Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Night of the bloody wedding

At first I was thinking the reference to wedding was in regards to martyrdom, which was why I first translated the post in the first place. Instead it appears to be a story of a wedding in Palestine that didn't happen because the groom was "martyred" by the Israeli police before he could wed. Interesting human story in general.



Night of wedding bloody.
[[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]
The prayer and Al-Salam on honorable the prophets and the senders Mohammed reigned and on his family and accompanied him ['ajme'yn]

Night of wedding bloody.

Many ceremonies of the weddings in districts Palestine, what good her smell, and more her lovers, the all joy of the groom rejoices for, while [tuzf] his bride to him, the women [tzGrd], and the men of well-wisher, and the children have fun and play, in support them the games, and their clothes [tzhw] in her different colors.

To the Palestinian wedding are any wedding not as, if attended him greedy smell smelled, and any grabbing not be new him in world of the life, so plenty from Companions of the Prophet Mohammed – Ridwane Allah [e'lyhm]-[shmwaa] smell Heaven illusion in the life, and what their class about her except a few [tmyraat] [frmwhaa] from the hand, and advance produce of the Naim separated to.

Our groom of truth [zff] for his bride, and he wears [bdlt] his brides, and good smell his clothes exude an odor from, yet from materialize him, was tall the body tan [aalbshrt], not the smile his leaves of lips, whenever met someone shake hands him and peace on him, and as to hand his seizes on of friend so not leaves her until initiate last cut off you his hand, indeed him support of night, [Swwaam] days of Monday and the Thursday, calm the printing not [ynfe'l], broken the sight to the land, not [yTysh] for him self observed painful and self of the north, asked about that. Why you this way? So said: The shyness of branch from the faith.

If vinegar himself the audible Quran in roadsign read, if the other mingled movement his sees of lips, thought him some the people that he thrill in his suffers from lips, and when laughter asked and said: Natural situation. So insisted on him some the brothers [dhaat] [mrt], so said: The counted ages minutes, so what elapsed will not returns, and on us exploitation of the time who ask about him tomorrow, as for insisting your on the answer why this thrill on your lips so say: – praise be to God what hour passed on except and I with book Allah rose, or in praising or [thlyl], so not field for devil call to memories enters, and if [xlwtu] myself roadsigns in reading of book raised Allah rose.

This way lives not creates in her the void who calls him the people, nor the boredom who get sick them, nor the mental wandering who loses them.
This he groom accompanied this night. Came to his bride enters on, and if in forces of the occupation the house storms, research about demand of untrue result rhetoric, and the spiteful notifier man envious, wants to family the groom of torment in their signs in selves, and pain in their hearts, and happy making their grouch.

The soldiers of the fire to horrifying of the people released, and their fixation in their places until not one their blessing of the place leaves to the arrest on the demand is complete.
Kent beginning dances of the groom, then pit of the bullet first, so turning penetrated his and the second in his neck, as for third so in the head, so love the groom of land exude an odor from him the grabbing, the red blood keep me, and the greedy smell smell not the life of methyl have fun in, and roadsign of the mother rushed - to the patience at the shock are first - said: Indeed me ['azGrd] to love, already [zuff] in this night of weddings for brides two, and followed on him receive him, and he as the rose [ytthnY] between her hands, the people not tell the truth, ['ahy] [zGaaryd] happiness of wedding!! Mother that the mother hit her nervous collapse so became not distinctiveness between the wedding and the wedding! People said for: Hear. Indeed Allah chose him for his wife from the marked contrast between white and black of the eye before enters on mated him from the humans, not think that I [junnt], yet I in complete strengthen me intellectual, blessed for me. Blessed for me. What Allah improve choice, and what generous his blessings, wanted him groom in the life, and explore him Allah groom in the other, [mbrwk] [yaa] children. [mbrwk] [yaa] children, [yaa] befriend of the weddings, you build and I your mother, [mbrwk] [mbrwk] [yaa] children. The tears followed from assign her and took received him and the people say have fun: Sufficed sufficed, and she says: Not to mother be true for to her child say good-bye to!! So she his joy rejoices for, [de'wny] children of kisses be full before receive him his expected wives, first her she wear changed her white, and entering waits his on her. The second also in his wait, and to are not [nraahaa].

The people took cry, and the wedding to sadness overturned, and as for the bride which the wait were in, descent and gift for her husband, so look to him and said spoke her famous: Were for me today, and but you wife on, so became to change, [wzufft] have fun and left me, O God accumulate me with him tomorrow, nor separation between us [yaa] many the worlds.

[e'aath] soldiers of the occupation in invited torture, [wfttshwaa] the place, then leaving withdrew behind them martyr [ytlTTx] in his blood, and the people stay over in [hrj] and pasture, so the his mother and the father on entering on his bride of the night before tomorrow insisted, and said: Not leave [mHmdaaAA] without bride this night, measure the burial of the night before tomorrow hurried in, and fast [maa] request executed [aal'abwyn], and burial the groom of the martyr.
As for you any her the bride, what worn your silent and jungle not withdraws to you eye, and what was from her except stand and said: [de'wny] my clothes envy then ['arje'wny] to families until Allah wants that ['auzaff] like this wedding who [zuff] in him marital to mated him.
The morning fulfilled returning of the bride to house her was of family, and the joys lasted yet the condolences for your hill of the house in that camp of three days, and the people [yue'zzwn], and the all blesses. Narrative of the month was (the groom of the martyr. The martyr of the groom). Praising was complete in Allah

In pencil the professor of Sheikh
Ismael Mohammed quarters
Concentrated chief charitable son falcon of the Islamism/Palestine