Monday, June 20, 2005

Translation of a jihadi transcript of the Zawahri tape

I found it extremely interesting that none of the broadcast news nightly newscasts even talked about this tape being released. I believe the cable news media mentioned it but only briefly. Makes me wonder, why?


Reading in tape of the commander of the doctor Ayman Al-Zawahiri

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

This fast look on some [aaldlaalaat] which contained her word the commander of Sheikh Ayman Al-Zawahiri kept him Allah, and where that the tape did not spreads all him, so wait his wail in of revelation complete in the Internet in permission Allah.

From the observer that there three personalities in organization Al-Qaeda times emerges in planned have fun to messages and orientations for nation give Islamic and for movement [aaljhaadyt] worldwide, supportive her military jihad in her legitimate view Islamic.

Informational observer the speech endorses from who runs him this personalities that there flexible distributions for specialities while between her:

So the Sheikh Osama and the Sheikh Yemeni alternate attacker the politics American malignant, and confirm justifiably the organization - yet duty his and duty Muslim likewise - in continuation the war against the enemies the American Zionist, and they address the people Islamic time for reminding her in duty her the Islamic laws in repelling the enemies, and erecting Sultan the Islam, and address the people western time other for incitement her on dissuasion the jogs who signs in name her, to are this division flexible and endorses in him the harmony between them in eating the subjects.

As for Sheikh Al-Zarqawi so he responsible about justified destruction [aalShyw] military crucifixes in Iraq, who foundation-stone the in work of the organization became, therefore so indeed his speeches the crowd and the instigation on the jihad aims to.

This regulatory harmony and the informatory orders indicates on:

1- That leaderships of organization Al-Qaeda living in turning of the ideological struggle and the soldier and the politician who revolves go him between the real leadership for nation Islamic, any organization Al-Qaeda, and between representative strength the hamlet and the enemies in the united states and her representative observance in most of the political regimes of the pillar in the world: In the Islamic scientist and Europe and Asia of Zionist addition to the entity.

This struggle who essence around preventing organization of Al-Qaeda from reinstating of Islamic expedition the nation revolves in his, in returning Sultan the Islam in her countries, and expelling the supremacy strengthened [aalShywSlybyt] on her lands and her wealths, and hence then animation her role of the dates concentrated in the ideological effect and political on the arena international.

Indeed him for who the exceeded credulity to the minds conceals about that this worldwide alert military and the intelligences of the supported intellectual and political and economic against organization Al-Qaeda, Yanbu' from gravity of the concepts and the principles grow which loads her the organization strongly the pushing of the jihads: So she pillars of the supremacy shakes western shook intense, the area fulfilled which concentrates on her the west in keeping and establishment dominated him civilized and the politician on all the civilizations last, any Islamic area the world, and in the self of some the areas hinged in him.

In what that the question she of civilized struggle, and organization Al-Qaeda for leadership of the Islamic scientist confronted in him, it is the foolishness of the assumption that leaderships of the organization breath in place accepted for her other than place of the position of prestige in this opposition, so she the struggle in her leads persons.

As for speech of the papers and mass mediums the who photography tries this radical struggle on that he chaser as to, and escape on the other side, so he speech [ynTly] only on mental victims tested administration of the war which runs her America and her aids of the Jew, and which defects to misleading the nation and rumor of the relaxation aims from her in her and her prevention from alert strengthen her and pure her about her real leadership loyal.

2- Indeed distribution of the specializations between that personalities the three, means that the upright communication between (the nervous device of the centers) for organization Al-Qaeda and (the terminal nerves) in him, of which means that the organization the adapting with question of the espionage of the intelligences could, and this order Abu make sure from message of the prince Musab Al-Zarqawi kept him Allah and his victory who spoke in her about envoies from him to the general prince for organization Sheikh Osama kept him Allah and his victory.

Here not alternative from the signal to the photo [aaltDlylyt] which the enemy her tries of drawing to Abdullah say good-bye to Sheikh of the commander Abu, where that there attempts fast for reduction from matter his role the situations in administration of the organization, and malignant triers for his photography that he prevents to (spiritual leadership) only because of power of the jog on hindrance his of connections with remainder the organization and his individuals and his continuous chaser branch!

This information [aalmuDlllt] the suggestion aims to in to alliance the hamlet of the scientists, and indeed failure in capture of Sheikh of the commander Abu Abdullah his victory Allah, so indeed him was complete you from partial investigation success in his neutralization and trick him to element other than subject, yet and to burden on the organization to end busy throughout the time in insurance himself!

This lie fall under likewise in the frame of the war mental for reduction the effect [aalkaaryzmaaty] tough for personal the commander Osama bin Laden on sons the nation Islamic and remainder sons the people oppressed in the scientist, and refrains me for disproof her - in the addition to message the prince Al-Zarqawi victory his Allah - the signal to the speech the dates who direct him to the branch American right before the elections presidential and which created roar big in the world, and lead astonished expert approached her in presents mind his, and concentration cerebrations his, and clarity phrases his, addition to follower his accurate blame occurs on the arena political American.

You that article of Fredman who read him the prince Abu Musab for Sheikh on the commander [aabwe'bdaallh], follower for occurrences confirms on his political, and this clear marks on that he the effective organization leadership leads and not spiritual only.

Return to word of the commander of the doctor Ayman Al-Zawahiri kept him Allah so indeed from produced the warnings which directed her he his warning for personalities the politician [aalsaae'yt] for reform in the world of the Islams and for Muslim generally, from operation “the destruction” American, and general status the frame lead for practical the political reform in the world of the Islams and she:

Firstly: The governorship [llh] and for his law, and this he the basis only who be necessary to crystallizes around him the unanimity of the people, and he the basis only who be possible him legitimate giving for any political regime, and as lowness your he the basis only who be possible him personal crystal of the nation and her empowering from the biographies in road of the reluctance of the cerebrations and political and the economies, weakness the signal to orders deserves:

1- That the efforts juristic disciplined Islamic law in field “the reform doctrine constitutional” present current in the rebuff arena Islamic, and she yields for operation reviewer and evolvement and considers part from the wealth intellectual for nation Islamic in general, and indeed him for who the duty on the thinkers and the educated who call the desire in the and claim opposed the attack intellectual the American, whether were secularists or governors, the briefing on this wealth juristic and the intellectualism, and the interaction with her, otherwise so is want continuation the walk in the road destructive, any cursing America and import cerebrations her and regime her the politician in self the time?!

2- Indeed the connected attack intellectual and the American politician in the military occupation the American of to Iraq and Afghanistan, and this occupation about to the defeat, so on who [ytraakDwn] to participate in this whirlwind American not to [yxTu'waa] in their accounts, and not to [ybnwhaa] on basis that America triumphed military and to on the all the biographies [me'haa].[lqd] so hank America in support her of war on the Islam in the military triumph, so she now support about road of exploitation of feelings tries her conceded who reform long for for for keeping and her horses in their countries yet and his justification.

Secondly: Not be possible to Islamic reform in the scientist happens as long as that there cruciferous occupations western, so be necessary to the nation to expelling the military occupation of the west in the jihad alerts, her justified paving for erecting of the politician, and indeed who the reform in presence speak about or in participation America grow keeping and maintaining the Zionist dominance the American of the practice aim to and other than the practice on the muslims.

Thirdly: The nation in the participation in ruling choice be true, and this statement from Sheikh Al-Zawahiri question blow up “bequest of the governing” which sorrow became for Islamic opinion in the doctrine, with that she entered to him in kind from the interpretation, losing suits Companions of the Prophet Mohammed and the followers their blood and their moneys in way of preventing of the bequest. This she truth the political regime the Islamism: That he regime [shwrwy], and regime of custody not.