Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Legitimate statement from the organization in organization Al-Qaeda

Hmmm, interesting posting. The subject line was in english and just said 'read'. The posters handle is 'usa'. The rest of the post itself was in arabic. And it claims to be a 'Legitimate statement from the organization in organization Al-Qaeda" which makes me wonder, is it really?


Legitimate statement from the organization in organization Al-Qaeda/walls our grow our of swords and modified (Tuesday)


[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

Praise be to God who the war made between us and between the disbeliever of contest, and the religious in the opening of favor pertained from him [w'ikraamaaAA], and promise of promise patient on sufferance the enemies of welfare [wmnaalaaAA], and the prayer and the peace on from killer of day [aalfrqaan] combat, and on his family and his befriends who Allah raise afford them in the jihad of steadiness [wnzaalaaAA], and on following to charity to Judgment Day love in [tkrmtII] [w'ifDaalaa].

As for after:

Losing alliance of worshipers of the crucifix and their Muslim monarchs for war in countries AlRafidayn and thought that the state for they and to Allah are for him soldiers [aalsmwaat] and the land so soldiers of the faith rose from unified stationed in the onslaught on blockhouses cruciferous and be young strengthen them and revelation of the anxiety in their rows [wtwhyn] their hearts and wail our youths address so say: [yaa] inseminated the militants, jihad enemies of disbelieving Allah are patient for, and blessing of livelihood from you the testimony so for him Heaven, and blessing peace of losing the rentals won in great and finance you necks cruciferous.

Statement the messenger of peace be upon him mention for what ['aufrd] day of one in nine from the helpers and blame sharp hands except rows of the socializations harbors between his so peace be upon him rebuff messenger Allah ['auly'k] the fewness little from the helpers (from returns them [e'naa] and for him Heaven) muslim, so plunge all them in disbelieving so killed.

So open any her the jinns doors your for meeting guests generous plunged skulls their in tanks cruciferous and killed under straying ['al] () and the bkc belt explosive, so not call upon [aalmnaayaa] in way Allah rose and avoided yourselves for testimony [w'iyaakm] and the foreheads so indeed him [mxdhltUU] in the life and pierce me in the afterlife, said Allah rose (pain [tara] to who [xarajuwaa] from houses their and worry ['auluwfUU] caution the death so said for them Allah [muwtuwaa] then revive them indeed Allah [ladhuw] favor on the people and for you more the people not thank) the cow: 243

The Imam said [aalshnqyTy] have mercy him Allah rose and intentional from this paradigm generous, encouragement insured on deadly in their information in to the escape from the death not rescues, so if knowledge of the mankinds that the escape from the death or the killing not rescues him became easy on him duelist of the centuries and the progress in the field and lead indicated rose that this he wanted his in the paradigm where follow her his greens ([waqaaatiluwaa] in way Allah) the cow: 190 edifice in what indicated to him here in say him (decreased will not benefits you the escape indeed [farartum] from the death or the killing and if will not enjoy except a little) the parties: 16 .[whdhh] bones of paradigm in the encouragement on deadly; For that she appeared that the escape from the killing not rescues from him even though imposing his of rescue so he dead about kin, you said. .[aabn] mother of befriend:

If you met in [njdtII] so not awes you that advance
So indeed the death from [yxshhaa] so his chance wills no matter where
Indeed [ttxTaak] her reasons so indeed short your that defeat

Zuhair said:
Saw [aalmnaayaa] hit [e'shwaa'] from pours were complete him and blessing [txTy'] builds [fyhrm]

Good Abu said:
If did not the death of alternative harbors from so from the resolve to dies cheese maker

To excelled from said:
In the faithful cowardice of the boldness of honored and the one in the cowardice not saves from the amount

[fyaa] worshipers of the crucifixes from American [wyaa] worshipers [aal'awthaan] from refusing disbelieving and on headed them the dear rivulets and enemy (Abu ignorance): Indeed us our heralds ourselves to prevent between you and between your planners [aalkfryt] which Allah dispute rose in her from formulation of the constitution and making of the parliaments [aalshrkyt] she side the legislation so Bush became Roman slave for dog and to annihilate to let down you Allah hands rose on ['awlyaay'h] (and indeed enlisted to love truimphant) so grandsons son of the colocynths crushed for.

['allhm] debt and your book and age grant victory your represent you and your good worshipers of the militants stationed.

The organization of the bill
Organization of Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn

Tuesday 7/from [jmaadY] first 1426 corresponding June 14, 2005

['abwmysrt] Iraqi (the divisions the informations in organization of Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn)

The source: Thinker of the calculation (forums net of the calculation)
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