Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Jihadi poll on the likelyhood of AQ being able to strike inside America

I found this thread and the poll results, interesting. All the individual posts to the thread are separated by _________________. I should also note that the thread was started on 6/4/05 and continues to receive comments today.


Result of the questionnaire expanded: Is believes that able organization Al-Qaeda on influential orientation blow for American inside America?

Definitely blessings 40 61.54%
Truimphant blessings 6 9.23%
Possible blessings 13 20.00%
Possible not 1 1.54%
Truimphant not 3 4.62%
Definitely not 2 3.08%

Is believes that able organization Al-Qaeda on influential orientation blow for American inside America?
The participative hope ..............


Yes and blessings and blessings!!
The Islam not Osama limits on Sheikh [wtnDHymt] and remainder his of brothers. So over there a lot of the American muslims and the Arab and from remainder people of the land all which [aastwTnt] this country of the puberty.


Allah hope from to matter raises Muslim and Allah raises banner of the Islam and phylogenesis to the militants reconciles on fragile back this declared empire of the war on Allah and Allah call from to the American people guides and enters him the Islam for that we Allah desire from to the Islam in all place spreads [waanaallh] on everything [qdyr]------------------[aabw] Abdullah


Noticing his: Timing of the referendum in other than in place of him.

The open registration be soft and all from moving and bear and register and consequently can [aalmshaarkh] until from the topics.

Therefore the referendum will not is in in place of him you acquaintance direction of sight wants [aal'axwh] who their with the militants and observes [llms'alh] in correct opinion not in opinion [mTbl] or topics [ll'anDHmh].

Maybe comes from the militants from the topics attacks [waalmrtzqh] [waaljhlh] will and change [bntjyt] the referendum and in next formation [aalntyjh] other than accurate his and other than his his building on direction of zonal sight correct cerebration rushs from and in next is bad impression have fun.

Allah know.

As for about saw me [fhmw] possible orientation of blow and indeed close Allah formation in permission wanted Allah became strong and wander.


[baa] [ltaakyd] and suggest doubt us makes this order [bsre'h]


If why be late? (inquiry and not suspicion not)


{and then [yamkuru] in you who [kafaruwaa] [liyuthbituwka] or [yaqtuluwka] or [yuxrijuwka] [wayamkuruwna] [wayamkuru] Allah and Allah of welfare [aalmaaakiriyna]} [aal'anfaal]30


What America updates for [TaaGwt] [aale'Srkl] day in Iraq [ye'tbrbmthaabt] slap


Organization Al-Qaeda [ysyrbe'yn] Allah
Assaults in hands of Allah and his power

Indeed rule of the jihad today she sharpened him from sharpened universal Allah
Indeed [maayshaahdt] the scientist today from complete change on all the levels so organization important Al-Qaeda he the edge first of traitorous absence the information.

Until the traitorous information burns from interior for that he not [yjru'e'lY] real describing the occurrences so he all thing sees [wlysY] in his hand of thing.
The scientist all him reasonable his and crazy his in exclusion American [laayfhmwn] rule of the jihad modern. Except from according to him Allah.

As for American first comprehending of teaches that the blessed blow coming her chapters ended and did not the execution remains apart from and with that [lysw] thing twish on.

So indeed their appointment of the morning ................................................

O God indeed me ask you testimony in your way please in her meant.


Al-Qaeda distanced [maa] was formed now about beating America and this viewpoint not obligated in her sharp


Definitely blessings in permission Allah


The question here .......... Aquatic the repairer from status like this questionnaire?

Believed that he serves American more of which the muslims serves!

The general crows and American especially lose the million in like this questionnaires ........ We they service present for free and from turning of the nation even though so his direct height for what [aae'Taahm] one of answer!
Saw me to the subject neglects nor the vocalization participates in!


Suffices to say that America the strike from Al-Qaeda waits and works have fun [mlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy] [yyyywn] account


Of course comer in permission Allah in a ratio of 100%, for that he not alternative have fun sooner or later, wish that formation in [wwl] street


Actually ....... ........... therefore not inviter for worry from the referendum


Not necessarily that formation of blow America from interior

So the militants by virtue of Allah and from him started connections from the leaving cut her and day will come not America can to any part from her warm up land and disassembly and collapsing in permission starts her her Allah

So the external defeat of she which afflicted to previous disassembly the union Soviet


All sweet thing in his time [yaa] sweet

Did not the your promises order was so American their eyes opened and became complain in themselves [mw] [bs] [bGyrhm]

Brothers when was American in [Gfwt] invasion needed New York

Plan and execution for what approaches the year and the half

On you the estimate and the account

Secret show and between you nor learning in him sharp

The blow already not formation in self America and grow outside her and from where not [yHtsbwn]

From his refuge comes the caution

To her effect are wills is worldwide and her reason falls in internationalized and governments


Believed difficult and to are to are not in the impossible


From viewpoint, and hope that not formation [tshaau'myt]

That he will not formation there blow for America in the current time, and the blow grow will be we be soft, and blow not easy, even though our sight to and sign us and our religion prevented with, and for he the people and their negligence [l'astbe'dnaa] blow like that and strike put to sleep formation be soft [bmtht] \ [aabt] the shake tough, and believe that she economic blow, and this what indicates to him preoccupation of the people with the arrows until indeed the some considers this time of the jump second but with after for people about the religion except from uterus Allah.

Nor disguised you that I if look to and fall us befell me feeling that the orders close America in Iraq will control for, and Allah ask that [laaykwn] that,
To returns to the muslims to their religion of real return


[yaa] make brotherly him saw me humble says that he not creates close blow.

Not for that the militants not can, or for that them not America want beating.

To worldwide status the militants of Alan in opinions are not makes us blessing of strike wait their.

America frequent defeats on hands of the militants in Iraq and Afghanistan justify their on that them the their terrorists on border of describing to Iraq for judiciary persuade on them.

This thought because of their ignorance (and to Alan) in nature of the militants and their belief and defended them for continuation.

From last side see that the militants the flow to Iraq continue in (and he duty on us all us) and defeat of America in Iraq and Islamic erecting the regime be occupied in there (and this hoped all).

To are important at American that them occupy us about their beating in injuring their of bitter house other.

Verbal meaning that the militants not (exudative your on them) from American and walk just as American plans for they.

To verbal meaning of he are that for militants strategic goals and for their shelter not the spike and the means be new which their ability from her investigation.

Battle Iraq (and noticed that she battle and war not on little in the ratio be soft) she the battle [aalmhmh] Alan in harpooned with American, and to are is be necessary that formation important??

Is be necessary on us to rebuff them hit us in our houses and houses his leave their of security and qualified her [aamnwn].??

Allah said messenger: What people of cat in injuring their invaded of house not to [dhlwaa].


Not says me your one except fry him.

Meaning not that that I intend that the militants [aadhlt].
Muaad Allah.

If were [aadhlt], so wail what??
The Arabic apostates from the rulers what?
The liberals and the left-wingers [waalaamrwmslmyn] what?

Not yet their [aalaae'zt].
[aasaal] Allah that they intentional his are greens: [aadhlt] on insured [aae'zt] on disbelieving…

To are intend that the general muslims the defense will be compelled to and the attack not. The defender de not for his trick other than the pushing. Either the attacker and that was defeated so that he if withdrew to remaining food guard in his even though explore to the bitter attack returned other no matter where wants.

Just as occurrence with the Russians and Serbia.
Our invasion in Afghanistan and the skewers and Bosnia.

Withdrew from this countries after defeat big his for they.
For their shelter the hatred in the skewers and general Kosovo returned 99, isn't it likewise??

Until American.
Somalia came in then came bitter other in Afghanistan and Iraq.
This way and this way.

Speech of day have mercy Allah said:
As long as for debt of the power on disbelieving beating before our invasion so did not the wait until [y'atwaa] to our countries so be compelled for deadly their in her.

Kent this his belief in his jihad since termination of the war first to beginning of the war second which Daghestan appeared in.

Big our problems she the stoppage about beating America in America be soft.
Know that the pressure on us many and to the serious work and the suitable plan and the available money are in the safeties fulfills.

Last point.

Mao Tse Tong said:
Jog of the strength angered your and to are not [tthr] his craziness, so in his anger lack the faithful concentration his of craziness concentration of the anger.

(angry as man of act what get angry him so not can to returns on you in solver of the anger, either crazy transient angered him lost kills you, this intention)

From said that beating of disastrous America blow will report us like beating her in nuclear and biological (and he potential with many availability the money only in permission Allah).
America for [maa] invasion New York and Washington of act hit in [maa] the Afghans as revenge their did in of blessing more than that them their defeat want.
We builder of state in Iraq want, if strike of America in replicates this strength new people the state hurt so foil before to ceremony of the success end.

That beating her times many his successive even though blows small his like strikes Hamas in Palestine of bondsman in repetition of horror of renewing the one ten from bitter September of other with no airplanes and with no many fees and with no that wonderful photos [l'aSTdaam] flying in the towers.

So if [aarte'b] the mankinds to ordering what and forgot him then occurrence to his methyls love even though in little strength from this before to returned follow him solver of the horror vented first.
Why go far??

For [maa] the eastern stream electrical about New York and the north from America for period of day cut up almost because of failure in generators of the electricity in waterfalls [nyaajraa] on what mention, descent of the people for streets escape not from free and to are targetting frightened from their bitter other in their houses then jar of rumor about security alert inquired for practical terrorist.

Be necessary to invest this horror. Quickly.

America hit impossible not.
In him difficulties and to are from was thinks to America hits in this process and in this strength in Manhattan and the Pentagon??

Every day many smuggling from the Mexican to America is complete, the some seizes on him and the some enters and lives there.

Other than that.

How much from the muslims who states live in not her citizens targets [aaldhaahbyn] to strict America to search or permanent observer.

Increased, in eastern Europe can that forged legalities resulted in to western Europe internationalized then America travels to and blessed operation straightens in your.

Already am the orders levelled more than needed and to are that not intend that not is complete that with no tall coordination or plan or advance arrangement proportional for practical end in peace and success, yet intend that the operation simple if the determinations found as to and the money as to other.

We Iraq fight in, and this duty on us and to America are our big duty of he defeat.

Vietnam military America defeated and psychologically for ages tall to that Iraq ascended on abutments of war afterwards, and this what said him some the Vietnamese:
Not to creates changed from disciplines American. To the Arab and the muslims of illusive strength America in their return defeats in front of her
So wise reply man their of blessing and said:
We disciplined them and half the world their was of opposite, and to are these discipline and the world want their all him with American.
(read her in [krkaatwr] in the Internet)

Vietnamese blessings defeating of America so trip say last about their country.
That for that Vietnam did not harbors not to poor countries of faint economist America from that castle for communists becomes so gradual war in chesty foolishness got involved in their.

To our countries are in her the petroleum and she countries of the Islam turn over, the Islam who took him America jog have fun and when kills someone either to hits him in [raash] or direct in turning his.
Israel fulfilled the area also and belief proper the Protestants the Jew of corroborations support complete and shoving about her more of which shoving about [aabnaay'haa] occasionally in Iraq.

So the demand of losing American their interior confidence in their security. Their coercion on our conditions of the strategy in harpooned with them:
- the military exit from countries the Islam in the occupation or the economist or the cerebrations and lack of imposing of any political siege or gathering or military against [aalmslymn].
- their stoppage about assistant their of brothers in the hamlet from the torture in our brothers of the muslims in all place and on [raas] upright Palestine and Kashmir and the skewers.
- lack of the intervention in Islamic matters the states and especially in our combat for governments the Islamic Arab of the apostate.
- reply of all the prisoners of war Muslim for de their equality in her organizations of the militant or [aalGyr] associated follow her.

That returned returned.

That American works on fronts: Interior and external (Iraq and Afghanistan) will realize be soft this goals definitely, without negligence of one of the fronts on last account touch in.

Phylogenesis Allah to eases investigation be soft this goals.
What that on Allah in Aziz.


Certain indeed able Allah wanted…

In aid Allah your appraized in bitter first [Hyqdr] in bitter second and third after…


Yes and blessings and blessings in me glory permitted Allah his and rose.