Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Statement from Al-Queda to President Bush - appears to be old statement


Statement from Al-Qaeda for Bush: Eager very on not to the coming elections loses!!

In new message received her the thinker on her mail [mmhwrt] in signature “battalions of fathers [HfS] insisting” - which Al-Qaeda adopts operations - responsibility Al-Qaeda about explosions of last Madrid make sure, and which the government of the Spain overthrew in; The adjacent ally for alliance of America and British in her war against Iraq, breath of the time fulfilled announces in her all the operations against the civil goals inside the lands of the Spain stood.

The message came in and which the mailing addresses appears from mentioned in her that she several informative sides sent to from her Al-Jazeera and newspaper the life and site of Islam ['awn] to ionize and change her addition for signed thinker of the Islam, the message came in: “to the people gave [aal ' asbaany] welfares between the war and the peace, so the peace in his choice of the party choose who the alliance with America in her war against the Islam was against… Consequently the leadership stopping of all the operations inside the lands of the Spain against the goals of the named in the civilian decided until directions of the government introduce new which withdrawal of the army promised in [aal ' asbaany] from Iraq, and lack intervention of the government make sure from new in orders conceded… Consequently all the secrecy of the existing in the lands repeat to [aal ' awrbyt] stopping of all the operations”.

The time his fulfilled of self the pertaining message for rule threatened what grazed them “agents America” in breath of the destiny who meet him chief the government of the previous Spain ['athnaar], and the message threatened from grazed them in the agents both from: Japan and Australian and Italian and some the Arabic states in what grazed him “cars and droppers and airplanes of the death”.

Then the American message President threatened “Bush” and but she meanwhile did not [ttbn] his question of dropping in the coming elections yet Al-Qaeda confirmed carefulness on not to the coming elections loses; For that he - on limit statement of the pertaining message – the orders in the strength instead of the wisdom and the shrewdness takes, and that his fanaticism the religions of he who the nation will wake; Where the message said: “indeed killed will not her sleep wakes from except with appearance of jog lurks her…”.

The message on enmity confirmed democratic representing in “John Kerry” the democratic candidate where came in her: “and the truth not teams between you and between “Kerry”, and to are “Kerry” will kill killed and she in negligence, so he “and democratic” the shrewdness for decoration of the hamlet and his passage on the Arabic nation possess and Islamic smiling the civilization… Consequently we eager on to you wins any her the criminal “Bush” in the coming elections…”.

Then load alpine forcefully on their united Security Council and the nations and describing that they “tail America” and that they “the thick stick” which discipline in her America [only] from world politics towards states the take out about her; So moving her how wants, [me ' ddaa] her previous situations from cases Muslim and their many tragedies in situations, and that she [tkyl] in measures, and this order not proof needs to yet he clear clarity of the sun in fourth the day.

Reply about distrust fulfilled the some from ratio explosions of Madrid for rule her strawy sight for speed chest of statement for operation on opposite followed in politics Al-Qaeda, the pertaining message for rule reminded in her end: “and before to end this alpine, say for who speed of chest surprised alpine in invasion Madrid, that the circumstances changed about this before, so from before shelter defection of the verb against government of students fear, and to are after the mountains favored to, so not there object fear on him, and was this big strategic error fell in him America… With this there some the operations which the announcing be late in about her for security reasons, or for political reasons… Solver of invasion fulfilled Madrid important laborer the time was very for destruction of government “[“athnaar]” despicable tail [TaaGwt] the era [America]… The militants the variables on according to of the place and the time and the solver accompany… “ On according to [maajaa”] in the message.

Kent sides several the statements suspected in which the explosions for rule attributed or in following presence young camel for rule brand him “battalions of fathers [HfS] insisting”.