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Organization of Al-Queda in Iraq

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Organization of Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn


Statement from the organization of the bill for organization Al-Qaeda


((battle of the parties once again))

Praise be to God Nasser the militants [whaazm] cruciferous and deserted [wjaae ' l] the glory in penetration of fortresses disbelieving and the prayer and the peace on from tuberculosis his sword to beating of necks of the socializations and on inexperienced god and his befriends [aalmyaamyn] and blessing followed them in charity to Judgment Day.

As for after:

Transient year Allah rose current in victory ['awlyaay ' h] the militants and stationed in mouths conceded so glory said his (and to Allah christianize from christianizes him indeed Allah to Aziz strengthened) the pilgrimage: 40

Her she parties disbelieving habituation once again released her Saidoune [aaldlymy] propellent minister of government of the rivulets deserted especially and refusing alliance and their Imam with the refrainment lead the crucifixes see American to fighting family of Sunnis and their eradication [w ' anY] to love that.

Required this occurrence to brothers the militants of the heroes of words line for our assigns us [w ' iyaahm] on duelist of jogs Allah and fighter their who [tHzbwaa] all overburden brown compact who word family of Sunnis accumulates; Therefore our youths entrust in what comes:

Firstly/the boldness…. The boldness:

Any her the militants indeed the boldness on the death in way Allah he the empowering in the land caused [wlaayqaam] debt Allah penetration his family of disbelieving fortresses rose except in [waalaane ' maas] inside their rows and her explosion [wthshymhaa] and this he the hostels honorable who his praise many the glory his of greens (and [mn] the people from [yashriy] himself wanting [marDaaati] lenient Allah and Allah in the worshipers) the cow: 207…

Will not return succession the Islam except in the steadiness and the penetration and the boldness so what enabled prophet Allah David peace be upon him except after old himself on [aalmnaayaa] and killing in hand his [jaalwt] said rose (and killed Daoud [jaaaluwta] [waEEtaaahu] Allah the owners and the wisdom and knowledge his of which wants and had it not been for pushing Allah the people some them in some [llafasadati] the land and for your Allah having favor on [aale ' aaalamiyna]) the cow: 251.

So this fruit of the boldness and the penetration on [aalmnaayaa] (the succession and the wisdom and the flag of the skippers) as for in first Heaven so family the steadiness in the row laughs to them many the land [waalsmwaat] and lead reported thereby truthful [aalmSdwq] peace be upon him (generous the martyrs who the row fight in first so not their faces turn until kill those [ytlbTwn] in in the middle of Heaven laughs to them suggest doubt you so if laughter suggest doubt you to Abd in home so not account on him)

As for the flinch and the cowardice so he all defeat and calamity and dishonor caused and lagging of people about victory of debt already Allah peace be upon him were with Moussa and put them to the steadiness [waalmSaabrt] and the incomes on doors [aaljbaabrt] and killing their and hit them review so humble their Allah rose and punish them in the labryrinth of four year in the land be soft these not the glory so the [fsq] their of slogan and the foreheads deserve folded them where said (indeed in her people strong….)

[fne ' wdh] in Allah from the marked contrast between white and black after the districts so to arrogance destroys American and cruciferous [bnHwrkm] insured and your loyal bullet and your explosive belts nor sleep except and spattered under and sovereign your and the bomb in your hands said rose (and take warned you indeed Allah promise [lilkaaafiriyna] [e ' adhaaabaaAA] Maha our) the women: 102
So not Allah surrender for enemies never and what this wide plan which declared in her the government [aalje ' fryt] deserted except for plucking out family your of Sunnis brothers in fathers did in our strange where their houses stormed and penetrate killing penetrated in their and the representation in worry so not road except road of the jihad in way be soft Allah rose so to slept [l ' ie ' laa '] word suggest doubt.

Secondly/the awe ...... the awe:

Indeed awe Allah became strong and reason of the triumph and secret of the boldness on the disbeliever and endurance of dangers of the boldness be exalted and suits the soul in his way of perceptive of truthfulness of lover already making Allah Allah became strong and be exalted for that Allah rose says ([yaaa] any her who believed from withdraws from you about his religion so wills Allah in people comes likes them and like him ['aadhillatII] on [aalmuu ' miniyna] ['aae ' izzatII] on the disbeliever of yen strive so me way Allah and not fear [lawmata] [lEEy ' imII]) the table: 54

Sheikh the Islam of son said [tymyt] have mercy him Allah ((and making lead to peace be upon him and the jihad in his qualify his lover marks of observance of messenger Allah way ((.

Indeed the militant who Allah fears that brave hero who his weapon carries and the disbeliever as onslaught revokes on blocked on the prey so the fear from Allah of he [aalfrqaan] clear between brave fixed and in oscillating yen hypocritical.
Sheikh of the Islam said (and will not the man fears other than Allah his sickness rose except for in turning). Imposing already Allah his worshipers rose on not to party of the devil fear ((lowness grow your the devil [yuxawwifu] his custodians so not [taxaaafuwhum] [waxaaafuwni] indeed were [mmuu ' miniyna])) Family of ages: 175

Violence of innocence said in ((not to fight resisted [nnakathuwaa] their rights and taking out of the messenger love in and love [badau ' uwkum] first once ['aataxshawnahum] so Allah be true that [taxshawhu] indeed were [mmuu ' uminiyna])) The repentance: 13

So the awe from Allah of she the propellent on fighter disbelieving and lack the fear their of blessing even though [jraar] armies and crowds were [mdraart] and to killer the messenger of disbelieving peace be upon him armies lead which excellence army his were of befriends numbered and several.

Indeed the boldness on [aalmnaayaa] in way Allah rose not presents magnificent nor delays him said rose (decreased be soft benefits you the escape indeed [farartum] from the death or the killing and if have fun enjoy except a little) the parties

: 16 so if the matter was likewise so to the jihad present on so either victory or testimony.
Thirdly/the loyalty…. The loyalty:

Indeed the truthfulness and the loyalty [llh] you bones reasons of military disassembly the siege for parties the hamlet of the scientists be necessary from mentioned in say him (then [jaaau'uwkum] from above you and [mn] under from you and then [zaaaGat] the visions and in language [aalquluwbu] [aalHanaaajira] and Allah think in [aalDHDHunuwnaaa]) the parties: 10

That strength of the loyalty [llh] and the faith in Allah of she cure this tough weakness and the siege [aalmdyd] said rose (and for what saw [aalmuu'minuwna] the parties [qaaaluwaa] this what promised us Allah and his messenger and Allah and his tell the truth messenger and what increased them except ['iiymaaanaaAA] [watasliymaaAA]) the parties: 22

Disassemblies from fruits that loyalty what mentioned him Allah his greens ((and reply Allah who [kafaruwaa] in their field did not [yanaaaluwaa] [xayraaAA] and Allah sufficed [aalmuu'miniyna] deadly and as to Allah [qawiyyaaAA] [e'aziyzaaAA])) The parties: 25

This who grant victory in him Allah was rose sent [lnjdthm] the angels and the wind for magnificent his)) [yaaa] any her who believed Allah mention blessing on you then [jaaa'tkum] [junuwdUU] so send us on them [riyHaaAA] [wajunuwdaaAA] blame [tarawhaaa] and as to Allah in what work [baSiyraaAA]))

The parties: 9

Indeed from results the loyalty of he defeated and victory from he blessing strengthen several and number; Therefore for [maa] knew be exalted and your family rose from transaction of the Ridwane of the loyalty be necessary the tranquility in their lower hearts advent kept glimpsed and the hearts shakes and from then [aal'ithaabt] in the close opening.

Sheikh of the Islam said have mercy him Allah (making Allah rose for who strove in him [hdaayt] all his ways).

Consequently the Imam of son said blessed and son [Hnbl] and change them:If the people in thing differed so look what on him the mouths qualified so indeed the truth with them said rose (and who [jaaahaduwaa] in us [lanahdiyannahum] our spike and indeed Allah shines [aalmuHsiniyna]) the spider: 69

Allah prayed rose on represent us Mohammed and on his family and accompanied him and peace.

The legitimate organization for organization of Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn

Monday 29 from last spring 1426 corresponding June 6, 2005

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