Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Carbomb at US checkpoint in Mosul


Killing and injury 13 American soldiers in operation of commando of east Mosul result today in [m]

Six tenth soldiers American their death and wounding of seven different other in wounds the gravity relationship of the hour and the half found of this morning after explosion of car bomb in check point American east of city Mosul.

[nql] of correspondent “thinker of the Islam” in the stopped city about eyewitness from car owners the near that point that car from kind of white Piek father leads her stopped commando Kent within the cars and which role for search waits her role of all the cars penetrated quickly big headed to that point.

Added: This what high warning in sound paid to his, except that he turned to us, and said: Left quickly in order to not the explosion feel hurt in, stubborn her knew that he commando and our cars descended from and far distance ran and land while he lie down solver his of arrival to the point in explosion rose himself with the car.

Mentioned that the explosion was huge in such a manner that connection limbs of the American soldiers near us in spite of the distance which stagnated her far about checkpoint the.

About number the casualties of [nql] of correspondent “thinker of the Islam” about one of elements of Iraqi National Guard in the city and who the American explosion that six soldiers existed near killed while seven different other in wounds hit.

This and witness of the correspondent motor the military relief the American near place of the explosion and she American bodies the soldiers of the casualties and the victims leave and they to rule American Al-Ghazlani the chief in the city faces in, while toothpicks of the American forces what preparers remained from in that point where stature [b ' ilGaay ' haa] according to our of correspondent there.

Male that the point did not [ytbqq] from her wanted apart from the cement exhibitors the smashed of puppies of the explosion