Monday, June 13, 2005

Interesting statement to Al-Zarqawi

Tough to say whether it's just a phrase in a poem or a hit of something to come. Translation on this didn't work the best, but general idea is there. I've bolded the interesting piece below.


((the statement [aal'aae'dhabu] in [nuSrati] the Sheikh refused Musab))

((the statement [aal'aae'dhabu] in [nuSrati] the Sheikh refused Musab)) - [poet of the helpers]


[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

Al-Salam on you all and mercy Allah rose and Barakat his

Make brotherly you and your lover [wmryd] your befriends and your companionship

Poet the helpers of the honored

((fathers of Algerian Abd Al-Rahman Al-Ansari))

Guides you this poem which threaded her in victory

Our Sheikh the commander the militant of the prince of the bar

Angina disbelieving [wnHHaar] deserted

((fathers Musab Al-Zarqawi))

Kept him Allah in conserving his and bundle him in his victory and supported him in his corroboration and extend him in his periods

Hopes you make brotherly us the valuable darling of the praying for him and the increasing not forbad the wage

You not the carrying praying forget in this words and the verses of punching

Blessed in you fulfilled [mse'aakm] [wmmshaakm]

Colored be proud and reserve of for each virtuous person and investigator and honored

Make brotherly you the lover ((fathers of Algerian Abd Al-Rahman))

About him your brothers servant of the jihad and the militants

Small the people

Sword of the Islam


((the statement [aal'aae'dhabu] in [nuSrati]))((the Sheikh refused Musab))

Poem hairy get excited from [shjwny] ['ayaa] helpers hills of countries AlRafidayn cried eyes to wounding the commander the land the mothers and [saalt] ['adme'y] [ttraa] on him and eagerness eagerness to meeting [fwde'wny] and what what damaged the darling surgeon chest so for uteri [yaa] myself become easy and torture torture from surgeon Al-Sadr arrow [ydhyq] the self glass from [mnwni] so sparkles me in happiness and joy joy for marked contrast between white and black underage the edge eye and Musab Abu his [u] not pay attention legume [aalmrjf] the waiters [aalxu'wn] will stay high [kaalTwd] [faasme'wny] Vienna dear the intent nose high the forehead men knew [aalTaaGwt] lesson mouth [whnwaa] for disbelieving damnable forearms promotes the banners rise and spattered spray the championship in the right not to [yaa] consanguinity free patience so grant victory Allah became as the certitude [fTwbY] for martyr and for victim for victim and [TwbY] for prisoner of war and for prisoner for prisoner so Hill from notifier meant peaces for angina [aale'lwj] so rejoice me [ly'n] did not meet in The land of day and teams divided between us glass [aalmnwni] so our appointment tomorrow in house of eternity in her [yHyaa] affectionate with affectionate

Make brotherly you the lover of punching and the inviter of punching in the welfare ((Abu Algerian Abd Al-Rahman Al-Ansari))
[poet of the helpers]


O God the militants in your way in all place christianize [yaa] many the worlds

O God seats threw them their antiquities jumped and grant victory them on the people disbelieving

O God our Sheikh keep [aalDrGaam] Osama and our Sheikh of the angina of fathers Musab

O God and all commanders of the jihad and the militants and their keep helpers in all when

O God Amen O God Amen O God Amen