the brigadier Qais) to sister-in-law our chaste [aalTaahrt] and taking pulls her from headed her, and attracts her from felt her threatening [wmtwe'daaAA] have fun indeed did not reports him in place her of husband in looting her of abstinence and end you expanded her and she cries [wtstGyth]:

Not to from [mGyth]!!!
Not to from nations from our accidents make jealous on and defends [Hurmaatnaa]!!!

Did not [tdr] this miserable that sons of the nation in their amusement play asleep hibernation fulfilled their.

So what blessing was for what news except the wrestler in her informed her relief, and complying [ndaay'haa] [fwaallh] not live our indeed bugs this and his live examples; So the accurate brothers in observer for his rose house then black one of the martyrs rushed [qaaSdaaAA] blockhouse this deserted damnable so tear down on him fortify him invulnerable, and hit him and his family from the horror and the wounds of money [ynsaah] on bitter the ages, and pot Allah that is for him in build him remainder remaining saving from him glory his reward killed him to worshipped the afterlife bought in transient.

What ended [aallywth] to be crippled consequently refusing all seat, and lurk in him all observatory until teaches and his examples wife of Muslim accidents our sisters so not begged to love themselves the assault on them, and the Neil from their dignity.

What increases me Scott be acquainted with these traitors who everything desire in except in taking of the debt strongly about crimes refusing.

Why [yuxfY] all this about nations??

Why transformation of the truths nor appears [l'amtY]??

Why if [sy'lwaae'n] refusing tongues in the praise rushed their on them, and if the militants asked on be acquitted from them and arrows of the slandering correct to them??

Their custodian then fall behind with seated San held for their about the militants, so who know him from our date of the Islamism that he when income [aalttaar] to Baghdad on hand son of the colocynths of truthful talking the Imam as: Refuse [tymyt] and Baghdad refuse plenty and the gold in all frankness about treason of the rejectors in delivery [lltaar], and blame hear that someone from worlds of the nation rose and deny on these Imam in to son the colocynths of man one nor matter for refusing thereby.

Nor said Allah feared not [tthyrwhaa] sectarian seduction.

Yet all what our Imam connected about generation their wandered after of denial on these their rejectors and detection of straying and their treason; So this many Imam son in his great book (the beginning and the end) after disassembly of the Abbassid empire date in most of the ages in male opens his [aalxTwb] between family of Sunnis and the Shiites, and what killing between the teams collected from, year fulfilled 441 him seductions mentioned lengthens reminded her from burning to turn many between Sunnis and the Shiites because of cursing of Companions of the Prophet Mohammed and wives of the prophet of peace be upon him, then male in general who follows him strange orders so said:
In her the rejectors and Sunnis in Baghdad make up and went all them for visit of scene on and scene of the Hussein, and accept in [aalkrx] on Companions of the Prophet Mohammed all them or have mercy on them. This strange very except God-fearing door is from. His wounds ended have mercy him Allah

Charity of insight and many intuition son, so in the year who follows him war between the rejectors and Sunnis signed, and killing from the teams of the many character.

[fwaallh] indeed the rejectors spiteful to praise on us from ['ae'daay'naa] cruciferous, and perhaps from [aastnfdh] his capacity in the defamation Vienna, and the solution on us to clothes on naive from sons this nation their of religion in universe from describes that them from family of the flag blessing our denounces of deed, and returns on us our verb, and what knowledge these that this trick – by virtue of Allah – [maa] returned [tnTly] on first the visions and what custom this bright nicknames perceived in those youths of the welfares

Or obstructs on us in who transaction their of hand and fruit their of heart from the apostates from rulers sold this nation and humored with them in the legal opinion however revolved, [w'aSbGwaa] on them and on governing their the tincture legitimate, [wlbbswaa] matter of the religion on the citizen??

Or not these from necessity of the jihad give a fatwa in and that he eye time of the communist invasion for Afghanistan indented; That for what was this loves agrees ['asyaadhm], until if [maa] the situation envies and American worshipers the crucifix of land invaded Afghanistan the jihad of terrorism and indictment became, and propellent about the debt and the width of rashness and seduction!! []!

These who one of the years pass on their [aalTwaal] countries sees conceded invade, and holy soils; Then he not costs himself overexertion of dustiness present him in way of propellent Allah about wives of the debt and as that year knowledgeable in our era that delayer of the convoy are in, [mktfyn] in the statements and the slogans and the speeches; Until if [maa] youths of the nation for defense started about [HyaaD] the religion, and propellent about accidents conceded [slqwhm] in iron tongues, [wnbdhwhm] in nicknames of tensioner, that them [Hudthaa'] the ages, [wsufhaa'] the dreams!!!

Ohm for they of example in scientists killed who were [ytsaayqwn] to land of the jihad and the bind???

As examples the scientist of the worshiper of the militant Abdullah Bin the Mubarak, [wsfyaan] the bulls, and Ahmed Bin [Hnbl], and my father Isaac [aalfzaary] - who was describes that he [mu'db] family of the graves - and refuse [qdaamt] holy, and Sheikh the Islam of son [tymyt], and Ahmed Bin Isaac [aalsrmaary] who said about him the Damascene Imam preservative (excess was with brave his from the worlds of the worshipers) and the preservative Imam of fathers Ahmed [aaaalkrjy] brands [baalqSaab] for abundance [maa] his senses killed in.

['a] and what to Morocco love example in scientists while envy rose hereunto the religion and hamlet govern in [aale'ubydyyn] from puppies their of replacement to many the worlds begin and the nation on their incite combat, and the gathering on their led jihad, [wlk'any] correspond on them Arabic son described possessing – have mercy him Allah – when said:

To year already his descent coffee of the fragile jog Allah 527 him [fjaas] our houses, and happy [jyrtnaa], and intermediation our of countries in number Halle the people his of number, and as to many and indeed did not reachs what [Hddwh]; So fewness for ruler this enemy Allah and collected in the polytheism and the net, so to harbors hardheads your blessing, and to endorses from you to victory religion Allah the appointed on you movement, so to take out to him all the people until not stays blessing their sharp in all this regions so surrounds in him so indeed him [haalk] not impossible indeed eased you Allah for him, so victory the tails, and quivered the hearts [baalme'aaSy], and stridulous all one from the people fox [yu'y] to house his and indeed saw the hated in pulling his.

[f'inaa] [llh] [w'inaa] to him returning

Our according to Allah and blessings of the agent

Or [yue'trD] on us in blessing if hearing of wives Allah [tustbaaH], and Muslim accidents violates did not pronounces for him tongue and blame moves for him jinns, and what to hears resolutely the students on [hdm] idolized from [aal'awthaan] worships without the one the Diane until [yusaare'] to use of the positions the three in the denial and alleges that this dear debt not from [aalqhaar]!!!

Or [yue'trD] on us in blessing deed blessed *** Roman Chirac when matter in conceded [nze'] in France so said that internal matter nor matter for Islam and Muslim at that!!!

Or [yue'trD] on us in blessing says indeed traitorous deserted conceded Allawi guardian in Iraq not the exit be possible on him!!!

Or [yue'trD] on us in blessing Hill started day your the crucifixes [ywHnaa] [bwls] second so the praise hurry in on him and male [mnaaqbh] and what saw them nor roadsigns of day heard their that Abu become a martyr the world of the militant ['ans] Shami!!! To Hamza are not [bwaaky] for him.

As for family of the flag [aalSaade'wn] in the truth [aaljaahrwn] in the truthfulness so these their mouths muzzled, [w'ausktt] their pencils, and the cities of chaser stay over in, and about their family of evicted, and become wander them in jails [aalTwaaGyt] staying!!!

So have mercy you raised have mercy you

So have mercy you raised have mercy you

Where family the knowledge of the militants!! Severed not ['araahm] except in book, or under dirt

Then indeed us say indeed stable Al-Qaeda at family of the knowledge:

The truth acquaintance his know of men, nor [yue'rf] followed in the men

So when income [aalttaar] land Baghdad, and killed from killed from conceded

Did not hear that he face except son stood in their [tymyt] have mercy him Allah with presence of the worlds [waalde'aat] and alleged befriends the wisdom reconcile him happening who face of son stood in [tymyt].

Seduction character of the Quran did not Ahmed stands in face her of befriends except the Imam Bin [Hnbl] with presence [jhaabdht] the scientists as son specific and raise Bin indebted and change them

So is Ahmed was Bin [Hnbl] befriend of seduction!!!

Indeed [rGmt] noses from people *** so say [yaa] many not compels level off her

Know [yaa] nations that he had it not been for Allah then stop this faction the militant of inaccessible dams in his calamus these cruciferous and their aids of the rejectors spiteful blame saw me your family prevented of Sunnis in Iraq see him today.

So we believe:That we vanguard of the nation, and her first line propellent, and head her of bayonet in front of this cruciferous crawl; So the work on stopping this crawl for armies [aalttaar] contemporary on doors of benevolent Baghdad he for nation [jme'aa'] even though intervention that occurrence of some the corruptions [aalSGrY].

[fwaallh] indeed ember of the jihad failed so the nation will see in happy her will what solve in her from destructions and calamities

The killing and the combat wrote on us *** and on Ghanaian pulling of the tails

O God house of the book

Fast the account

Passage of the cloud

The parties defeat and grant victory us on them

O God defeat them and shook them

O God defeat them and shook them

O God defeat them and shook them

{and valuable Allah on his order and to more the people are not know}

The praising [llh] many the scientists