Friday, June 03, 2005

Assassination of Shiite cleric Ali Abdel Hussein in Basra


Assassination one of commanders of legion of betrayal

Assassinated [aalmqaawmh] Iraqi this morning Friday on Abd the Hussein of commander of the political organization in forces legion of full moon cooperative with the occupation.

Pondered [nql] correspondent of the Islam about eyewitness that four armed profound Abd the Hussein from the age of 40 year in front of his attacked on house in in the middle of city Basra south Iraq [w ' amTrwh] in shower from the fires.

Pondered correspondent indeed the armed attack said the Hussein in the situation ended in death Abd.

Correspondent until the casualty of he Imam indicated our what knows in “[Hsynyt] the Zahra in Basra”, and antecedence lead for him that previous time announced in during more than press conference that he Iraqi determinism of class the sides about the north sees and middle for his Islamic erecting republican specializes [baalshye ' h] only, on border [aade ' aay ' h].