Thursday, July 07, 2005

Not THE claim, but the translated text of the claim of responsiblity for the London bombs today.

Still searching everywhere I can, but the jihadis are silent about taking responsiblity for this - at least at all the forums I've looked at. They are talking about what happened in London, but I have yet to see the claim post.


Statement the accountability adopts while operation pertains London

Statement the accountability adopts: The handicraft text

The jail of 17 year for Algerian in British in indictment of the terrorism
Condemnation of three brothers Palestinian in the United States

Killing of three from helpers [aalHwthy] in Yemen

The governing on [aalzrqaawy] absent in Jordan

Payment for truths the jurist for withheld Guantanamo

Detention five for their relation in explosions Taba

The Moroccan suffer from the war on the terrorism

Indonesian direction of accusations in the terrorism [lbaae'shyr]

Produced faces Al-Qaeda

Other news
Postponement statements of G-8 until Friday

Journalist imprisoned American in context of trial [lsy] [EEy] any him

The claim in form tight crimes of war for Afghanistan

The climatic change of priority for speakers G-8

Signed BBC from look-out Islamism on net of the Internet of spreading of statement from 200 word managed issued him organizer adopted in him explosions London today.

The unknown group releases previous on himself name group of the organization [aalsrY], organization seated the jihad in Europe.

While the literal text for statement follows:

“[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym] and the prayer and Al-Salam on [aalDHwk] deadly peace be upon him reigned Mohammed, as for after

[aabshrY] [baa] nation of the Islam [aabshrY] [yaa] nation the Arabism of losing the revenge from the government become time cruciferous Zionist British in response to the massacres which commits her British in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The militants of the heroes in the standing in invasion rose blessed in London [whaahy] British now the fear and the horror and the fear burns from in north of her and her sides and her east and her strangenesses.

To the British government and the British people warned time and again

Her we carried out in our promise and military invasion executed blessed in British after efforts difficult rose in her the militants of the heroes and period continued [Twlt] for guarantee success of the invasion.

What ended warn both from government of Denmark and government Italian and all the cruciferous governments from that them wills self of the punishment obtain indeed did not strength from Iraq and Afghanistan pull their, and excuse from warned.

Said rose ((that Allah grant victory christianizes you and your antiquities fixs)).

1426/5/30[h] - corresponding July 7, 2005

Group of organization [aalsrY]

Organization seated the jihad in Europe "