Wednesday, June 22, 2005

4 Shi'ites killed


The Iraqi resistance four elements kills from, Shiite legion full moon, in 'the cycle
For Wednesday 15 [jmaadY] first 1426[h] - June 22, 2005 [m] latest update 4:50 [m] in timing Mecca

Thinker of the Islam [special]: Four elements from legion of full moon of the agent for occupation found the Iraqi American in Iraq their of death on hands elements from the resistance in his southern speech the cycle of the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

[nql] of correspondent “thinker of the Islam” in Baghdad about source from the Iraqi police of the designating before the occupation that armed from the resistance Iraqi car from class white Piek father Kent with patrol for forces of the police of the designating before the occupation in the cycle attacked.

Clarified the source that the resisted the car of rocket from class released on “RPG 7”, what destruction in the Kamel and killing resulted in her four from her stirrup who the source confirmed that them from legion full moon of the military division for what the council rises high for revolution Islamic in Iraq who leads him the Shiite “AbdulAziz Al-Hakim” the follower for sourcebook the Shiite on Al-Sistani.