Thursday, June 09, 2005

Shooting happening in Riyadh right now... least according to the jihadi's. The posts to the thread are separate by ________.

I've also added the timestamp for each post. Please note that it is 12:33 AM according to the clock on the forum.


11:33 PM
Shooting in Riyadh this instants from for de his last news hosts her… fiery hearing exchange in in the middle of Riyadh


12:15 AM
O God the militants on family christianize [slwl] and their tails and their soldiers O God grant victory them and raise you in family [slwl] [aalkfrt] and their tails ask you rightly ['asmaay ' k]

[aalHsnY] [maae ' lmnaa] from her [wmaane ' lm] indeed you [smye '] replying the praying.

12:19 AM

O God the militants christianize [yaarb] the worlds.

12:25 AM

[yaa] many bundle you.

O God christianize this gang from the monotheist.

O God keep them among their hands and from their successor.

[yaa] readers this blessed night [fqwmwhaa] [waabthlwaa] to Allah to the militants grant victory and keeps them