Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Fights between Al-Queda in Iraq and the helpers of the Sunni Army?

Seems that Al-Jazeera has reported that there is fighting between AQ in Iraq and the helpers of the Sunni Army. Strange!


[aafydwny] hope you brotherhoods urgent brotherhoods [aafydwny] is what said him sharp the dog companion on canal of Al-Jazeera from presence of battles between [tnDym] Al-Qaeda and helpers of Sunnis


Brothers I also listened since little to [dhllk] the dog [aalmde'Y] companion [aalsaamraay'y] and he says commentator on question Al-Jazeera around clashes [tle'fr] in to “[aaaalaarhaabyyn] vile” [ytqaatlwn] while between them and said that the clashes jar between [tnDym] Al-Qaeda and boiled army Mohammed and helpers Sunnis, and say consequently vile go to the hell with make brotherly you worshipers the crucifix so wail not and Allah not believe examples your either the militants the heroes who described them in vile comprehending await you in ear Allah and wills pays price describing your the militants in vile and the terrorists, repent lac repent [yaa] companion [jhnm],