Thursday, June 16, 2005

Jihadi(?) online tv station

Strange place. Tough to translate a lot because it's images or flash. Was able to view a few of the videos. The first one is grusome, the rest aren't hard to watch at all, just people talking.


([aalmjws]) new canal to [fDH] [aalraafDh] religion exposes [aalshye'h] [aalaathnY] [e'shryt]

Signer of the canal on the Internet and canal [aalmjws] on the hesitation coming:

Horizontal 19909 27500 3/4

Vault [saat]

19909 horizon 27500 3/4

Hello [AA] mutes in site of television [aalmjws] almjostv

Canal [aalmjws] canal exposure of debt Shiah [aalaathnY] [e'shryt]


News, our look-out from return him sources that cow pronounced [yaa] Hussein after slaughtered her, and clarity be soft that [e'baaswwh] [aalqSaab] he from male poisonous the Hussein at the slaughtering . Pressure here for cutting watching

News, announced today about despair the all from exit of the Mahdi Mohammed Bin the Hussein