Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Rocket attack in Fallujah kills 15 soldiers

unconfirmed of course.


Big Allah. Wednesday 15 [jmaadY] first 1426 [h]. American killing and death 15 soldier. [kbrwaaaaaaaa]
Thinker of the Islam [special]:

Elements of the resistance raided Iraqi evening today rocket Wednesday attacks on eastern doorkeeper Fallujah where forces of the occupation evaluates there headquarter have fun and barracks military since last termination the battle.

Clarified correspondent pondered the Islam in Fallujah that he at the hour sixth local evening in the timing for city, tumble four missiles of mortar from rifle 82 acquainted on that military barracks, what demise and injury resulted in 15 American soldiers, according to what Iraqi spokesman of the army of the designating before the occupation reported.

Male Hussein Jasim from leadership [maa] forces conserving of the regime met in that 15 American soldiers casualty and victim at that the attack fell between, assured that losses the American army of the materialism Kent three carriages dammar poured thoroughly, generative addition to destruction of giant to increased that barracks in the electricity.

To that, correspondent until helicopters of the occupation of ring above the area indicated our which the bombing witnessed densely, research about executors of the attack except that she did not trip on thing.