Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Jihadis believe it's been a bad day for America

I haven't heard about the hotel attack in Baghdad - I've bolded the part where they talk about it.


Bad day for Americans after destruction fan-shaped in gross Afghanistan and hotel in Baghdad and the losses!!

Bad day for Americans after destruction fan-shaped in gross Afghanistan and hotel in Baghdad and the losses!!
[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

** any her [aal'aHbt] ......... Al-Salam on you and his mercy of Allah and Barakat:

** big Allah ..... gift blowing of the victory for muslims in banners not god except Allah in bad day for Americans in arenas from arenas of the blessed jihad while dissolute your forces students of American helicopter in Afghanistan and Hill all from in her from [aale'lwj] and their equipments (17) [wllh] the Hamad.

You Arabic the American forces in preventing all the canals and the foreigner from photography of event of explosion of hotel in Baghdad rose this today and that because of the gross losses in souls her of soldiers and some the politicians and the diplomats and the informatories. [faalHmdaallh] likewise.

** blessings. [fltste'rr] fires of the militants in faces [aalnSaarY] and refusing and blessing [shaaye'hm] from the tails and traitorous, and the victory our of appointment and he kin in permission Allah.

** the officials in the administration American their statements stumble in while facial paralyzes in Iraq updates their and their grown-up recognized who leads them towards the defeat with difficulty their situation in countries AlRafidayn, you increased on them the official pressures political of the interior from the founders and the organizations and the capacity and the individuals in different the special vitalities and general ...... [whaahm] the militants in Afghanistan [yuthxnwn] surgeon American in other mouth from mouths of the jihad when [jndlwaa] seven ten and perhaps ((more)) From [e'lwj] the hamlet [waalTGyaan]. [faalHmdaallh] praised his magnificence befitted in and ask him extra from the victory in Palestine and Kashmir and as to land Allah straightens on her dirt of jihad in way. Amen.

** great Allah swore in to soldier and his slave of the militants christianize Allah his even though after when, and he bundle and agreement on Allah will reach him when loyal Kent their intentions in him and their combat in his way, [f'abshrwaa] any her the brotherhood and the sisters in the victory [waalsu'dd] and the glory and raise you in the praying then the praying then the praying.

Wednesday: June 29, 2005

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** make brotherly you [ksh] King [m]