Friday, June 03, 2005

Message to the American Embassy in London


The message which her peace of Sheikh ['abwbSyr] to the embassy American in London

The message dictated which rose in her American delivery to the embassy in London

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

Praise be to God of many the scientists, and the prayer and Al-Salam on ring of the prophets and the senders, and after.

Losing asked me some the brothers of the briefing on the message which her delivery rose in office of the attorney general about the adhering to the American ambassador Al Qaim on works of the embassy American in British. Fall at their desire lost and returned them in spreading her in signers, flag that the message agencies the information and the journalism in end of the demonstration distributed on [waalaae ' tSaam] who the embassy was complete in front of American in date May 20, 2005, and in the languages of Arabic and English, you that the message which [sulmt] for embassy [sulmt] in the languages of Arabic and English.

text of the message

The ambassador Al Qaim on works of the American embassy; Representative the American government in British.

Not doubtfulness that he already [tnaahaa] to your ears what took him mass mediums the about committing your of soldiers and achieved your in jail “[jwaantnaamw]” when generous throwing the Quran in the toilets dared on ['ime ' aanaaAA] in the underestimation and the assault on wives and belief and holy conceded. This abominable verb gruesome you believe what was to presence of the light falls had it not been for green before burning stablemen Washington, except if our persuation wanted in to the administration American in Washington not authority her soldiers have fun on and founded her outside the American lands!

Therefore so indeed this conceded violations flagrant for truths and beliefs which jail collects in “[jwaantnaamw]” and jail “Abu Ghraib” in Iraq, and change her from the jails. Accountability and her results in the American degree first the administration in Washington sustains her, and government George Bush. She damages nor benefits. Nor her consequences insure even though after when.[ldhaa] so indeed us warn that like this gruesome behaviors and irresponsible the pit and the apartment and the hatred increases between legislating the Islams. Between Muslim audiences and their governments not and in yen of the administration American and her oppressive politics towards the Islam and Muslim, more of which she on him now, and expansion of the distance between the people.

Teach that the nations and the states straightens and the justice turns with not the injustice and the oppression; So if [baGat] and wronged and be oppressive and the land become arrogant in [waastkbrt] ended and perished and destroyed important Kent strengthened her and descents in her sufferance of Allah and his revenge in the life before the afterlife, and date of the nations and the [haalk] states from before you all her tell this truth starting, you said rose:(and how much [haalk] our from village [baTirat] [mae ' iyshatahaaa] twisted you neighbor their did not calms from after them except a little and are we [aalwaaarithiyna]. What god your slowness of people was your until her mother sends in [rasuwlaaAA] follows on them our paradigms and what are annihilating my people except and qualified her [DHaaalimuwna]) the stories:58-59. Said rose:(and your hill of people [“aahlaknaaahum] blame [DHalamuwaa] and making our for annihilating their [mawe ' idaaAA]) the cave:59. Said rose:(and if return us that drank you village our of order [mutrafiyhaaa] [fafasaquwaa] in her so enclose on her the statement [fadammarnaaahaaa] [tadmiyraaAA]) [aal ' israa”]:16. So the destruction and the ruin comes always after the injustice and the oppression, [waalTGyaan], and this year from Allah sharpened his character rose in which not fall behind, nor [tuHaaby] someone.

So indeed we said strengthened. Not call upon nor Allah fear revenge. Nor repels us about the oppression and the injustice of thing. You he tongue prevented you who pronounces thereby!

Punching say: Allah strengthen and tough than you. Allah not fights. So not carry you strengthened you on the Izzat in the sin, people said returned blame be oppressive and become arrogant and wronged before what say him you now, you said rose about them: (so as for returned [faaastakbaruwaa] in the land [biGayri] followed [waqaaaluwaa] from tough [minnaaa] strength ['aawalam] see that Allah who their character of he tough than them strength [wakaaanuwaa] in our paradigms [yajHaduwna]) separated: 15.

So not deceive you dumb Allah dreamt, and his patience on you, so Allah rose give time nor neglects. Nor visciousness of Allah except the people guarantees losing, you said rose: (['aafa ' aaminuwaa] visciousness Allah so not visciousness of Allah except the people guarantees [aalxaaasiruwna]) the customs: 99.

After, so indeed flag this who presents so indeed the duty hovers on you. Completeness of the apology. Accounting of the produce. Important their site was. Lack of repetition like this aggressive verbs abominable which [twGr] the chest, and the spite and the grudges between the people increases, [wytwaarthhaa] the generations after.

Representative about the riot [waalaae ' tSaam]:

The informational observatory of the Islamism in London.

Sheikh/Abd the patient Munim Mustafa “Abu foresight [aalTrTwsy]”.

May 20, 2005.

the text of the translator to English

To the U.S Ambassador in the U.K:

No doubt you have learned how your soldiers and interrogators at the camps of Guantanamo Bay have dived even deeper in their excessive underestimation of Muslims faith and sanctities by violating and dishonouring the Noble Qur ' an. Unless it proved otherwise, this kind of degrading behavior, as we believe cannot take place without it being sanctioned and authorized by the power in Washington.

Hence, the power in Washington as well as president George Bush are fully responsible for all actions perpetrated by their officials in Guantanamo Bay, Abu-ghraib prison in Iraq and other places. These irresponsible acts will rather cause harm and widens the gap between Muslims (excluding their governments) on one side, and the American administration with their oppressive policy towards Islam and Muslims on the other side.

Be informed that survival and continuity of nations are based upon justice. Whereas, tyranny, aggression and arrogance will surely lead to destruction as well as punishment of God in this life and the Hereafter. God said: (And how many a city have we destroyed that was insolent in its [way of] living, and those are their dwellings which have not been inhabited after them except briefly. And it is we who were the inheritors. And never would your Lord have destroyed the cities until he had sent to their Mothers [i.e principle city] a Messenger reciting to them our verses. And we would not destroy the cities except while their people were wrongdoers) surah: 28, verse: 58-59.

(And those cities we destroy them when they wronged, and we made for their destruction an appointed time) Surah 18, verse: 59.

(And when we intend to destroy a city, we command its affluent but they defiently disobey therein; so the word [i.e.: deserved decree] comes into effect upon it, and we destroy it with [complete] destruction) Surah 17, verse: 16.

Allah ' s way is that oppression and transgression always lead to destruction.

If you claim that you do not fear Allah ' s revenge because you have more power, we say that Allah is more powerful than you. He cannot be defeated, therefore let not your power deceive you, you have an example in people of Aad [a vanished nation] when Allah said: (As for Aad, they were arrogant upon the earth without right and said: “Who is greater than us strength?” Did they not consider that Allah who created them was greater than them in strength? But they were rejecting our signs) Surah 41, verse: 114.

So do not be deceived by Allah ' s forbearance and do not feel secure from the plan of Allah. Allah said: (Then did they feel secure from the plan of Allah? But no one feels secure from the plan of Allah except the losing people) Surah: 7, verse: 99

Finally, we urge you to apologize sincerely, punish the transgressors and not to allow this kind of action to happen again.

On behalf of the organizers:

Islamic conservatory center in London

Shaykh: Abdul Monem Halimah “Abubaseer Altartousi”