Friday, July 29, 2005

Interesting posting

So it seems the word 'bricks' comes up sometimes in jihadi translations. I can't be sure if it's really the word bricks or if the translating software just translates it that way and it really means something else.
This post is interesting for reasons other than that as well though, it talks about poison and reducing the postings to forums.


Legion of age in bricks branched threatens…!!!!


The peace on you and mercy mercy of God and [brkaath]
To news transported mass mediums the interior Lebanese read and audible audible [e ' DHymEE] his meaning

That he the office arrived to Shiite high in bricks fax of meaning his
That wills legion of age straightens (specialized in clarification in legion of betraying (full moon)) In [blaad] [aalraafdyn] in clarification heads of leaderships
Shiites in bricks and determined nine their blessing and their determined poison their poison [aasmEE] name
God God knows
The prospects on the forum hope from that [yHaawlw] the communication in specialized in reduction the statements on the forum
Hopes the brother Abu hopes from available Iraqi to confirms for us Al - Khobar or refuses him for that the legion following for organization Al - Qaeda in [blaad] [aalraafdyn]
God God [yjzykm] the welfare and blesses blesses in you