Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The coming blow



The coming blow, grinding strike and destroyer and judge in all confirmation

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

Al-Salam on you and his mercy of Allah and Barakat

The coming blow, grinding strike and destroyer and judge in all confirmation

Write and in shortness without the going deeply in the subject….
Not be possible to intention of the militants suggest doubt in who strive so that formation word of high Allah she. Nor be possible to jihad Sheikh the militant of Osama bin Laden and his befriends against the despots suggest doubt in [waalkfrt] and dissolute oppressive who not know followed. The truth big which teaches her the all that oppressive America state the injustice on worshipers of Allah in all place continued in more from him in previous time, and the last truth which not alternative military recollection of he that strong America state and technology be soft from her (and strong he Allah the one Sunday God), you that she deceptive state despicable.

I not wanted to strength of the militants lessen from (and Allah with them… and in his hand of everything), nor from the blows [aaljhaadyt] from [aal] 19 militant in 11.09 in injuring this state oppressive, but on us to know that killing this monster not is in this ease nor in several your strikes you occurred in 11.09, to end not perform and blame perform to wanted.

That there many reasons clarifies that America penetrative strength or strength needs to be destroyed her destruction not straightens after him never and in blow one.

From returns to [aalqraan] and sees how that Allah rose dammar of pharaoh already and returned [wthmwd] for sure the teaches [ytdbrh] [llqraan] in to Allah he who will destroy this state oppressive [aalmtjbrt] in direct intervention from him to all the world teaches in to [maa] he from order direct Allah prevent in America….Without to dismisses that the muslims [aal ' arhaabyyn] their from destruction of the world wants.
[f ' astbshrwaa] welfare [yaa] nation [aal ' aslaam].
Allah rose teach.