Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Lunchtime mess hall suicide bomber kills 30

This sucks. How do you stop people who want to die themselves?


Big Allah. .[e'aajl] [yaa] brothers of operation martyr specificity inside camp for army in [be'qwbt]..30 casualty.

Big Allah

So if the lightning overturns on the criminals

There in land AlRafidayn rises roadsign of the unification

Sound of the enlarging
With all cry


Alleged untrue that them success realized in practical their the named of the lightning, to swords of the militants are increased slaughtered and their bullet the criminals and the apostates in all place follows

So after capture the ten from these soldiers the criminals on hands your of brothers of the militants

After many liquidation their of blessing during the operations martyr

After heroic operation Kirkuk and which security employees targeted and governmental and resulted in their death of 30 blessing

After this [aalbshaaraat] and the triumphs

The militants confirms today Wednesday 15/6 that them operation executed specific make sure once again on power your of brothers and on initiated their and their possibilities in the penetration and the penetration

So this today dawn himself pure one of soldiers the Islam inside camp of the follower for army the Iraqi of the criminal, in judiciary Baquba, and that during eating the soldiers of bite of the lunch when their rags the death of knots.

The militant of zonation in the belt and clothing like their clothes. .[wqDY] on them illusion [yaaklwn] other food to love

Kent the result [waalHmdllh] Iraqi killing of 29 soldier according to of the sources security and injury more than four other

Claimed for your brothers
There what the hearts in land freezes AlRafidayn
There from the dust wipes about killed
There from rises and get excited him in horizon this darkness
There from triumphs be soft

The statements and the details [taatykm] subsequent