Friday, June 03, 2005

9 soldiers killed near Fallujah


Killing and injury of nine American soldiers after explosion in district of the Jubail in Fallujah

Thinker of the Islam [special]: American refill explosive at military passage queue exploded in [aalsaae ' h] second after noon today Friday near mosque the prophets in district of the Jubail in Fallujah, where gathering of number of the soldiers American near the mosque as their custom all week in observer of prayer Friday and what speaks in him the speaker.

Pondered [nql] correspondent of the Islam in Fallujah about eyewitness that the refill American passage the queue of the infantry man exploded at near that refill which were hidden apparently under stack from the wreckage., and American killing six soldiers afflicted to.

From his side the Iraqi chief on week that the explosion mentioned killing resulted in [w ' iSaabh] nine American soldiers, and exposure of one stricken to amputation in the leg.

Forces the occupation of the place surrounded and arrested more than 20 serous whereof were connect in ill-got courtyard the mosque external because of congestion in the serums

While helicopters and foot of number of carriages descended [aalhmr] quickly to place of the incident and raising of the bodies in the middle of dense releasing for fires rose in on surroundings [aalmnTqh] [l ' ixaafh] the serums.