Thursday, June 23, 2005

3 terror groups merge into one


In hive happy combined operations for army the Islamism in Iraq and army of helpers of Sunnis and army of the desorption

In hive happy combined operations for army the Islamism in Iraq and army of helpers of Sunnis and army of the militants


[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]
[m]/combined operations

([qaaatiluwhum] tortures them Allah in your hands and pierces them and grant victory you on them [wayashfi] [Suduwra] people [mmuu'miniyna])

Strong praise be to God many the scientists of the Aziz
The prayer prefer and the delivery on prophet of the welded right path prophet am complete, and on his family and accompanied him ['ajme'yn]
As for after.

So indeed the heroes from militants of the Islamic army in Iraq and army of helpers of Sunnis and army of the militants the leaving foot in path of the jihad in way of disbelieving Allah hand in hand for beating and their disbelieving aids in hands from iron until breakage thorn agreed on [wtqlm] their claws and returns be about to them in [nHwrhm] failing losers in permission of dear Allah the strength.

[faabtd'at] the groups the three in operations joint victory for debt and in badge for insured and guard for wives conceded and discomposure for disbelieving, and to sick befriends the hearts of disbelieving aids that continuation of the war knows will not increases us except strength and help [wtEElfaaAA] and brilliances.

To Kent already [baakwrt] this work altogether from the blessed operations in permission of Allah in aspects of Baghdad and her outskirts in all explosives-laden styles the war easy from facings and car bomb leads some her martyrs, and fixed attacks on sites the jog and moving and in all kinds of the weapons.

The gunshot released first in the hour sixth and the half of morning this today fifth Wednesday ten from [jmaadY] first 1426[h]

Corresponding June 22, 2005 in rocket bombardment and in missiles of the mortar on American Al-Qaeda in international airport Baghdad.

The continuous operations to hour of writing alpine in area the torch of working revelation [waal'ae'DHmyt] and strange Al-Amiriyah and Abu Ghraib, will and come you in the complete details subsequent in permission Allah.

Any her the brave militant of the hero no matter where daughter-in-law, salutation ['ikraam] and respect of lac, so you [qrt] assign us and crown on our heads, Allah explained on pool [w'iyaak] and the hesitation and loss of the opportunities and the times:

Already beautiful your for matter if insight for him ..... [faarb'a] yourself to cares with [aalhml]

Any lion of the Islam and Hamitic the belief

Rise [llshdaay'd] [maa] followed [Slaabhaa] ..... So for you accompanied her tough solid
Your custodian want you you said saying

Wind the Abeer of punching and we Abeer our ..... Good dust of the drill and the dust
Important stimulation very: The groups be acquitted the three from any works destructive the innocents targets and which intends from her deformation photo of the clear jihad.
The praising [llh] many the scientists.

Big Allah and the Izzat [llh]…
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The Islamic army in Iraq ..... army helpers of Sunnis ..... Boiled the militants