Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Al-Queda in Iraq claims murder of Algerian envoy


Statement from organization Al-Qaeda announces in him execution border of the defection in the envoies Algerian (Wednesday)


[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]
[yaa] many positions the throwing jump of the feet
His praise be to God goats of the Islam in victory, and degrading of the polytheism in his subjugation, and bank of the matters in his matter, [wmstdrj] his the disbeliever in deception, who Al-Ayyam afforded his nations in justice, and the prayer and the peace on from superior of God his landmark of the Islam in CIF
As for after:

Al-Qaeda in [blaad] [aalraafdyn] rose your brothers in the military division the follower for organization this today Wednesday 19/from [jmaadY] last 1426 corresponding July 27, 2005 in execution of decision the legitimate court leaning to matter of God killing of the polytheist rose in all and to statement of the prophet peace be upon him from consideration his debt [faaqtlwh], and killing of head are complete the Algerian delegation on [ble'rwsy] and appended diplomatic [e'z] [aaldyn] in critics my.

They envoy nation of Algeria which controlled [bGyr] what God descends rose supporting for the Jew [waalnSaarY], those apostates sent in concentration for bases of the Jew [waalnSaarY] in [blaad] [aalraafdyn], and supporting to loves, and blessing [ytwlhm] from you so indeed him from them.
To the life saw stature and what sat for what the arresting on those apostates threw, and for [maa] worshipers of the cross in woman of narrator catch and last [krTaanyt] one in girl does not pronounce his gauze.
After all what does him America in the Muslim from swallowed you for the blood and violation for the accidents her acceleration nations of the vice in assistance and the stop with enemies God rose.
We asks pain nations cut off [aalTwaaGyt] Arabic Israel for what alleged that she occupied to Arab of brother acclimates.
So scientist of the wrestler for assistance of the Jew [waalnSaarY] in their assaults on the Muslim in [blaad] [aalraafdyn].
To his the thing is from metal does not surprise, so nation of Algeria [wTwaaGyt] Arabic, and nations of the west and America came out from hole one, hole of fire [tlDHY].
Adjures us people until the apostates come out from other than establishment border of God rose in them so says indeed him borders of God do not help in rose.
Indeed us does not forget [maa] rose in him Algeria in the Muslim from swallowed you and killing and destruction.
Yet does not forget what rose in him [e'z] [aaldyn] [blqaaDy] one from who massacres participated in [aalraays] and coffee [TlHt], and who went sacrificed them the hundred from sons Muslim Al-Shaab the Algerian, and who [nusbtaa] for the militants [wqty'dh], and on after ['adaay'h] for this task and in all loyalty and devotion, was complete be promoted him - with altogether from his aids - from inherent rank to rank of chief in device of the inquiries.
What forgot what straightens in him nation [aalTaaGwt] Algerian today from harming for Muslim and war on them and special our brothers in the ancestral group for the invitation and deadly kept them God and reigns threw them.
Pain warns you [yaa] enemies of God rose that the Jew did not follow [waalnSaarY] and row of America stands in and their planners walked in, [wwnqwl] once again indeed [blaad] [aalraafdyn] what stay over safe for enemies God rose she fire on all from hamlet.
[wllh] the praising so indeed executors practical of arrest on the Algerians took the Algerians among hands the police in the middle of Baghdad, [wllh] the praising so indeed individuals secret which the arresting on the apostates threw safe return victory God already her rose and enables her and conserving her and what capture from her sharp, [wllh] the praising and the [mnt].
God is big God is big. [wllh] [aale'z] and for his messenger and for the militants.

['abwmysrt] Iraqi (the informational section in organization of Al-Qaeda in [blaad] [aalraafdyn])

The source: Thinker of the calculation (forums net of the calculation)