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Something coming part 2 - Osama executed expedition!!!

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Osama executed expedition!!!

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

The militant the angina of Sheikh of fathers said Musab Al-Zarqawi in his last message for his prince Osama refused Abdullah Bin Mohammed Bin Laden - kept them Allah all commanders and soldiers -: O God expedition executed Osama ask Allah rose to keeps you and extends in built you and makes you throats of the runner pronged in and to lac in the testimony and we seals [bntDHaar] your orientations and your matters .....


Expedition executed Osama

The solidity and the tradition of the prominent feature for scientists was, and the ignorance and spreading of the novelties [waalshrkyaat] the feature prominent for swimmer, and the amusement and the engagement in the prominent pleasures the feature for rulers, [waaltrbS] and the onslaught on nation of the Islam of the feature prominent for jogs.

This way Islamic situation the nation in beginning was horned the one ten the abandonments. Shade this situation on what he on him from the deterioration to the decline, [wtkaalb] the jogs on the nation, and fight princes of the succession Turkish until machine to empowering of Jew [aaldwnmt] from keys of the wisdoms in house of the succession.

The succession fell, and tumble with her Islamic fear the nation of the ossicle, and dared ['ae'daay'haa] on her and kept on decrease her from her edges, and the war rose worldwide first, then second, and division jogs of the nation this nation torn and Samoa her family abusing of the sufferance.

Stature of revolutions leads her the scientists [waalde'aat] against the occupation [aalnSraany] for cities Muslim, and to multiple of the faith and the certitude in Allah are, and spread of the novelties [waalshrkyaat], and the disarray intense - which the feature were truimphant on the nation - solver without the empowering for this revolutions [aaljhaadyt].

The jogs saw that he from generous robbery benevolent the hypocritical nation Islamic and her humiliation about road and the agents from sons this nations so the their did on empowering for some chickens who [trbwaa] in countries of the hamlet from who the religion sloughed about, and for guarantee of stay these in little cost, work of the jogs with hypocritical on war of the educations Islamic and conceded plucking of the Islam from hearts.

The enemies succeeded whatever success, and forest of Islamic Law as method for life from general life and special (except remainders of people get lost in that turmoil), and assumption of the agents and ignorant that the spiritual Islam as strength disappeared to other than return.

In this crucial times from Islamic date the nation fiducial bomb exploded nation returned for some considering her and her dignity, and Kent that bomb as that she wrought conceded heads put on [twqDhm] from blank their tall: Your hill she of the Afghan war – the Soviet, or the Afghan jihad first.

Started this Afghan war against the communist of the disbeliever which keys of the governing in Afghanistan dominated on. The spark were first of comprehensive as camels released her brigadier complete the law of Sheikh “lad Mohammed [nyaazy]” Afghan Al-Azhari have mercy him Allah, and fast what fire of the envy on the religion in youths spread comprehensive cable from students of the knowledge of the Islamic laws and the engineers and the physicians and change them, then spread this torch blessed between sons of the branch Afghan conceded leads them group from the worlds and students of the knowledge.

What wonderful the jihad if led him the scientists.

The war in her beginning of Afghan war Afghan were, conceded war the youths against the communist apostates from sons Afghanistan.

Afghanistan took the war in the spreading until uncle all her. Muslim ears of news flowed to this Islamic war which [yre'aahaa] and carries enlarge her Afghan sons the movement Islamic, [ftwaafd] the youths Muslim on shyness to this land the militant her of family.

For what the Soviet state in her interfered forces in [xraasaan], sickness drill of the horse voted in radiant the his scientist of the Islams and Maghreb [waantfDH] conceded her fire lights and hearts the enthusiasm of inviter of the jihad enkindles in their and renewed went him Sheikh the jurist of the militant “Abdullah [e'zaam]” have mercy him Allah and his acceptance in the martyrs.

Battalions of the unification rushed not object twish on, and lovers the poplar sons of befriends of the messenger of peace be upon him flew to [xraasaan] [lnjdt] their brothers, and opening for youths of the nation of door from doors Heaven [fthaaftwaa] on him from all hunchbacks and greenhouses.

For [maa] family of the jihad from the helpers in Afghanistan increased, stopping some [aale'qlaa'] from sons the wakefulness of stand of contemplation and kept on observe to suspensive from distances several. Indeed her historic opportunity. Islamic juice the wakefulness. Youths slavery of all appetite be liberated from [wTaaGwt] and spot gather in one Basem the jihad. Youths the fear defeated, yet the life defeated.

In this swift instants from date of the nation, stopping these [aale'qlaa'] their sights glance in to radiant and the Maghreb so if in the nation Islamic torn and defeated on her order.
Why not exploit this situation!!
Why not organize these men, in this time, fulfilled this insulated spot about the world to forms this organization of kernel for project of jihads the Islamic nation liberates and returns her past have fun [aaltlyd]!!
Why not formation seated Afghanistan for practice youths of the nation and their education of education [jhaadyt] scientific fiducial!!

Prime youths of the nation, ['auxtyr] from them their prime, so as you rule Islamic Jihad in leadership lion from lions of the Islam, yet “lion of the Islam” in his time: Sheikh Osama Bin Laden.

If our sight to situation of the Islamic nation in the centuries the three last and compared her in solver of the nation before the delegation so indeed us strange correspondence of house of the periods upholstered: Polytheism, and novelties, [wxraafaat], and decaying, and injustice, and enslavement.

Internationalized [e'DHmY] (horseman and Roman – British and frenchify and America and Russian and the mongooses), contempt for life humanitarian (and in special the Arabic type between the nations).

Islamic delegation the wakefulness to educations spreads this great religion between the human being, and expedition the prophet of peace be upon him in islet Arabic to burden of notification carries sons Al-Jazeera this [aalrsaal] great for people all.

The Islamic wakefulness tepidness after termination of the Afghan jihad and fight of the factions hit Afghan, you Allah hit Companions of the Prophet Mohammed Ridwane on them some the tepidness (the timed) after death the prophet of peace be upon him, and to Companions of the Prophet Mohammed are was in them examples ['abwbkr] who will kept represent us peace be upon him, that will which kept for this nation feared her and her standing between the nations:

So in age early - did not transgression the twenty - matter of messenger Allah Osama Bin army increased on, between his individuals and his soldiers of first Abu and age.!!

Navel of hum between the muslims their increase of the order estranged from, [waastkthrwaa] on the young boy, Osama Bin increased, Emirate of army in him Sheikh of the helpers and as faithful emigrant.

Whispering reached their messenger Allah peace be upon him, so height of the forum, and praising Allah and double on him, then said:

“that some the people Osama stab in Emirate Bin increased. To Emirate his stabbed in of fathers before. That Abu was his [lxlyqaa] for Emirate. Indeed Osama [lxlyq] have fun. That he for who loved the people to after his fathers. Indeed me to hope that is from good your. [faastwSwaa] in him benevolent”.

Peace be upon him died messenger Allah before the army to his moves purpose and but he was Turks his will of the [Hkym] for his already befriends: “Osama executed expedition. Osama executed expedition.” (men around the messenger \ immortal immortal Mohammed).

In afford vision sharp, and in determination [aalSddyqyn], and in determination insured certain in promise many the scientists, matter successor messenger Allah peace be upon him army Osama in the dependence on Allah and invasion the strength [aale'DHmY] western (Roman) in injuring house her striking in accident the wall speech who did not distances this delegation prophetic and frightening their for him in the jogs surrounding in house the Islam, disassemblies that truthfulness Allah the friend, so planting the horror in hearts jogs the religion – close from them and far – until returned army Osama and lead scared the crows and deserted, so as you triumphs armies the faith afterwards follows leads her sword Allah fathers sound immortal Bin new and brothers his from befriends messenger Allah peace be upon him.

Observe to this strange correspondence between that period and happening our who live him:
For [maa] the tepidness be about to who the wakefulness hit definite death converts to, glory executed Allah his and rose – on pot from him – army Osama once again to the horror in hearts jogs of Allah from the disbeliever and the hypocrites plants, and the hope in hearts broadcasts insured.
Allegation discouraging (nor similarity between these hypocrites and between befriends messenger of many the scientists) that this ball will be and the Islamic nation pay attention on, and said some them that these militants from lowliness of the age nor leadership of the nation repair for.

To were they say for:

“that some the people Osama stab in Emirate. To Emirate stabbed in changed him from the youths conceded before. That were [lxlyqyn] for Emirate. Indeed Osama [lxlyq] have fun. That he for who loved the people to the nation in this time. [w'inaa] [lnrjwaa] that is from good this nation.”

To already first Osama of supported before state and government was leads her the friend in ministry so clarify, and second Osama aided him insured Allah in government Islamic in leadership of men (calculate them likewise and noble Allah their) leads them man of beating for world methyls in the loyalty and faithful conserving the neighborhood of the courage and turned me for the sake of victory this religion.

To Kent already the friend assigned the strength glances [aale'DHmY] eastern representing in the Persians, and the strength [aale'DHmY] western representing in Roman, and to are my son patient his from hypocritical fast what the debt withdrew about [w'ashGlwh] some the time about the devoting for deadly worldwide strength the hamlet, disassemblies in sword of sword Allah cure for headache these miserables, so their religion returned to [qaane'yn].

For how much played these dimwits from the hypocrites and the apostates in present and Islamic future the nation, and how much projects disable from [jhaadyt] educational, and not for these medicine successful nor generous than swords Allah removes all and beetle for devil or doubtfulness and doubt in their hearts towards this great religion.

Indeed rule of the jihad today fortress of clays not trains in him group from the men on some the weapons Haditha.
Indeed her worldwide rule, educational rule, spiritual rule.
Indeed her project of nation.
She gulf rule not or Arabic [mwtwr] her befriends or defeated on their order not be new to shelter or refuge love.
She restricted rule in mountains not Afghanistan her liberation requests.
Indeed her Islamic rule of universality.
Indeed her integral point of beginning for civilized departure project.
Indeed her rule ores the males for leading of men imports their carry them their celestial empowering the straightness in the land.

Indeed role seated the jihad of he in his self peace be upon him of day that expedition of the friend in insured battalions for invasion of the states turned city of messenger Allah [aale'DHmY] and liberation of the mankinds from slavery of the mankinds and blessing wronged him and neighbored him, his liberation from illusion [aaldwnyt] to life clammy yet the favoritism.
His liberation from the strength proficient the authoritarian on the necks to the free mankinds forms in himself fulfilled financed him his debt fulfilled. Liberation of the human from parchment of the appetites and the His Highness in him to humanitarian life which generous his Allah in her.

Line not for this Al-Qaeda that formation in the city:
Losing peace be upon him were Al-Qaeda in city of messenger Allah, then Kufa in reign of the grown-up successor moved to “on Bin fathers demanded” bruises Allah about him, then to Damascus in reign of the succession [aal'amwyt], then to grim Baghdad in reign the succession, then to Egypt in reign [aalmmaalyk], then the Ottoman Constantinople in reign the succession.
Her she mountains [xraasaat] the banner pick up to nation adopt for fortress rule for departure is [ktaay't] the unification liberation of the self and the land and the succession returns grown-up in permission suggest doubt her.

Indeed this Al-Qaeda [aaljhaadyt]. This civilized project assistant needs to insured and their assistance and their corroboration in the breath and the money and the word and the praying.
Indeed this eruption not strong alternative that formation in her beginning until the propelling continues in.
Not alternative from assistant of the nation for this rabbinic eruption.

To glory already gathering Allah his and the economic jihad and the fighting jihad in his rose between book, so said “The (true) believers are those only who believe in Allah and His messenger and afterward doubt not, but strive with their wealth and their lives for the cause of Allah. Such are the sincere.” (15 AL-HUJRAAT)

This great paradigm gathering in her folds of secrets of the faith and mental family of the jihad, comprehending:

1- insurers in Allah and his messenger.
2- Lower hearts of doubtfulness in Allah not in their fulfilled and counted him.
3- Strive in puerperal their.
4- Their moneys strive in.
5- Rescuers in their intentions.

These their truthful. These their the religious of truth. These their the laborers consequently the religion.

To already “inclusion Allah for [mn] his way came out in not jihad in ways and faith take out except in me and ratification in my messengers so he guaranteeing on to enter him Heaven, or returned him to his house who take out from him in what wage or prize obtained from…” (see him muslim from narrative of fathers of kitten).

So if was “from conceded killer in way Allah from man of hiccups [naaaqtII], and traveled for his Heaven” (Abu David \ correct). So indeed him “from losing prepared invador in way Allah invaded, and from behind invador in his family all-right losing invaded” (agreed upon on him)

Indeed the matter choice in amount what he test and testing for loyalty not and the patience and the certitude in promise Allah who not leave behind and counted him:

About fathers ['amaamt] Allah accepted about him about the prophet of peace be upon him said " from did not [yGz] or invador prepares or invador in his leave behind family all-right hit him Allah in disaster before Judgment Day " (see him correct Abu David in predication)

About him said, peace be upon him said messenger Allah: Generous the charities shade of marquee in way Allah, [wmnyHt] servant in way Allah, or malleable stallion in way Allah " (see him Al-Tarmathi and correct narrative goodness said)

Indeed like this civilized project who pick from him human the freedom and the security and the safety [lxlyq] in to is for him his great fate at Allah of glory and rise, so casual dress of the expenditure in the jihad not [kGyrh] from the charities, so about fathers Massoud Allah accepted about him said peace be upon him came man to messenger Allah [bnaaqt] [maxTuwmat] [any [mje'wl] in headed her [aalxTaam]], so said:
This in way Allah, so peace be upon him said messenger Allah: “lac in her Judgment Day seven hundred [naaqt] all her [maxTuwmat]” (see him muslim), and about fathers salutes [xrym] Bin elapsed you Allah accepted about him said, peace be upon him said messenger Allah: “from books spent fee in way Allah for him seven hundred weakness” (see him Al-Tarmathi and narrative of goodness said)

Indeed him disgrace on nation that some her is structures date in the blood write her and with that not progress for they of the nation valuable [aalDmaadaat] which stand counterfeit them.
From the sin on family of creed that their brothers is debt and gown for their creed and slogan for their armed for their glory and with this so indeed sons financed them not they present for the food appraized, nor they in piece the garment fulfill for which covers [e'waarthm] and long for them bad [aalqr] and free, and in bite of the nutriment which their bellies fill up, and specifying their on the standing on their feet.

Indeed thousand the muslims who their indictments cases of the Islamic scientist [tnaaTH] the zipper Izzat, [wtbaary] Gemini [shmwxaa] and labryrinths and news of people be proud in enforce payment valuable and cheap and the self and valuable in way Allah, governor on their debt and maintenance for their widths and protection for diligent their.

Indeed the people hear every day on screen of the television or through devices the photographer stay and audible and legible what Al-Sadr freezes and the turning relieves, and to are ['aymd] sharp their his hand to traveled him to outlay of day in the week take out contributes in him to Islamic establishing of rules the nation!!

['ays'al] conceded themselves how much from ocular the weeping from awe Allah in depths of the trenches of peer from [EEmaaqhaa]!! How much who the men [aalmtwDy't] splinters of the mines and she flew with disbelieving holes plunges!! How much who the orphans leave behind on favored all penetration?

[yaa] [me'aashr] conceded:
Indeed this he time the suits and the donation. This she the opportunity golden which as long as [aantDHrtmwhaa] on free than [aaljmr]. Men the men not as. Choice of character Allah in this time. Militants from sons of befriends of messenger Allah supporting of glory build this nation in lactate of the mixed limbs in blood flows as the water

Not Allah about eyes distanced [GTaarft]…. Jinn if mankind installed if lowered

So not let down kill you in this historic times “Spend your wealth for the cause of Allah, and be not cast by your own hands to ruin; and do good. Lo! Allah loveth the beneficent.” (the cow: 195)

[yaa] [me'aashr] conceded:

[aastwSwaa] in army Osama welfare. “Osama executed expedition. Osama executed expedition”

His books
Hussein Bin Mahmoud
24 Rajab 1423 for migration

The Islamic front informational of the universality
Divided the spreading and the distribution

Look-out for news of the militants and instigation for religious

That this nation [tGfw] and to are not sleeps

Get sick and to are not dies

So not [tyaaswaa], will return become strong you in ear Allah

Big Allah - [wllh] the glory and for his messenger and for insured and to are hypocritical [laaye'lmwn]


Allah blessed in you (carrying the truth)

Believed and Allah teach in indeed the militant Abu [mSe'b] supporting from the commander of the militant requests Osama bin Laden

Wish only that the militants in Iraq their rows unify and banner of the jihad in organization fight under Al-Qaeda

Army helpers of Sunnis wish from and changed her from armies of the militants that not organization be stingy on Al-Qaeda

In the intelligence-related information and that participating yen cooperation so the goal is in their one


Al-Salam on you and his mercy of Allah and Barakat

That I [aabaaye'] graze him

[aabaaye'h] in all [jwaarHy]

[hnyy'aa] [ll'amh] in delegation of Sheikh graze him

O God expedition executed grazed him

Truimphant Allah on his order and to more the people are not know


That land AlRafidayn she land fertile [l'astnzaaf] the enemy American more from her please [l'aqaamt] the succession and lowness your for nature the war in her (war the streets) and which makes the jog exposed fulfilled goal the militants [aaDHaaft] [l'ae'aaqt] the buildings [ll'alyaat] and flying ...... and to end appeared army Iraqi rejectors in disease the enemy breathes and pick up selves his and become the beating and the depletion he Iraqi (jihads) Iraqi (rejectors) of which calls in this solver completion the plan before Sheikh graze him and he in rushing targetting America in injuring house her [waayDHaa] assassination heads the defection in islet Arabic [khaayf] and brothers his and change them…

That role of the militants in land AlRafidayn he depletion the jog in fate the possible and in what that he the Iraqi depletion Iraqi became quantitation of the plan be necessary from there before expedition grazed him (O God expedition executed grazed him. O God expedition executed grazed him… O God executed sell grazed him..[EEmyn]). The wisdom at that he attempt of the militants of Muslim saving of atomic destructions the bombs so the American enemy degrade vile not [ytwre'] about beating countries of the ritual consecrations or change him from countries conceded virgin your [aalqnblh] therefore exhaustion of the enemy and making be necessary his collapses from interior until not becomes easy for him use that roads [aalxsysh] ...... and Allah teach


Your cutting Allah thousand carrying welfare brothers of the truth

O God expedition executed grazed him. O God expedition executed grazed him… O God expedition executed grazed him. .[EEmyn]


Allah blessed in you brothers carrying

Hussein blessed writing Allah in the brother of the article of Sheikh Bin Mahmoud