Thursday, June 16, 2005

The battles of glory, victory and control have begun in Iraq

This is from the mailing list
and comes in both english and arabic, both say the same thing, and to me it's scary, are they starting their push? Almost forgot, don't know if it's important or not, but the subject line says "IN THE WALL" (All caps, just like that) weird, freaky.

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Our beloved Islamic Nation, tonight and at these very moments, we bring you good news. Just a little while ago, the battles of glory, victory, and control, have begun across Iraq. The Abu Anas Al-Shami (may Allah have mercy on him and accept him as a martyr) Expedition has been activated all over Iraq. Today is a day for joy and happiness; it is a day of victory, it is a day from the hereafter and not from this world because your Mujahideen brothers in the Al-Qaida organization in the Land of the Two Rivers have sworn fidelity to Allah that they will fight for this deen (Islam) and its people (Muslims