Friday, July 01, 2005

Online Islamic Festival on Paltalk tonight

They seem to be pretty excited about this. I don't understand why exactly. The URL at the very end shows a flash file that instructs you on how to sign up and get into the festival.


Awaited: The occurrence first of his kind on the net this night. Step on road of unification of the efforts!!!
Al-Salam on you:

For the first time on net of the Internet
Complicates this worldwide night the conference for invitation Islamic on the net
Participates in him big prime from the worlds
From various aspects of the world Islamic

Ties this festival under motto:

Hand in hand for the sake of unity working for Islam

The goal from him that step on road of unification of efforts is working for Islam

Starts efficient [hdhaaaalmhrjaan] the hour tenth evening in timing holy city of Mecca
The hour seventh in timing of Greenwich

Ties this festival on program [aalbaaltwk]
In greedy room gardens
The Arabic range

This text of the announcing who spread him the organizing committee for festival:

Praise be to God of many the scientists and the prayer and Al-Salam on his messenger of the guardian and after

Says glory suggest doubt his and rose (indeed this ['aummatukum] nation and iron and I your god [faaae'buduwni]) (the prophets: 92)
Says: (grow [aalmuu'minuwna] brothers) the rooms 10

Departure from this great rules and the supports towards unity of the nation and the Islamic brotherhood which ties

Between the our insurers striving of serious efforts for investigation this goal through the meeting on the cerebrations and the assets

Which gathered the muslims and loneliness row their where that the Islam he who unifies us and accumulates spoke us so was complete meeting the efforts and coordination her for service this idea blessed and she unification working for Islam and accumulation the rows through work gathers the word and unifies the row so Kent idea the festival worldwide for invitation Islamic on the net and who participated in him collected big from the rooms Islamic on [aalbaaltwk].

This occurrence who will be first of kind on this net from where the loneliness and the meeting and the work through team one on disagreement the drinks and the methods and who imitates in him contentions strength the unity Islamic [waaltrfe'] about the [waale'ml] disagreements subsidiary and what [ye'kr] clarity the unity so congregated the hearts before the brains and the souls before the eternities to is formed that [aaldyn] efforts blessed which rose hereunto justified great in in idea big in crowd the his energies in him where gathers the all in place one on word one and see me one and fan goal poisonous one he unity the row and gathering the word to show for scientist that the nation Islamic gather nation unified strong strongly this religion who gathers us solid in durability this belief which load her call consequently the debt in the wisdom [waalmwe'DHt] good worry air them their killed capacities he service the religion and the nation not [nbtGy] from behind that retribution nor Thanks not to the acceptance from Allah rose.

[ytrfe'] in him upright on the work about luck of the self and the uses personal and not to love thereof the work not to bruise of Allah and the admission

Their slogan of the loyalty in the work our of road to the unity and the distance about luck of the self and the love our of road to accumulation of the rows
Disassemblies this festival worldwide for invitation Islamic product that all him and who will be teacher educational summoning for each [aalde'aat] to Allah within series rings his which will continue in cross-eyed Allah and strengthened him during the days exceed in him far the counties and the ideas tight to capacity the universe [wfDaay'h] wide to all the hearts and the brains which faces to Allah the Creator [aalraazq] the strength solid this clowns will be the step first towards investigation the unity for working for invitation to Allah in the net and ways to spreading idea the Islam great and coordination the efforts in this hippodrome until blade to effort integral connected.

Experiences benefit from changed and put refrain us in our brothers suffice to the solid asset meet on who not diffract about him “not god not to Allah Mohammed messenger Allah” asset gathered so will not is there what separates us
This festival who will join prime from family the flag and the cerebration and the invitation on level the world Islamic to present extract experiments their and cerebration their for brothers their study in him matters the invitation and matters her meet bitter after other and move step after other to connect to the goal [aalaasmY] and he unity the word and the row the Islams this clowns who will complicate in [aalbaaltwk] Friday corresponding July 1, 2005 in the hour tenth evening in timing holy city of Mecca the hour seventh evening in timing [jrynytsh] in participative prime from the scientists [waalde'aat] on level the scientist the Islams

So not deprive yourselves the wage in the participation in him nor your brothers forbid existed you who strength will appear Muslim and laborer on unity of the row forms and to that appointment first for festival the worlds for invitation Islamic.

[nstwde'km] dumb Allah on hope the meeting there.

Al-Salam on you and his mercy of Allah and Barakat

For continuity on [aaymyl] the clowns

The general supervisor for Islamic festival the invitation on the Internet
Sheikh of the doctor Saad the religion [aalrfaae'Y]

Sheikh Ahmed [aalrfaae'y] from Jordan will and speak about method of the prophets in the invitation to Allah
Sheikh and serious [Gnym] from Egypt and role will speak about [aalde'aat] to Allah in the strangenesses
Sheikh peaces of the return from Saudi Arabia will and speak about the youths and the Internet
The doctor Mohammed [aalmxtaarmn] Egypt and method of the invitation will speak about through [aalqraan]
Sheikh the guide your of lands from Tunisia will and speak [fY] the invitation to Allah

Allah blessed in you