Tuesday, June 14, 2005

To organization Al-Qaeda and the army the Islamic army and helpers of helpers of Sunnis

Strange posting to 3 of the terror groups in Iraq today. Seems kind of like a cheerleading post to me.


To organization Al-Qaeda and the army the Islamic army and helpers of helpers of Sunnis (the calling complied with) <[mnqwl]>

Books make brotherly us the Islamic doctor


Praise be to God of many the scientists, insured Nasser and [haazm] disbelieving, custodian good, from messenger in the right path of mercy for worlds sent his and the prayer the prayer and the peace of sent Al-Salam on gentleman, Mohammed the mothers, and on his family and his befriends his of befriends [aajme'yn], and happy blessing on their right path to Judgment Day

Either after:

Said rose (and Allah adhered in rope all nor separated and Allah remind blessing on you then your enemies were so thousand between hearts so blessing of brothers became in his))

Said rose (and Allah and his obeyed messenger and [laatnaaze'waa] so fail and your wind goes))

[fyaa] observance the prophet of peace be upon him ..... [yaa] [aaaay'mt] the jihad in countries AlRafidayn [yaa] peak hump of the Islam and Muslim.

[yaa] from carried [aalqraan] and the age in right your and hazelnut and the gun of the gun in ease you [tdhwdwn] about word not god Allah Mohammed messenger Allah.

[yaa] from dumb Allah have mercy Had it not been for you had it not been for you to humiliating Allah the their land in the muslims and high making [saaflhm] and replace them replace them in people change them then [laaykwnwaa] their examples

[yaa] from beats follow you hearts million weakened in the land..[mn] nation the Islam of the Clem. Grant victory you in the hearts and the tears of the tears.The praying and for many the worlds. .[aan] keeps you in what keeps in him his good worshipers

Her their enemies of the Islam..[ytHaalfwn] on kill you and deliberate on annihilated her [aaljaamhaa] light [aaldhlt] and the dishonor of the dishonor and the disgrace of the disgrace..[yjrwn] behind them guilt of the agents deserted. From sons patient our from rulers and rejectors and [bshmrkt]. .[yqaatlwnaa] all and Allah rose says and the polytheist fight all you you fight you all and inform that Allah with [aalmtqyn]))

Her their sons of the rejectors..[qd] your combat congregated on..[tu'zhm] devils [aalbshmrkt] deserted. .[wmn] behind them damnable America From right path from dreg of the ashamed rulers walked on her.
[haahm] were alone from become clear us and congregate congregated on us

So say [yaa] valuable what in the heart

Be acquainted with [yaan] punching .....

[yaa] lions of the unification that Allah are alone on word and are alone the banner were alone and the word gather..[fhaa] he your darling the messenger Allah prayed on him and peace of peace says in sharpened him ((like [aalmu'mnyyn] in [twaadhm] and go them go them as examples of the body the one if complained from him member [tdaae'Y] for him walking his in the staying up late and the fever of the fever)) See him the Sheikh.

Know [yaa] horsemen followed that Allah thousand between hearts already your. .[bHb] Allah and his messenger his of messenger him and insured insured.

((he who supported you in his victory and in the their insurers and thousand between hearts, if spent what in the land all [maa] their hearts composed between, and to Allah are thousand in their yen indeed him wise Aziz))

Liked me in Allah:

Allah swore in that I family not for to obstruct me punch advized. You you the guides [aalmhdyyn] by virtue of Allah and [mnth] and you from said in them suggest doubt them:

((and who Vienna strove [lnhdynhm] our ways))

Hit her wish from turning loved your more than himself and [aabnaay'h] and his money financed him and as to something in this life transient. .[wlqd] age step and injury hit [aamraat] .....

Not whereof know from you in what he in land AlRafidayn ...... not to that unity between you. .[waan] joint Kent representing in committee, legitimate committee or political. .[twHd] the legal opinions and the methods of the methods. .[tndhr] jogs Allah and shakes them shakes them. .[ynSrhaa] suggest doubt her in the horror.

Nor disadvantage that remainder of the military organizations [mftrqt] [wlaaDyr] that the secrecy and the leadership multiplied one [wlaaDyr] that the armies and the word of the word multiplied one
So your hill of the matters artistic and field you know in her blessing

Until happy knives the muslims in unity of the ancestral organizations know [aaljhaadyt] in Iraq. .[aaTlb] from you [aatqru'aa] supposed statements for committee political (or legitimacy) participating her form straighten in:

((the legitimate committee for organizations [aaljhaadyt] ancestral defection announces about from the Iraqi elections participates in))

((the political committee for organizations [aaljhaadyt] ancestral Allah calls to the militant of father heals Musab Al-Zarqawi))

((council deliberation of the militants the disastrous reply for killing of Sunnis threatens in unarmed in the cities)).

The plenty a lot of the joint statements

You know [yaa] ancestral brotherhoods that the organizations [aaljhaadyt]..[bmaa] in her the militants their boiled of victory Allah all her resembles in legal opinions and [EEraay'haa] legitimate..[HtY] the hymns [aaljhaadyt] in their similar issuances. [llh] Dirham and blame [ybq] not to vessel one accumulates this water of the albumin

So rejoices the religious
Degrades disbelieving
Request from all loyal brother
Truthful prospect
Whereof agree me viewpoint the to spreading of the subject does on.
Raising his.
His fixation
Calculated that in way Allah
Other what seal in him the subject of he say him rose:
((and Allah adhered in rope all and not not separated))

Truimphant Allah on his matter and to are to more the people are [laaye'lmwn]

[mnqwwwwwl] blessed invitation that Allah wanted from make brotherly us the darling the doctor the Islams in forum of the loyalty