Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Countdown to Syria started?


Is the countdown for Syrian started???!!!!

Series of the assassinations continues [fY] yogurts
Fingers of the accusation hands indicates for the Syrian
Beirut -+agencies: June 22, 2005

Sequenced continuity of the assassinations in yogurts where [Haaw] killing George of the previous leader for party the Lebanese communist in explosion in Beirut, in time the Syrian accusations in engaging followed in that operation.

So in Broxel, American minister the externality said Condoleeza Rice - on Syrian to refrains -.

Rice said American minister the externality Condoleeza that she not acquaintance from who the bomb exploded which [Haaw] killing George of the previous leader for party caused in the Lebanese communist hit her Syrian of convulsion of stability of yogurts accused in spite of withdrawal her of forces from him. Rice for journalists said in beginning of tour the east includes intermediary and Europe - there context and climate from lack of the stability. Syrian vitalities of part from this context and part from this climate and needs for to refrains. -

Said - this bitter last as who witnessed him accepted. -

American officials says that for de their information of inquiries concerning pillar of assassinations Syrian against Lebanese Damascus speak against and Rice about her worry opposite manner of the violence expressed who targets this personalities.
From his side assassination of [Haaw] George denounced the new deputy Junblat, indicative to - that continuous sequencer the assassinations to climate from lack of the stability and the disarray in the country created, and miscarriage of results apparent which triumphed in her the national opposed of the petition, the new opposed from reason yogurts outside the security regime and with the participating living -.

Said that [Haaw] George from the big commanders the patriot in the communist party so his date of [nDaal] my in Arabic movement the liberation, in the Lebanese fusing the patriot of the Palestinian, and he from companions Kamal Junblat. Indicative until the beneficiaries from operation of the their assassination who not want to bricks his of rule and his independence and his gains stability, yet want that [te'm] in him the disarray, you opposite beating executors want which the carnal basis in corner started in, the Maronite patriarch of the passing cardinal [nSraallh] Butrus sapphire, gentle President the martyr of the silks, the party the progresses of the participations and last opposite which brought yogurts thereto the accomplishment of the elections -.

Added that he preceded and mentioned that he not can to the democratic accomplishment or the elections fortify if did not all joint of the governing receive, from reason of the control in the security devices, so either the coup d'etat is complete or not is, so not alternative from the abstention in all joint of the security [waalaaqtSaaS] from growns-up who [e'aathwaa] the land so obstructive then fortification of the country sustain slowly slowly -.

About role committee of the international investigation Junblat said did not hear until Alan that he was complete [aalaaqtSaaS] from one responsible whether am mother sustain other than securities in the cities which were [ye'ythwn] the decaying in her, in the previous reign or the solvers, mouth benefiting of committee of the investigation international and the continuous crimes. Security clarifying that the devices of taking possession only possibility of the dominance on the interior security in proportional form, and to are not alternative from measure complete cleanup of pyramids [bd'aa] from the military security and security of the state of loose arrival to Republican Guard without noble or observer.

About subject ousting republican chief of the Imad amyl of graves Junblat said - not cleanup of the devices can without republican ousting chief, ironing not feelings bruise the some, any some the spiritual sourcebooks. Nor alternative from government of subject of holding in the political status and the securities will otherwise assassinate us the one twist [aalaaxr]-.

The leftist activists of previous Tuesday Secretary General for party cried the Lebanese communist of [Haaw] George who Beirut and their assassinated in in the middle of tears did not [tjf] after sadness on writing and journalistic short Samir.
Gardens of Issa and he says [yjhsh] in the crying - lethal companion the path and I of Israel to his was side - in the signal to the Nidal against Israel who waded him snake charmer of one founded front resistant national Lebanese.

Communist snake charmer the party heads between 1976 [w]1992. Issa said - warned him time and again for that we are the surrounding danger feel in [bh]-.

Member in movement the democratic left of newborn honor of the religion says - past George the week saw and was says - will kill us all if did not do something - in signal to the devices security [aalswryt]-[aallbnaanyt]-.

Issa was snake charmer saw for bitter last during ceremonies burial of short Samir who opposed be distinguished in his for supremacy the Syrian on yogurts in insider June/June and which appeared in her tough the effect.

[Haaw] George (65 year) and short Samir (45 year) prominent faces leftist first in the communist party and second in democratic movement the left. The men in circumstances assassinated similar: Bomb of placed in the car her riding life perish in.

Operation of the assassination in the hour fell assigned her almost relationship of the hour tenth sweetened morning in the timing residential districts from the capital fulfilled. Medical sources in comprehensive hospital of the American in Beirut that driving reminded [Haaw] wounds hit in.

Snake charmer was from first who the previous officials in the security devices of the supporting Lebanese for Damascus in the involvement in journalistic assassination of short Samir accused.

The leftist officials and the party members occur who [twaafdwaa] to stage of the crime on the compared Faure between the assassinations.

Current speaking Secretary General for party the immortal communist of blacksmith about - new ring in series of the conspiracy which bricks targets the one - whereas gaseous edifice Al-Aridy sadly that he - in each time place gather in what to prominent absence face in the opposed witness - against Syrian.

Your transient Ata Allah of fingers of the accusation confirms guardian umbilical cord of democratic movement the left Elias faces to - the security device [aalswry]-[aallbnaany]-. Across mourning about his discontent against - devices [aalaastxbaaraat]-.

Under dropping the shock of leftist rivers in the security proximity from the collar who his status of the army and the police around the car and cried holding in hands each other. Difficult on some the Lebanese newsmen of repressing their of sadness. Their one asked - short Hamada the silks of snake charmer from next? -.

The opposite deputy of quartzes was Hamada dangerous wounds after attempt his hit in of assassination in arterializes first/October 2004 whereas previous prime minister of silky companion in explosion accomplished on February 14/February after that accent against Syrian rose his.

Car [Haaw] which were Wati walks in area [aalmSyTbt] big photo of blood clot between buildings stopped under appears in her companion of the silks with a smile surrounds in him his elected offspring substitute Saad the silks and leader the fairs new Junblat. Books on the billboard in the line red: - faithful [me'km]-.