Monday, June 13, 2005

Is Al-Zarqawi opening a new front in IRAN?

2 interesting stories, one in english, the other a posting to a jihadi forum. Makes you wonder, is Zarqawi sending suicide bombers to Iran to stir up trouble there as well?

English news story:

Important quote from that story:

"A spokesman for the Supreme National Security Council, Iran ' s top security decision-making body, blamed groups affiliated to Saddam ' s former Baathist regime in Iraq. State TV quoted spokesman Ali Agha Mohammadi as saying the perpetrators of the Ahvaz bombings had infiltrated into Iran from Basra in southern Iraq."

Jihadi posting

Is opening Al-Zarqawi front for battle inside Iran?

Ghost of the disturbances to city returned Ahvaz self of the most Arabic southeast Iran, across series of explosions number of the centers targeted and founded official and falling resulted in 9 casualties [w]89 victim only what returned agencies of the news

Bundle sources in sequenced Tehran of the explosions in Ahvaz (conservative capital Khuzestan) in desire of the movement separatist the sweetening in the revenge for strike which received her from the authorities result of detention of number of her essential symbols after the disturbances which the city in April broke out in (April) the pasts, on rear modern about planner to reinstating of Arabic settling inhabitants from the area in areas other from the cities for contraction most them there.

Iranian sources leaked (according to [maa] mentioned the life) news about operations of smuggling of weapon and bombs to the area from adjacent Iraq, indicative to that guard of the boundaries Iranian quantity controlled from her “special Kent endurance of marks in the Iraqi army”.

Usefulness of reports in Iran that organizer for separationists the Arab releases on himself name “guard Ahvaz martyr revolutionary”, accountability of the explosions adopted yesterday, declared that the goal from her “liberation Ahvaz from the Iranian occupation”.

['aflys] “guard [aal'ahwaaz] martyr [aalthwywn]” from soldier refused Musab the angina?