Friday, June 24, 2005

Karachi on alert today due to the killing of 2 clerics

You can read parts of the story in english here:

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Situation of warning [qSwY] in Karachi after assassination of dental world debt
Friday 16 [jmaadY] first 1426[h] – June 24, 2005 [m] latest update 7:35 [m] in timing Mecca

Thinker of the Islam: Sources of the police reported Pakistani that city big Karachi cities of Pakistan in situation of warning [qSwY] after unknown killing world of Muslim debt Sunni on hand armed in late time from evening yesterday Thursday.
France Press reported prominent Tareq beautiful leading in the Pakistani police of agency today Friday: “to men attacked [msllHaan] motorcycle Sunni scientists he the mufti old Al-Rahman and Urdu of casualty in his install his car after ['ilqaay'h] religious lessons in mosque in middle Karachi”.
Beautiful Tareq said: Offspring be acquainted with me old Al-Rahman was with him in the car and he guidance calls and surgeon in the incident hit in hit him now in good solver.
Clarified the security source of the Pakistani that proud who executed that armed attack not end unknown the identity and investigations occur to occasions of the incident discovered.
Jamil until forces the police and the forces of military comparable with indicated pose in situation of warning already [qSwY] after the your incident intensification of the measures was complete security in all the sensitive areas in city Karachi.