Monday, June 27, 2005

US commander killed in Iraq?

Doubtful this is true, but just in case.


Big Allah of leadership of organizations [dyaalY]: Termination of battles ([bhrz]) in big killing commander American

Leadership of organizations [dyaalY] - branch of the militants
[m]/termination of battles ([bhrz]) in big killing commander American

Net Basra

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

In praising Allah of and bundle him the indicator ended battles [bhrz] after six days from outbreak and besieged the city then was complete you gentle the militants brave in Baquba and outskirts from forcing the invasion occupied and blessing enveloping their from so Lowell the agents the criminals on finishing the siege against the city the militant and lowness through standing in several rows attacks successful against the American and confessor the agents in generality conservative the militant and lowness for dispersion the attack treacherous against the city resistant and in the verb was complete that in pubic regions Allah and resolve the out of men the militants honorable losing rose the militants [aal ' ashaaws] in area AlMafraq in the attack on so Lowell the agents and strength of [aale ' lwj] and manage from rules following the losses gross in the agents [waale ' lwj] you rose the enveloping militants the heroes in area the role ready close from area the liberation and happening on road [bhrz] fulfilled self the time in the attack in the refills explosive on periodic American passing from That area, and on after that painful blows rose American the villian and their aids in the withdrawal from aspect [bhrz] resistant and lead withdrawal from the city rose after their in besieged city Baquba from aspect of the strangenesses and in the iron specification area [waalkaaTwn] and separative revelation taught and member presents of the cruising rose in and for period 3 your days and lowness for punished ['alaahaaly] in that areas for supporting their their brothers in aspect [bhrz].

In this occasion leadership branch of the militants in all the thanks and the estimate for all the companions of the militants advances who victory their started for of brothers in [bhrz] and in the sovereign regard sons of taught AlMafraq revelation and area [waalsbtyt] [waalkaaTwn] and in punishment and all sons [dyaalY] honorable who their brothers supported in [bhrz].

Clarity after termination of the battles already indeed between the American casualties American commander of grown-up in rank of General.

Big Allah big Allah of big Allah [wlyxs ' a] [aalxaasy ' wn]

Net Basra

Sunday 19 solids first 1426 June 26