Friday, June 10, 2005

Col. Abdel Karim Daraji assassinated in Iraq

I believe the posting goes along with this english news story


Thinker of the Islam [special]: The Iraqi resistance assassinated this morning general Friday manager of fighter “the terrorism” in Iraq the his dry brigade Ahmed through attack of implementation of the explosives-laden resisted in car convoy in area targeted his [aalrDwaanyt] southwest the capital Iraqi Baghdad.

Governmental [nql] correspondent pondered the Islam about source official from forces what Basem knows “brigade of the scorpion” the designating before the occupation that car bomb leads her sharp resistant elements the convoy during his exit after visit attacked [tfqdyt] to signers of the army restrict Iraqi designating in [aalrDwaanyt], and the big explosion about killing of the dry brigade Ahmed and equipments from his companions and burning and destruction of four cars result.

After practical, stature forces of the occupation and with her forces of the army Iraqi the designating in encirclement of the place thoroughly to are this forces [bdt] infirm about verb anything towards that motor explosives-laden especially after assassination succeeded in the ten from the heads Iraqi and American during the period last.

Correspondent until forces of the occupation indicated our when place of the incident gathered around and killing the brigade of dry Ahmed make sure from was prevented her more like what happening delivery in the order is in her for that she encirclement of the area for the sake of protection be satisfied in himself from possible attack other in bomb formation already the road or car bomb planted in her soldiers targets.

Motor Turks occupied of operation of evacuating bodies of the casualties and debris already [lttwlaahaa] the Iraqi strength which [bdt] she other more frightened and forces of the occupation await from.