Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Russian soldiers killed in Chechnya conflict


Killing 10 Russian soldiers in separate attacks for resistance the Chechnian
Wednesday 15 [jmaadY] first 1426[h] - June 22, 2005 [m] latest update 6:17 [m] in timing Mecca

Thinker of the Islam: Ten supporting soldiers Russian and seven Chechnians for separate Moscow their demise in attacks for resistance found the Chechnian along the days last.

About details this attacks of male signed [qfqaas] center resistant footsteps about source in leadership that collected from men resistant military convoy of Russian in area attacked “['atwm] [kaaly]” day Monday the pasts [the twenty from June], and lead battle in the weapons broke out spattered after the attack destruction resulted in motor military, and killing and injury of number of the soldiers Russian did not manages resistant from acquaintance their of number in ambidextrous, except indeed number of the casualties not four Russian soldiers decreases about.

Evening fulfilled today his self [day Monday] area witnessed “[fydynw]” battle in the weapons spattered, where amaurosis of team from resistant for periodic Russian what Russian killing three soldiers and injury of seven other performed to at least.

On connected level the Chechyen resistance of rocket attacks on rules of the occupation in the Chechyen capital raided number in the days reached her last 18 attack what supporting killing three soldiers Russian and one of of elements the forces of the Chechnian for Moscow resulted in, you six other hurted.

The context his fulfilled of self six from the forces the supporting Chechnian for separate Moscow in attacks for resistance killed the Chechnian in areas “[shylkwfsk]” and ' maneuvered ' in north of the skewers.