Tuesday, July 05, 2005

New Al-Zarqawi audio tape out now

3 seperate posts just went up at one of the forums. 2 of them are below:

At this link (the translation of the posting for this link are not here) you will find multiple places to download the new audio.


Sheikh Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi and invitation of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdul Wahab

To speech Sheikh of the militant listened for Musab Al-Zarqawi kept him Allah fulfilled him praise from him on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdul Wahab have mercy him Allah mouth see me from Sheikh stabs in his invitation fulfilled.

Describing his in the father [aalthklY] which the return for religion call to and as lowness your Sheikh of the Islam double on Bin [tymyt] and Ahmed Bin [Hnbl] have mercy them Allah and male his of situation from character [aalqraan] and deadly [aalttaar]


['aynqS] the live debt and I/new word for commander fathers Musab Al-Zarqawi kept him Allah

This connected permission does in Allah


Moved from forum of the reform