Thursday, June 09, 2005

Worldwide invitation Islamic Resistance book


Book: Worldwide invitation Islamic Resistance ready for loading

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

Worldwide invitation Islamic Resistance

Your proof to road of the jihad

The part first: (the roots - the date the experiments)

The part of second the invitation - the method - the process)

In poor pencil to mercy Allah:
Age Abd Al-Hakim (Abu Musab the walls)

To loading of the book one of the ties choose next:

Connecting first

Connecting second

Connecting third

Connecting fourth

Connecting fifth

Noticed: The ties first to third choose Basem keep [baalmaaws] Yemeni, as for connecting last so pressure on them and load of the book from page of the company.


To insured men, and truthful youths, ['araahm] cruciferous strength the hamlet observe to Zionist creepy, and lead [tdaae't] on us in leadership America collapse [aal'aklt] to her bowl, the souls destroys, and violates prohibited, and occupies holy and treads the cities treads and loots ['aqwaat] the worshipers.

So the sadness their fill up of hearts, and the subjugation their suffocates of throats, and pride the manhood of tears of the pain in their imprisons eyes. Ideas of paradigms echo in their Allah call them: (and what punch not Allah fight in way [waaalmustaDe'afiyna] from [aalrrijaaali] and the women [waaalwildaaani]. ) (the women: From [aalEEyt]75)

([yaaa] any her who believed [maa] punch if chief punch [aanfiruwaa] in way Allah [aaththaaaqaltum] to the land ['aaraDiytum] in the life of the life from last so what belonging the life of the life in other except little) (the repentance:38) so the regret and the regret their fill up of selves. Ask! What [e'sY] sharp our to does in front of this patrols creepy from cruciferous and the Jew [wHlfaay'hm] from deserted and hypocritical between endorse us.?!

So comes them the decisive reply from book Allah:

(so Allah fight in way not affectation except yourself and incited [aalmuu'miniyna] [e'asaY] Allah to courage refrains who [kafaruwaa] and tough Allah [ba'asaaAA] and tighten [tankiylaaAA])

(indeed Allah bought from [aalmuu'miniyna] themselves and their moneys that for them the paradise Allah fight in way so kill and kill and antagonize on him the Torah and the Angel and the Quran enclose in) (the repentance: From [aalEEyt]111)

So the hope in their flutters souls, and the resolve in their rises selves, and the intention in their coagulates hearts. Their god bellow to: Your pulps O God your pulps, your pulps [laashryk] lac your of pulps. Sold [yaarb] sold. , [laanqyl] [wlaanstqyl].

To these men [aalmtHfzyn] for propellent about debt Allah and weakened from insured in all place

Guide this book.

To proof for they forms [wame'lmaa] on road of the jihad in way Allah, and increased assigns them on the rhetoric in pubic regions Allah. [wsifraa] ties them thought and methods in their ancestors from convoy strange apparent on the escapes their followed of alternatives. [wlye'rrifhm] in date from their antecedence in path of the light, whereof accomplished like him and whereof waits. From who emigrated and strove and sheltered and grant victory, from pioneers the stream of the jihads and the wakefulness Islamic blessed in this time.

To they method jihad presents for, and idea of movement, and working method. Integral program work helps them on the removal from burdens of the sitting, and as gods of the worry and the sadness, and heaviness of the [e'jz] and the laziness, [wHsraat] subjugation of the men.

So to to these coming militants. Who spectrums in the horizon glance their, banners carry [laa'ilh] except Allah Mohammed messenger Allah. Beats [baale'z] and the victory and strength of the hamlet force out [waalTGyaan]. Control law of Allah in the land.

To them and to their advances from militants this time, from the martyrs and the prisoners of war and the evicted who drew to the coming jihad and the resistance wandered, [bdmaay'hm] and their moans and overexertion [nsaay'hm] and their infancies teachers of the road.

To these and those guide this book.

[raajyaa] from generous Allah patient, the great Ali, forgiving merciful. The affection of the blessings, that [laayHrmny] their befriends in gentle high with the prophets and the friends and the martyrs and good. Hopes in Allah big, [wbbshrY] his darling the Mustafa of peace be upon him; That indicative on the welfare as his subject, and that the world and educated partners, and that the one crams with from loved.

The poor slave to mercy of Allah and his pardon and honored him:
Mustafa Bin Abd God six Mariam become
(age Abd Al-Hakim/Abu Musab the walls)