Sunday, July 10, 2005 problems is either down voluntarily or have been taken down, due to the posting of the claim for the attack on London 7/7/05

Complete reading the page hope where update in other of the evolutions will be complete her in sequence

What occurrence for site Al Qala'a?

Signed message to all members and visitors

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

Al-Salam on you and his mercy of Allah and Barakat

The brotherhood generous members and pioneers of Arabic forum Al Qala'a.

This details [maa] forum happened for in the securing, surround you in her knew until be acquitted dispraized us in front of Allah and in front of you and to leave for all the governing.

To worked diligent, especially after appearance copy of the generation third of the forum on making this forum of castle for security and safe refuges for book who the expressing about their want opinions afar about obtained hands of the despots [waaljbaabrt] from the governments of Arabic.

To are and after occurrences London appears that the order change already, and did not promise feel that the site in refuge especially when the order in the governments hangs western.

After explosions of London in hours, one in status smiling statement of unknown group rose their announces in him about their accountability about the incident, and in spite of our frequent calling in lack of status like this statements, and in spite of the proven subject since period to reminding of the readers hereby the request except this person status rose in alpine.

Important, that he after status alpine in hours and his appearance on nets of the televizing worldwide, the signer disappeared from on our net of the Internet and losing perfectly the dominance on the Seafer, and arrived us message from the company reports us that we preserve us in the adopted contract between us and between them and that he not place be soft with them and that on us the departure in possible time hurried.

Tried time and again clarification of the matter for they, and that we deleting of the subject rise in, and that he be possible to updates this dialogic order with any forum of Arabic equality of foreign mother and to are in vain.

Day yesterday and after that the other research about company for footsteps of the forum started in to her, message surprised in other from the company reports us that [maa] happened, did not harbors apart from “artistic defect” and that the Seafer hours will return during, without showing of any justifications for their previous situation and the solvers.

Verb, after hours, ability from the entering to the Seafer, and after reviewer some programs of the protection which are put her in the Seafer, clarity be soft that there favored for incomes of the Seafer during period our of discontinuance about him, and that he work of copy from rule of the statements was complete complete and special copies all the registers in visitors of the Seafer and transported her to other Seafer.

Worthy in the male that he after occurrences of western September stature of some the governments in obtaining of laws companies of the hosting in presentation of information about their grants customers without ['ie'Taay'm] followed until in the communication in their lawyers notification their preferred about of customers.

In spite of our resentment of the stern of which occurrence except that we believe that the western side the wish which taking copy of the statements rose in, not interested in who criticizes this government or that, and grow exported acquaintance of statement of the side aimed for which the operation adopted.

At last all the brotherhood thank who the signer asked about whether through the mail or through the last sites and count the all that we will continue hereunto the method in the transparence and the clarity especially when the matter in their hangs security.

Signed administration of Arabic Al Qala'a

Last the evolutions:
03:10 - after spreading this final announcing students of blessing of the company the departure, and already ['axbrwnaa] that them class of the Seafer before the hour will straighten in [aalthaalt] era.