Thursday, June 30, 2005

Israeli soldiers seized and killed in Nablas today

There is also this from the Palestinian government site, in English:


Urgent - seizing of soldiers ['israay'lyyn] in Nablus today Thursday and the islet killing make sure their
Al-Salam on you and his mercy of Allah and Barakat

Confirming news of seizing of soldiers ['israay'lyyn] in city Nablus today third Thursday and the twenty from solid first 1426 him corresponding the thirty from June 2005 [m] - while their canal confirmed their space Al-Jazeera of killing after seizing. Vented [aalshy'] who confirmed him agency of Reuter for news where reminded that unity from battalions far announced her accountability about killing of the soldiers


Agreement - poisonous dervish from Gaza:
The Israeli news around destiny the soldiers quarrelled who Nablus seized in today, so in time immortal Abu of the military commander announced and on the air direct that his organizer seizing adopted their and killed them some the commanders in battalions denied far that.

Sources of newsman mentioned Palestinian, that big forces from Israeli army the occupation war city Nablus under blanket air from the airplanes of the Israeli plunged, after the Israeli announcing about disappearance soldiers in the city, assured that forces of the occupation campaign raid and search in houses of the inhabitants occur apparently research about the soldiers in the middle of shooting between when and other.

From his side mentioned signer 48 inside the line green, that Palestinian sources signer connected in “[e'rb]48” and said that modern occurs, you appears, about operation abducting of soldiers, according to what inform him source third.

Angry Kent the audiences Palestinian with insider of the Intifada capability seizing of soldiers already Israeli wrong income in process of city [raam] in western West Bank where killed, and lowness your in response to Israeli savagery Al-Adwan and brittle his for goals Palestinian and his his frequent assassinations and horrifying for innocent.

The source/agreement