Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Unconfirmed: 23 American soldiers killed in Iraq today


American Allah big killing more than 23 soldier [wllh] the Hamad
l]] thinker of the Islam [special]:

In follower for battles which broke out this morning Iraqi Tuesday between forces of the American occupation and fighters of the resistance in area of Iraqi Abu Ghraib west of the capital Baghdad, correspondent said thinker of the Islam: Indeed that battles American losses in the preparers and the souls resulted in.

[nql] our correspondent in city Abu Ghraib about Mohammed of native Al-Shammari manager of designating Abu Ghraib before the occupation that battles today killing resulted in more than 23 last soldiers American and injury, and American destruction of number of the armored vehicles and automatic the armored vehicle.

The source added himself that four civilians Iraqi killed also in that clashes, and three houses destroyed storer for substances uses as the commercial electric and number of the shops.

From her side, the her announced Iraqi resistance about martyrdom of five from fighters in that clashes and injury 11 last reminded that their grave injury of three blessing.

To that, Iraqi correspondent until the resistance praised our the withdrawal from place of the clashes managed from quickly; After American arrival queue expanded the intervention tried in that battle to terminating the clash for Saleh of the occupation, except the resistance the place withdrew from fast solver roses of the news about arrival that automatic and the armored vehicles [aalDxmh].

Big Allah [wllh] the Hamad.