Wednesday, June 01, 2005

More posts indicating that something is coming

This is really long, but if you have the stamina, read it through, slowly. It's important.
There is also another post that appears to go along with this that I'll post next.

I've bolded some interesting pieces below.


((the surprise big)) In speech Sheikh of fathers Musab Al-Zarqawi kept him Allah [the ring first]

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

((the surprise big))

In speech Sheikh of fathers Musab Al-Zarqawi

Kept him Allah

((message from soldier to his prince))

[the ring first]

Praise be to God goats of the Islam in his victory, and degrader of the polytheism in his subjugation, and bank of the matters in his matter, [wmstdrj] disbelieving in his visciousness, who the days of states in his afforded justice, and making of the consequence [llmtqyn] in his casual dress, and the prayer and the peace on from superior Allah his landmark of the Islam in CIF and in acne

So this expanded analysis for speech of prince of organization of Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn ((message from soldier to his prince)) Write him by virtue of Allah and forms in rings first between support you and the second [n'ajlhaa] to when close,
ironing read reactions cruciferous who started the beetles [ynxr] in brown their collapsed fulfilled information [aalmqhwr] defeated, of which their performed in worry to slowness reply the acts, and he order natural and obvious blame [ytlqwh] from the surprise and the shocks of which deprived their bank the leadership alleged and darkened on them the concentration needed for accompaniment what renews from occurrences, and far her was formed the ring the afterlife countenance the plan drawn for enemy, and ask Allah the acceptance nor call in him preservation yet he either correctness or truimphant correctness or opposite him, so blessing found welfare so to praises Allah glory his, and blessing found other than that so the praying be soft in the forgiveness and the mercy from [aaltwwaab] merciful.
Noticed: The patience in the reading and the scrutiny of deliberation hope so speech of Sheikh not Al-Zarqawi [wdlaalaath] of which passes on her [mrr] generous and blessing custom and blessing of custom tasted granted.

((the surprise big))

In speech Sheikh of fathers Musab Al-Zarqawi kept him Allah

[the ring first]

((the current occurrences))

1 - fast movement inside the political surroundings of the Iraqi, and surmounting for difficulties, for the sake of the appearance in front of the scientist in appearance of the state which be opened about her dust of the war and the battle, and crowning was this Iraqi moving in the government; Which world endorsed for that she harmonious compatible between year and sect and as reply! .

2 - administration Bush moves [srye't] steps fast inside medium generally - for addition and they the accomplishment Iraqi in joining to [baaqt] democratic and the changes in societies western Kent control in handful from iron, and other Arabic what ended under the occupation, and democratic she work their the occupant and big worry their and informed knowledge their, and last endorses lying - this regime until harvests Bush and aids his what ['araadwh] their to yields give the impression and imagine - in dollars the branch American - propelling the taxes - so increases influence above influence his in front of the branch defeated on order his - who pays all the price and delicious my searchs about opposite the security and the luxury of course or the puberty American FALSE.

3 - exit Syrian from deporting bricks and termination first to final liquidations of glass of the scientist started! For onslaught on Syria, beginning from demarcation the borders with bricks, will and what create from problems to Turks Hezbollah the rejectors only in the from street political the Lebanese, with no support or designator from Syria, and not in front of him welfares apart from to lie down - as brothers his the brothers refusing in Iraq and to observer and continuation the pressure on the lion for protection the borders with Iraq and as that he not the protector have fun - and what includes him threats - will not intervention in space the execution at least in the kin - and to are is complete use her for coverage Bush in solver incidence any relapse teaches in her blessing their their in interior the American.

4 - states of the allegiance absolute for crusaders as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and Jordan and Egypt - [thlll] for regime Iraqi new, for projection legitimate on him in front of the international global system and visible the people for lightening of solitude of the tension.

5 - the militants of methyls Arabic strikes strong in islet after the last occurrences be exposed to and in special occurrences [aalrrs], and in next this lose them the dominance on Hungarian the orders [waalmbaad't] in the verb not reaction the.

6 Sheikh Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi sound recordings exports not informational surface occupies expanded on the level of the worlds - proportional and American humming the information and his tails about news other than assured about injury of Sheikh Al-Zarqawi during and his horses in Ramadi and the attack on her.

7 - American beginning some the movies from kind the Action in occupation of wipers informational grown-up in publications of the news and last her occurrences and battles Al Qaim - dear her Allah - which did not spectators be new to games role the stock exchanges of for each spit of American soldier in front of lenses of the camera go for.

8- Chest of orientations the informational circles for cruciferous devices the inquiries of the enemy in beginning of spreading raised from all what reports dwarfing role organization Al-Qaeda and marginalizing of the cerebrations which [ytbnaahaa], and say good-bye to him in digit the agent other than the recruited to minds of the admirers from the youths establishes in Arabic and conceded necessity removing of the allegiance [lhkdhaa] organization in this photo from the multiple! Connection of photo reports that organization of Al-Qaeda what he apart from victim game universality his role performed and ended.

9 - the genealogical success for crusaders - on the electronic front informational - in worldwide beating important of forums of the cerebration the jihads on the net; Who idealize at the same time - the informational front consequently the organization.

10 - permission! In analysis the circumstances or the occurrences the nine previous plateau that there Allah glutton American showing the triumph [aalmwhwm] alleged - who lengthened wait on the arena Iraqi especially, with multiple illusions - for information the jihads in front of the information the crucifixes the his west [aalmqhwr] -, so the supporters for organization Al-Qaeda pass in solver from lack the stability with escalation the in directions informational to the diminution and the dwarfing and the reduction from matter role organization Al-Qaeda, and in special after occurrences and battles [aalrs] and detention brothers our refused the gaps Libyan disassembly rejoice him and delicious my he truth not members leading in the organization you alleged [aalmrjfwn] and in reason lack [twaajd] the information the jihads on the screens small which stay over bewitches the million and transformation their self painful and self the north.
The demand of permission!

Strong blow from the heavy rifle the information cruciferous the west draw the attention - despite him [e'nh] and crisp ironing shakes his, and lowness your either in direct strike to grown-up symbolize having heaviness in the struggle, or in strike informational astounding and other than expected nor taken in the according to; Not affectation a lot of the money and self of dangers less!

The result of permission!

Informational blow intelligent [yHykhaa] and knits her conceded brain of monotheist of militant, to is - by virtue of Allah and his pool and his reconciliation in such a manner that the her informative lenses of defecating in chest her of publications and her makes statements and despite her [e'nhaa]

The stage first
((the plan))

1 - the announcing about injury of prince of the organization and not his his consulted deputy or one
[wmqrrbyh] and the goal of the paving for blow informational big in chest the registration of the roadsigns by virtue of Allah rose

2 - chest of the registration sonic afterwards - and detail will come consequently in virtues of the tape informational in permission Allah and the goal: Interested reassuring and the followers and on their head commanders the organization in leadership our of Sheikh Osama bin Laden - kept him Allah - and catalysis of determinations [aalmnksryn] and treatment victims of the hearts whereof de remained for their feeling in meaning of the jihad in way Allah.

You that and strength and fall him by virtue of Allah form of cuff - resonant and on negligence - on face Bush be about to that formation in strengthened her as invasion [jmaadY] the afterlife [invasion September] blessed in permission Allah -.

3 - formed of the registration sonic:
The skillfulness Kent this bitter Abu not in roadsign of Sheikh Musab Al-Zarqawi for selves insured and according to - yet single Kent in the divisions the informations who writing and formulation supervized on this word, comprehending rightly horsemen this strike blessed, and clears up this in her virtues which be about to that [txlw] from the blemishes.

So from the virtues:

['a] - loved cut grain writers in the tears and the blood between soldier his of prince in Allah, and knowledge that this road and this grain of he [maa] sell in him the selves and ulceration in him the wounds and increases in him far pains [wlwe't] the longing, so the love of verses excrete have fun flavor of Heaven and her palaces and shine of the victory and the empowering in the life

For that bone of longing from you grammatical *** so in hearts from the eagerness of fire

Perhaps Allah gathers after showed *** union be soft and get close the shrine

In says [llh] revolve him: surgeons by virtue of Allah - light your as mentioned the informational brotherhood in the department and here complete giving the credibility for vow was complete the informatory and indented him on the only information cruciferous the west as source and befriended alleged [wwhmwaa] - for news organization of Al-Qaeda in Iraq - yet and to [nql] - for news organization Al-Qaeda in areas of the world according to plan envisioned for drawn.

[j] says not unsealing of muzzle: and your soldiers line - by virtue of Allah - wonderful the photos in the redemption and the sacrifices and the defense about [HyaaD] this debt [waaldhb] about widths conceded in city Al Qaim land [aalnzaal].

Word noticed and your soldiers to the horror in turning enters all hypocritical shade hums that Sheikh Osama became only in the field and what [aaltj'a] to appointment [wmbaaye't] Sheikh Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi except he blame in him and raise him and his group from [tshdhrm] and separation and chaser and pursued - [xsy'waa] and failed and lost -.

[d] - cut the General the crucifixes [haalk] drinker the wine added soul [wmtnffsaa] for speech as a whole, and lowness your in comparator her and binds in happening and sincere date the Islam and Muslim and battles and invasion - because of refused ignorance - and which will penetrate walls the magic the informations - [aalmwhwm] - practiced on all muslim and Muslim in order to forget days the Islam first, and this penetration plants hope and glimmers from countenance the victory for any listener this feeling alternatives his and perception for Islam his, hit him bewitched and dressing dressing and heart for truths [wtGryr], so annulled this story by virtue of Allah - magic the information, yet and for opens not exaggerate indeed said indeed her - someday - will study the story for their infancies our [k'anmwdhj] measurements from the era modern who not differs in him directed the hamlet ugly about era the prophecy.

Him - and says [llh] revolve him: and truthfulness already book accompanied the familial war of the second and he from ancients the American warriors in Vietnam when said indeed America the blood delivered in and the blood nursed [w'athxnt] the blood [wte'mlqt] on the blood and to wills the blood sinks in and for indeed was [yaa] our Sheikh umbilical cord of dog already my son yellowish Bush capture our brothers of Libyan Abu vulva so to lead [saa'h] [maa] soldiers in Al Qaim prevent in his and remaining my AlRafidayn please.

Fulfilled this words of cuff to [mnaafqY] Arabic who think that the militants of ignorants not [yfqhwn] except load of the weapon and terrorism from colors them, so this cruciferous martyrdom from book American of veteran [yxsf] in mother their of heads to deep depths of the clay.

and says not unsealing of muzzle: our prince of the darling.
Indeed the enemy in reconciliation Allah walks you drew for him, and that we - by virtue of Allah - be about to to the angina master on him, and indeed the plan walked - in matter Allah - you promise have fun, so indeed her results will appear for each this eyes in [maa] all muslim eased [wysw'] all disbeliever and hypocritical and indeed me to calculate that the plan drawn connected you or in her road to you.

Peace be upon him said messenger Allah while be true about him:

victory in the horror propellent month

Nor his wounds increase on - [fdaah] qualified and our moneys - [f'anY] be soft that!

[fhaahm] grandsons Companions of the Prophet Mohammed [w'axlaay'hm] in the jihad, Allah execute matters of messenger - peace be upon him - political in the letter the one, so not the jog removal appraizes this sentence nor be possible him that [yfqh] [me'naahaa] nor be possible him the reduction or the underestimation in what behind her and indeed tomorrow for his close observer.

[z] said [llh] revolve him: and had it not been for what presented him and presents him the rejectors grandsons of son of the colocynths and on their head Imam of the hamlet and the atheism Al-Sistani, to situation was my son the yellow other than what the nation sees today, and this what represent him on him Thomas American Fredman the writer in newspaper New York Times! .

[wlyxs'a] hypocritical talking [waalmrjfwn] spiteful who the militants of the living in last planet accuse, and mothers of the rejectors [aalkfrt] deserted; So not role from statements their indicate on their of friend and loved their Fredman! , and to white befriends the turbans become quiet who what ended grandsons son of the colocynths of security and safety and reign and peace hope from, and to teach put to sleep them their partners in self of the role who reminded him Thomas Fredman.

[H] - American statement of the General Mayors and the officer puts [aalsaame'] in truths from mouths [aalmnhzmyn] who say this, and think that we will not introduce, so determinations in their rises our wounds who all direction and direction their of spiteful information the crucifixes contradicts [waalmrjf] and untrue.

[T] - except [nql] statement [haalk] magnificence Al-Talibani in the end was wonderful [maa] mentioned in end the message from occurrences, and mentions us this in photo man attend present so enwrap her parallelled her and what remained on him apart from accuracy the lock on adornment her so not break up nor presents and continues in splendor her, [fqwlt] Al-Talibani makes the listener - ['ayaa] Kent separated him - puts Al-Talibani on head faction the occupation and indeed all what reminds in the information from that occupation Iraq was the way only to raising injustice [aalSdaamyyn] about the branch what he pure slander [fhaahw] that gold Baathist disbeliever deserted, to comes the occupation in agent clarified hamlet and fathers defection and apparent so neighbored.

Me - O God Osama executed expedition ......

Magnificence of the likening; Be about to that explosion hearts the supporters [lqaay'dmsyrtnaa] and crown the pottery above heads Sheikh Osama and befriends from the happiness and happy, losing came the likening to melts bitterness the hearts from fewness the Nasser and designating and lateness the empowering, and in hive for each insured truthful for steadiness on the path, valium not deep-black than day refused virgin bruises Allah about him, so day father first combats [mtwaalyaan] in the sides and the north, and fewness in the several and the equipment and the men, as for today so the Islam on Bekaa the land spread and the victory [fY] addition [mDTrd], and the men became several and equipment, and for that so indeed expedition Osama victorious not impossible whoever the triumph whether was as befriends the furrow and he the winning big, or that victory our known and he the opening shown.
In the end

The opening paradigms for tape gave what follows her horrible credibility [whY] opening from Allah on the brotherhood in the divisions of the informations Allah perpetuated opened him and his assistance

The virtues ended… as for the blemishes or [aalrzaayaa]

So she summarizes in words

The Kamal [llh] - unify him not partner for him -
The stage second of the plan

Come you in her - in permission Allah - after when close and that indeed Allah was fate already and kept in our ages of remainder
Waited in her

Countenance of the plan drawn for enemy
the expected blow doubled

His books
Sword of the religion [aalknaany]
Sword of the Islam rich

Allah pardon about them and transgression in his favor and from him and honored him