Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Statement from the general leadership of the Iraqi resistance


Important statement very from the general leadership for resistance the Iraqi

Indeed resistance forces the Iraqi the heroes Allah and the country promise that their forearms will not receive me the weapon except after last exit soldier from forces of the occupation with [e'mlaay'hm] and their spy and these will not blessing be new other than destiny one he the death [aalzy'aam] puppies what [aartkbwh] from their great sin in assailing on land Iraq, land of the seriousness and the glories and holy.

“and [maa] threw if target and to throw are Allah” great truthfulness Allah

Lived resistant Iraq of the fathers

Lived Arabic Palestine free from the river to the sea

Lived the brave resistance Iraqi

Lived resistant symbol and her address of the grown-up

The field commander for resistance lived and legitimate conscience the expedition

Salutation of tribute and reverence [lshhdaay'naa] [aal'abraar]

Big Allah

Big Allah

Big Allah

[wlyxs'a] [aalxaasy'wn]

The general leadership for resistance the Iraqi

Hereafter May 2005
Periodic Iraq
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