Friday, July 29, 2005

Our stance with regards to the negotiations with the Jews and the crusaders


Our stance with regards to the negotiations with the Jews and the crusaders

A Statement delivered by the media representative of The Alqaeda Organization in the Land of Two Rivers, Abu Maysara Al-Iraqi

In the name of Allah the most Gracious the most Merciful

O’ Allah, straighten up our aim and make us stand firm

All Praise be to Allah. Know that the blessed end is for the pious, and let there be no transgression except against the polytheists. And peace be upon the Imam of Mujahideen and his companions and those who follow their steps till the day of resurrection.

“How (can there be such covenant with them) that when you are overpowered by them, they regard not the ties, either of kinship or of covenant with you. With (good words form) their mouths they please you, but their hearts are averse to you, and most of them are disobedient to Allah(8). They have purchased with the verses of Allah a little gain, and they hindered men from his way; evil indeed is that which they used to do (9). With regard to a believer, they respect not the ties, either of kinship or covenant! It they who are the transgressors (10).” Chapter 9- Koran

Gossips were spread out nowadays regarding negotiations with the Jews and the crusaders. It’s to our astonishment that people still trust those polytheists whom abused and betrayed the Muslims and shed their blood.

We are only to obey the law of Allah which states that resisting the invader by all means is obligatory on every capable Muslim. Thus, there are no pledges, treaties, or accords to be made to the enemies of Allah, the Americans and their allies.
We anticipate from our brothers to be clear on this issue and do not fall for the traps of the crusaders and their allies.

Additionally, we have noticed that America is increasing the spreading of this kind of cheap rumors. Is it due to its massive loss and grave distress?!
Indeed, that is what we believe in our brothers. The destruction of the idol has just begun. The lies of America are being swept out by the flood of truth demonstrated by the Mujahideen.

Allah almighty is capable and vanquisher and will proclaim his religion despite the dislike of the infidels. Allah has made our swords prepared to shed the infidels’ blood day and night in taking revenge.

We repeat our warning to those who allied themselves with the Jews and the Christians from the consequences of negotiating. By Allah, it’s most shameful for you to sit before a criminal American who associates a God with Allah. Do not get deceived with their lies, and remember the example of Falloujah when some of the brothers were deceived then. There is no refuge but to Allah.

Hence, we say to the Jews and the Crusaders: do not get happy O’ enemies of Allah, your cure is in the hands of the Mujahideen, a strike of a sword, woe to you O’ enemies of Allah you shall see our speech followed by actions. Our Sheikh Abu Abdullah [Osama bin Laden] swore that you will never live in peace in America so long you keep terrorizing Muslims. We pledge that there will be no peace or security for you the enemies of Allah.

O’ brothers and sisters in the oppressors’ prisons; be patient, your tears and sorrows will not go in vain by the will of the one and only one [Allah].
Your brothers in the Al-Qaeda Organization in the Land of Two Rivers inform you that we are continuing our Jihad against the enemies of Allah. We do not fight for wealth or dust, but for our dogma and belief. We have pledged to Allah to fight the oppressors until the whole religion belongs to Allah no one but Him and until the word of Allah is the upper and the word of the infidels is the lower.
Our path is fighting in His cause and our purpose is to satisfy Him. We either achieve victory or martyrdom; this is the path of the prophets and their sincere followers.

May Allah grant us martyrdom in his cause, Ameen.

Allah is great Allah is great. Power and Glory belong to Allah, his messenger, and the Mujahideen

Sunday 26th of June 2005

- Abu Maysara Al-Iraqi.