Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Islamic Army in Iraq statement around US lies


The Islamic army in Iraq/wasting of blood any them [aalsaamraay ' y] the liar (Wednesday)

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

([qaaatiluwhum] tortures them Allah in your hands and pierces them and grant victory you on them [wayashfi] [Suduwra] people [mmuu ' miniyna])

Strong praise be to God many the scientists of the Aziz
The prayer prefer and the delivery on prophet of the welded right path prophet am complete, and on his family and accompanied him ['ajme ' yn]
As for after.

So to the flood informed [aalzbY] some the criminals continued from [aaltqwl] on other, until the lying and the falsification of she the merchandize became [aalmzjaat] which please in her ['asyaadhm] and occur in her on thing from their appetites frantic.

To invited transgression already any them [aalsaamraay ' y] borders of the bills and the rational persons and the speech and become [ykl] the lying on other every day and in his insolent calamus not in him drop of shyness.

To patience on his lengthened our fibs [waalaae ' ybh] in such a manner that tie me in the expulsion and male of the truths, and to are did not promises this useful and as long as the order lasted likewise [f ' inaa] world disagreed for gather what comes: -

1- [nHn] for sure the teach what wants him America from ['alaae ' ybhaa] this and lead reminded divided thereof in our statements.

2- ['in] important American intentions of he rows of the militants cracked and say have fun and in all steadiness indeed the jihad in way of great Allah worship and {indeed Allah likes who his way fight in describe as that them [bunyaaanUU] compact} and hereunto this [f ' inaa] [nte ' bd] Allah the group rose in and insured for insured as brown tightens some him divided so she hereby will not pick not to the disgrace [waalshnaar].
[knaaTH] rock of day [lywhnhaa] ...... film damages her and weak his peer [aalwe ' l]

3- [w ' in] from her intentions of the separation between Iraqi and other than Iraqi and to her game this exposed and to the allegiance for Muslim duty no matter where were so how and the order destiny of the nation hangs in all, how not the allegiance is great! , and how the Muslim brother of the militant of the hero from any country is foreigner was! , and the disbelieving occupier and his tails of the criminals of the witnesses and the judges and the rulers forms! , and is kisses this human stubborn his greedy brain.

4- [aan] America wants to returns Baathist to the lights and the wisdoms and to are smiling resistant and hereunto this losing the agreement with Iyad of Allawi for movements occurred shuttle and issuance of the matters for expeditions any them [aalsaamraay ' y] for winding on the militants and resistant. Withdrawal of the carpet want from under the your militants they begged for themselves and they that America in her border and her iron and her malignant knowledges and her methods say for and with her all criminals of the scientist did not can that by virtue of Allah and will not can that in permission Allah rose, so saved on yourselves the effort and the time instead of the loss.

5- [wbhdhh] suitable transient announce that any them [aalsaamraay ' y] his wasted blood and that he militants aimed for generally and for all individuals of the groups the three (the army of the Islams in Iraq and the militants boiled and helpers of Sunnis boiled) especially, and be soft benefits him American tradesmen the petroleum nor suckers of the blood from charlatans of the world and to tomorrow for his observer for close.

All from begged for him himself to does [maa] did twish them any them so for him the governing vented.

The praising [llh] many the scientists.

Big Allah and the Izzat [llh]…
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The Islamic army in Iraq
Boiled the militants
Boiled helpers of Sunnis