Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Message from a militant to Al-Zarqawi

Sounds like this militant wants Al-Zarqawi to send some jihadis into Palestine to help fight against Israel.


Message to Sheikh Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi

Message to Sheikh Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

Brothers in Allah our of Sheikh of the darling Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi kept him Allah and frighten him frighten him
Al-Salam on you and mercy of mercy Allah rose and Barakat his Barakat his

How prevented you our Sheikh of the militant??

God call Allah the Ali to keeps you from all abusing and that to christianizes you and from from with you from brotherhood in the belief and that to your antiquities fixs and becomes strong you becomes strong you and defeats mutes fortresses of the enemies defeats disbelieving and supervizes jihad of all the Islam and the conceded muslims supervizes in your. O God faithful.

Brothers and granular granular and [qrt] eyes Abu Musab.

This message and to footsteps of calling from your moved for brothers and [aabnaay'k] in land Rabat Palestine lac transport in her few lines the Ali God that moving of lac across any process and you you in welfare call prevented and in good health in health frighten you Allah and conserving your kept you.

So we in land Rabat in pull not knows her not to Allah rose, and we we in bitter situation not the view disguises about and [llh] the Hamad and [aalmnt] and the casual dress the casual dress on all situation of brothers of the darling, [fhaahm] the their Jew of cursing Allah [ystbyHwn] our land and threaten threaten holy our and kill kill [aabnaay'naa] and extract our trees extract and burn our houses burn and break our mosques break. [haahm] [TwaaGyt] the security and elements of elements of the treason put support them in hands of the Jew which to removed roasted in blood [shhdaay'naa].

[haahy] our parties pants [wraa'ltxrj] in what rises [mbaa] [aalrDY] the crucifixes and race of race of the wind for bright in what initiatives Turks the jihad and throwing surrender the and handshake of handshake of the Jew rises and [TwaaGythm] cursing their Allah.

Brothers valuable Abu Musab

[haahw] the generous Quran Rabat soils in land. [haahw] misread hand soldiers of the hamlet of the Jew in jail soils on diligent and in front of in front of eyes your brothers of the militants arrested.

Brothers prevented and countries of countries AlRafidayn one. So there crucifix and here here Jew. There dirtying and here here dirtying. There [TwaaGyt] security and here here [TwaaGyt] security.
Brothers the militant and you you our of example.

[nstHlfk] in Allah you and as to all the militants that the Muslim armies of the direction stimulate to Rabat please. [nstHlfkm] in Allah in to the Jew hit while believe him their house wounded. [nstHlfkm] in Allah that side of the fewness stand to remaining whereof not [ybGwn] not to sharp Neil [aalHsnyyn]. [nstHlfkm] in Allah that promise the several and gather the determinations towards Jerusalem gather.

So we here our Sheikh of the darling refuse [aalaastkaant] and blame did not terms of the treason get used on and blame did not extracts of the filth absorb and blame did not dress clothe not be soft and blame did not motto promote big than our volume.

Grow we put to sleep say not god not to Allah Mohammed messenger Allah. Will not will not calm down or [nstkyn] not to in liberation of land Muslim from impurity of the socializations

Brothers in Allah

Not teach that your time was aids you for to reads this flaming lines in the eagerness for your reply of the highborn and if if in edge of smile. To are to are if what connected you so teach that land Rabat call you and call the muslims the militants in the pencil and the weapon the weapon and the cerebration of the cerebration and the way of the way and the invitation of the invitation call. Call you and alerts you alerts you for enlarging of the front to Gaza includes Jerusalem and the bank of the bank and Gaza.

For learning to knows [yaa] our Sheikh in to [dmaay'naa] cheap redemption [llh] and for messenger for messenger Allah prayed on him and peace of peace. For learning to teaches that we present all what way possess in [llh] and the religion of the religion and the nation of the nation.
So not deprive us the jihad honored with you we sons land Rabat. Not not deprive us happy delight and joy of any work turning the Jew of cursing punch in their Allah, [lye'y] all conscious in to the extension of the Islams not first and not not last for him and in to in to the army of the Islams one and in to in to the coming crawl towards Jerusalem not shops in ear Al-Rahman

This what calling was from and wait wait what about you from great and honor honor of the traveler

Allah Allah that we night of day for Salama and your health your call your of health and kept you kept you and your care your of care. Revolve you Allah and bundle you your victory and fixed feet and all all the militants fixed your.
O God faithful
Al-Salam Al-Salam on you and his mercy mercy of Allah and Barakat Barakat his
Refuse you

Abu militant Al-Ansari
Please Rabat