Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Message from Palestine to the militants in Arabia

Lots of messages from Palestine today. I wonder what's up?


Message to the militants in island Arabic from Palestine

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

Praise be to God of many the scientists and the prayer and Al-Salam on faithful messenger Allah and after

Any her [aal'aHbaab]: To already [EElmnaa] the circumstances which pass in her in this times crucial [fwaallh] who not god except he [lhyt] the ordeal [waalaabtlaa'] said rose {['afHsbtm] that enter Heaven and for what [y'atkm] like who emptying from before you touched them [aalb'asaa'] and the hound and shake until says the messenger and who believed with them when victory Allah not to indeed victory Allah close} and sleeve you and Allah ['ae'zt] on hearts our because in you the haughtiness and the envy and you befriends the determination and you the men in time the emigration so Allah revolve you any her the heroes, and this messages to you from Palestine land Rabat which deliberated on her family his so and Allah will not liberates her except heroes replicates your and lions from faction your.

[fyaa] liked me in Allah [yaa] lions Al-Jazeera will not and be soft Yousef forget [aale'yry] that Sheikh who suffer what suffer and he Allah strives in way, and connected AbdulAziz dear that blocked who pride of family broke [slwl] and Saud [aale'tyby] who waded and his brothers battle the challenge and the resistance of mouth their determination be soft and what their selves weakened and defense about their killed in way Allah belief and propellent about their religion and their widths so uterus Allah lion Al-Qaeda those ['abaay'y] [fjny'ny] in their idealizations if accumulated us [yaa] lions [aalmjaame'waa].

Indeed shelter forget so not brothers of the prisoners of war in jails forget our [aalTwaaGyt] disassembly Allah rejoice them imprison because their guilt he of the defense about their belief and propellent about accidents Muslim so Allah Dirham and Allah promise any her black in islet Arabic to stay [w'iyaakm] hereunto the path not diffract about him peace be upon him showed path Mohammed.

This advice ['il'aykm] brothers of the faith indeed soldier broke [aalTaaGwt] [waaqtlwhm] where [wjdtmwhm] and worry ran away in from behind them to example are [lGyrhm], and mothers American so break [kbryaay'hm] in island Mohammed peace be upon him [waaqbrwhm] where [wjdtmwhm] and the land of flame under their ignite feet and pillars their shake of leadership trusted liked me that coming victory Allah and to state of the Islam [qaa'mt] and to banner of the punishment will flutter once again and big Allah [wllh] the Hamad and to land quantize blessing from land Rabat [aal'israa'] [waalme'raaj] all peace and the peace on you and his mercy of Allah and Barakat.

Make brotherly you Abu sword of the justice
Holy house