Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Journalist in Daghestan killed by jihadi


Daghestan: Islamic group assassinates his journalist for assailing on Allah and his messenger
Wednesday 21 [jmaadY] first 1426[h] – June 29, 2005 [m] latest update 11:10 [m] in timing Mecca

Thinker of the Islam: Islamic collected in republican of journalistic Daghestan her responsibility about killing announced area north of the Caucasus works in; That for his prefecture for devices of the security and for assailing his on Allah and his messenger peace be upon him - you the collected in her said statement.

Group said “the law” in adjacent republican Daghestan for skewers in statement spreading have fun his site “[qfqaas] center”: Indeed her killers journalistic and the writer “[maajwmyd] [zaajyd] [faaryswf]”.

Added alpine: 'in permission Allah rose killed this dreg, [w'adhqnaah] at last bait our of words and bait of the death, and description alpine journalistic killed that he “servant” and accused him of the work with security agency, and the standing in campaign and advertisements against Allah and opposite his of messenger peace be upon him - on pages the papers of the sweetening.

Kent Russian agencies the news mentioned that [faaryswf] killing evening of day already yesterday Tuesday by gunfire outside his happening house in “[mHj] castle” republican capital Daghestan.

Indicates until group “the law” she group Islamic activist in Daghestan, and republican independence about Russian demands in.