Thursday, June 16, 2005

O God witness that you warned them

Just plain freaky


O God witness that you warned them

O God softened you nor [twEExdhnaa] in what verb idiotic blessing…

The sufferance be necessary. .[wwaallh] that the people the sufferance deserved…

Did not man stays in him atom of welfare not to [whdaah] Allah.

The remainder fulfilled in them year of the sufferance ..... [aal'asthzaa']….

The ignorance….[aay'dhaa'] the militants ..... the mockery…

Call to prayer so she year Allah in who left from before you ........

[f'antDHrwaa] I with you expected

O God that you knows that we amount tried in could us that marquee of the faith are with (the militants) against marquee of the hamlet (America) [w'awdhynaa] at that [wn'anY] in valuable our about [aalTwaaGyt] sitting and position and corroborations even though in the signal

Marquee of the faith in the tongue supported and in the arrowhead and ask for forgiveness you from our shortening so forgive and have mercy so you benevolent [aalraaHmyn] .............

O God so have mercy us nor your anger makes includes us… [ne'wdhbk] O God from your anger and your punishment

O God that I witness and I Abd your despicable small that the sufferance be necessary nor delays him not to you in your wisdom and have mercy you

Glory suggest doubt you many the Izzat about what describe and peace on the senders and the praising [llh] many the worlds