Monday, June 13, 2005

Assassination attempt? Other operations mentioned

There is an english language news story about this as well.
You can read it here:


[e ' aajl] - [njaat] American official from operation of assassination in Baghdad after his exit from headquarter of the party of the Islams
Suicidal rescue diplomat American grown-up from attack in Iraq

Baghdad (Reuters) - sources from the police said Iraqi that big diplomats American suicidal day Monday from attack in car saved mined following convoy for army targeted the American.

Did not American identity the diplomat clears up and did not clears up what if he the aimer from the attack was and American spokesman of the embassy said that he not knowledge for him in the incident.

Islamic spokesman of the party of the dental Iraqi indeed big officials American said was left to accumulated destroying the party in west of Baghdad when dropping of the explosion.

Today also implementation your brothers the militants in rule of the jihad of number of the operations

From between her martyr operation in Tikrit

Other in Samraa where attacked seven armed participating centers for police and the raiders purification and killing was complete his from in him

AlRafidayn please flames
The lightning burns the apostates
Swords the jihad of legislator