Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Saudi Arabia security forces shot at by jihadis


Big Allah… militant two from forces the security hits and [ylwdh] in the escape of course

Canal Al-Jazeera:

Released armed the fire on forces of the security in north of Riyadh so two their hit blessing and for if for if in the escape.

Hebrew canal:

Riyadh - [aaf] in

Saudi policemen in slight wounds hit this morning Wednesday 1 - 6-2005 in area 210 wound north of Riyadh in bullet distances armed to the escape in car hurted in, on what France Press announced interior the spokesman of ministry of Turkish Mansour for agency.

The spokesman that the car clarified Kent walks quickly and her stirrup rose who did not number in gunshots of the fire on patrol for police determines their so her slight wounds followed in two from individuals the hospital transported to.
Dropping of the incident on the road between Riyadh and fragile. The Turk said that armed so desert area see to adjacent and devices of the security straightens current in the research about them.

Fragile area witnessed which blockhouse for extremists considers the Islamism in insider April/intense April opposite of killing her defects of 15 activist resembles [baantmaay'hm] to organization Al-Qaeda the terrorisms in hands of elements of the security.

Continued this facings from 3 to 5 from April/many April and Kent of violence since the campaign which raided her forces the security of Saudi Arabia against the extremists who may executed since/May 2003 series of assaults westerners targeted valued in the kingdom.

Between the activists [aal]15 who April killed in beginning/Saudi April Saud [aale'tyby] who considers him the authorities leader organization of Al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia and Moroccan generous slave [aalmjaaTy] who resembles that he the rational persons arranged for white agressions Madrid and Casablanca